Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ask Lola the eco-dog: A slobbering advice column written by a dog for eco-minded dogs & their owners

Dear Lola:
Finally, its summer again! Time to hike, run, and play with Buster at the park or on the trail. Are their any eco-friendly options out there to pick up that squishy stuff?


DEAR CONSIDERATE DOGWALKER: First, let me give you a big paw on the back for picking up after Buster. Like many dogs, a walk to the park, around the neighborhood and on the trail makes my day, but sometimes nature calls (no, not the howling of the wild). Whether it’s in the brushes, on the sidewalk, near a hydrant (a dogs version of the port-a-potty), or on a neighbor’s lawn it is important to do the right thing and pick up. Because no one likes the reminder of what your dog ate for dinner last night. Not to mention, it’s a dog owner no-no to leave piles behind, so beware you can be charged a heavy fine for not picking up. So be courteous of those joggers, law-abiding dog walking citizens, neighbors, and speed walkers out there because no one likes to step in dog poo.

I know many people opt to use an empty grocery bag, just please keep in mind these take 100’s of years to break down. Possibly clogging the throats of poor innocent earthworms and dung beetles.
Luckily, there are eco-friendly alternatives out there. The two I recommend and use are Skooperbox & Spike Brand Business Bags. Trust me, the earthworms and dung beetles will thank you for it.

The Skooperbox is made from 100% recycled paper, hooks conveniently onto your leash, just scoop and toss. So say good-bye to that squishy feeling, and hello to no more grabbing because with the handy scooper your hand never has to touch that mess again.
Best of all it is 100% biodegradable and breaks down in 30 days.

Spike Brand Business Bags are made from corn, are strong, compostable and biodegrade without a trace in 45 days.

So go ahead, enjoy the walk! Now every business trip you make with Buster can help make for a cleaner planet & a cleaner conscience.

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco-dog

You can find this and other eco-friendly products at Paw Luxury specializes in selling earth friendly products. We offer quality products that are stylish, durable, all natural, organic, holistic, sustainable, biodegradable, fair trade, and Made in the USA. Our motto is "healthy dog, healthy earth, and happier life".

If you have a question or need advice from Lola the eco- dog on ways you & your dog can go green just email her at .Lola the eco-dog is here to help!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


  1. Eat Healthy-Let your dog chow down on food made with organic, all natural, human grade ingredients free of animal by-products, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, artificial ingredients or genetically engineered ingredients. Anything that you would normally not eat yourself. Treats such as Organic Doggy Kitchen, Bubba Rose, Polka Dog and more use all natural, organic, human grade ingredients that is even good enough for you to eat.
  2. Clean up your dogs poop - Scoop up your dog business with biodegrable earth-friendly alternatives and retire those plastic bags. Plastic bags take 100’s of years to break down when thrown in the landfills and help to preserves that squishy mess. Some eco solutions include the Skooperbox & Spike brand Business Bags which are convenient, earth-friendly & biodegradable.
  3. Give your deserving dogs sustainable toys to fetch, chew, romp & snuggle with that are free of toxins & lead. Many brands like West Paw, Earth Dog & Planet Dog create toys that are durable , eco-friendly, fun & slobber worthy. West Paw Eco toys are made out of recycled soda bottles, Planet Dog RecycleBONE & RecycleBALL are made from re-grinded recycled material with their famous phrase recycle, reuse & rewoof. While Earth dog Hemp Rope Toy & Stuffed Bone are made of hemp a sustainable fiber.

  4. Dogs naturally, get dirty, so bath them naturally by sudsing your dog up with non-toxic, all natural, organic, plant based shampoos, conditioners & wipes. Such as Earth Bath Grooming Wipes, Cain & Able Collection, Lani Dig Your Dog & Happytails Spa.

  5. Choose lemons over Lysol to make your home squeaky green. Choose cleaning products are chlorine free, all natural and non-toxic like Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner, Seventh Generation, Method, Ecover, EcoQuest and BioKleen just to name a few. For those of you who are ambitious and counting pennies you can go right in your pantry and find some of these eco-solutions from lemons to vinegar and baking soda are effective & will put Mr. Clean to shame. But for those of you who are really frugal you can always rely on Fido’s licks as the stand-by to mop the floor & do the dishes. Ta-Dah no crumbs in sight!

  6. Lower your Carbon Paw Print by walking to the park, car pooling to that doggie play date, or jogging with Sparky up to the dog Bark-ery at the corner. Perhaps, if you are going to up-grade on a newer car choose a hybrid fuel efficient car or better yet peddle power is good exercise.

  7. Be a pet Chef - If you want to know exactly what is going into your furball’s food dish, or your pet suffers from allergies, you can always make your own puppy chow with fresh organic produce, free range chicken or grass feed beef. Hey, If you‘re recipes are good you'll find yourself with your own food network show alongside Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals.

  8. Recycle your pet food cans and take them done to your local recycling center.

  9. Use Natural Flea & Tick sprays like Happytails Flea the Scene or Spot Organics Bug off instead of the traditional alternatives. These products fight nature with nature and do not contain chemicals or toxins.

  10. Give your dog a safe place to flop. When choosing that new bed there are many eco-friendly & pure options out there such as West Paws Eco Nap & Organic Bumper Bed or Bella Creature Comforts comfy Bella bed. These beds are made up of recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly fabrics or organic cotton.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What will your Dog do for Earth Day? Woof Woof

Lola Rose - The eco-dog - gives these eco-friendly dog proucts two paws up.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Oh, where. Oh, where has my eco dog gone? Just gone door to door to spread the word !

