Friday, January 22, 2010

Unleash Your Inner Dog Groomer - Lola's Natural eco Dog Grooming Kit & Tips

We will be the first to admit that we love our adventurous dog Lola, but not her odor & muddy paw prints on the couch. Dogs love to run through the mud, frolic in ditches, roll in dead things and root through debris. They not only are hairy but love to get dirty, which Lola would add is why she loves being a dog.

After a fun day at the dog park frolicking with friends and rolling in the mud. It's time to give Lola her bath & grooming session. We have found that it always helps to have all the proper tools in one easily accessible place. So, here is what is in Lola's DIY all natural grooming kit to make bath time a breeze while saving the environment. As well as some important grooming tips for a healthy & happy pet.

1. Shampoo/ Conditioner specifically formulated for dogs with sensitive skin

2. Bite This Flea Tonic an all natural flea repellant

3. Tweezer for removing ticks, splinters, glass etc stuck in her coat, pads or fur.

4. Scissors for keeping her hair between her pads trimmed.

5. Fuzzyard Ear Cleanser & cotton balls to help remove wax & dirt from her ears. You can also use Vitamin E oil.

6. Earthbath Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes to freshen & deodorize her coat
7. Towel to help with the drying off process after the bath

8. Hairbrush/Wire comb

9. Cain & Able Kissable Toothpaste & toothbrush kit to help her ward off bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections, and heart disease. Brushing Lola's teeth 2-3x's a week adds 2-3 dog years and can give your pet a new leash on life.

10. Gentle eye wipes to reduce tear stains, remove dirt & prevent eye infection.

11. Doggy Toenail Clippers to prevent ingrown, split nails & breakage. How to clip, cut & trim your dogs toenails.

11. Rubber Duckie for companionship

Here are some grooming tips that will aid in the early detection of any pet health issues that may evolve into major health concerns. Like anything prevention is key! By following these simple grooming routine tips you can help keep your dog safe & healthy.

1. Check the coat & skin for irritation, inflammation, unusual odor, dryness etc.
2. Give your dog an eye exam by checking for discharge, irritation or if bloodshot. Making sure your dogs eye are clear & bright.
3. Check inside the ears for excessive wax, mites or offensive odor which can signal an infection that needs medical attention ASAP.
4. Give your dog an oral exam after every grooming session. Check to see if your dog's teeth show signs of tarter buildup, chipping, cracking, gum irritation & inflammation or foul breath.
5. Check to make sure your dog is free of flea & ticks.
4. Check for cuts, bruises, sprains & wounds that may have gone unnoticed.

As always if these health concerns persist seek vet medical attention immediately because they could be signs of something more serious.

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