Hello all my barking fans, I guess you can say a dog life never sleeps !

Yesterday, was full of excitement, so much I found myself tossing and turning laying belly up on the floor .Usually at night I sleep at the edge of the bed working night shifts as my parents official feet warmer not to mention licking alarm clock. Nothing says "Wake up sleepy head" like wet licks & kisses. I guess my insomnia was due in part to the fact I gave my mom and dad a scare. While my parents weren’t looking I sneeked out the office door for an adventure, to chase after a a fluttering butterfly I saw out of the corner of my eye. My parents thought I was sleeping on my bed in the other room. While I was outside I heard some distant barking so as a sleuth I followed the barking to where all the fun was happening. I guess the butterfly was heading in the same direction .

Then I had an "Ah-ha" moment I could have my dog chew and and eat it to. Not only would I be able to make some more pup pals, but could spread the word about Paw Luxury (seeing as though that I am the spokes dog an all-got to earn my organic bones). But along way, me and my new friend Lila (the butterfly) decided to make a few stops to sniff and smell the flowers. I was so relieved to find a fire hydrant along the way because nature was calling. It must have been all that water I drank earlier on in the day.

Finally, me and Lila found ourselves in the middle of a meet & sniff in a nice women’s back yard. There were 3 dogs barking up a storm and were so kind they invited us to join the wild party, Oh how I wish I would have brought some treats and goodies to share. We talked for a while and got to know one another. After are long conversation I invited my new friends down to the office sometime for some organic treats & a fresh bowl of sparkling water (right from the tap).

Then I turned around and saw my parents, standing behind me with leash in hand nodding. I never saw my mom so sad and angry at the same time. When she looked at me with those stern eyes I knew I was in trouble. She didn't have to say anything I knew I was in for a long time time out. Graduating at the head of my pack in obedience school I should have known better then to bolt out the door before asking permission. I explained to them what happened, I expressed my sincere apologies the best I new how with licks, kisses, and a little wiggle. Not to mention that a few whines & staring at them with big innocent angelic eyes always seem to help the situation. I said " Mom & dad I figured I would go from dog door to dog door, knocking on as many dog houses to spread the word about the family business. So instead of having you both chauffeur me around. I wanted to help the environment by lowering my carbon footprint literally by going on paw.

Once they realized I was okay they gave me big hugs & kisses. But I did not "wag away" (in human terms walk away) empty handed I made 4 knew friends (3 dogs & 1 human). It appears that this nice woman Denise, a neighbor down the street, decided to join the search party to find me. What is so amazing is that my new pup pals were in fact her children. Wow! Its amazing how people & pups come together.

After hearing my parents reasoning for worry I understood why they where frantic. I am so lucky I came across some furry and over exciting barking friends along the way. Whom I must say probably saved my life, true unsung heroes in my book. Had it not been for them giving me direction I probably would have kept going. Man, now that I think about I could have gotten lost and not known how to find my way back home. It makes me tear up just woofing about it. No more belly rubs, liver pate, walks at the park, and good-bye plush West Paw Bumper bed.

Worst yet, being a couch potato is something I am good at, especially on Saturday mornings. So, that would mean no more lounging with my parents on the couch catching up on episodes of "Survivor Dog". Wow, my experience gives this show a whole new meaning. Not to mention my parents would miss the wag in my tail. But I am pretty sure they would never stop sniffing for me. Sure, someone would have been kind to take me in but there’s nothing like home sweet home. Well, I need to go get a Kleenex my snout is stuffy and eyes are full of tears.

Now on to some brighter news, I took a walk today and meet two of my pup pals along the way, Zoe & Tripper (Cairn Terrier's). Its amazing how being on really connects you with the dog community. We sniffed each other, spoke, and relaxed in the sun while our parents talked. I even got invited to join their dog walking group that meets in Brandon Park on Sunday’s. I felt so overjoyed and like a V.I.Pee invited to a special red carpet outing. I guess the "Who's Who's" in the neighborhood packs where going to be there. So I sniffed back quickly to RSVP. I can’t wait!.

While, we were barking at each other and catching up on some neighborhood news about the hospital & events in the area. I got the real scoop on the neighborhoods happening, the best part is no pick-up required. We all saw the darnedest thing. I wish I could have video taped and posted it on Dog-tube, it probably would have gotten a lot of licks & views. It was a family crossing the street (with mom pushing the stroller and dad and daughter leading the way). All of a sudden you see this alley cat pop out from no where. I asked Tripper & Zoe to take a look and they told me that was that nice family cat down the street, he somehow;s gets out and follows his family on their walk. But being a savvy cat he makes sure to always stay a few paw steps behind so as to not get caught. Usually, if he is caught caught his dad will send his furry behind running home. Here I was thinking, that so called alley cat was a private Investigator being paid to sniff out this family's every move, perhaps for clues of a secret rendezvous with a neighboring kitten.

Let me leave you with some “Barking Words of Wisdom”:

Dogs are naturally born to roam, which unfortunately in today’ s term means run away. Many times dogs run away because they were frightened and if they are new to a home and are looking for their former surrounding. Perhaps they bolt out of curiosity if doors, windows or gates are left open; which for me was enchanting yet enticing fluttering of a beautiful butterfly name Lila. Like many loving parents, you probably get frantic pacing back & forth singing "Oh, where. Oh, where has my little dog gone? Oh, where. Oh, where could he be?" Rather then wait for your dog to return, you send out a 24 hr search & SNIFF party, drive or walk around the neighborhood (in my moms case run), register your pet as missing pup ASAP, call the Drool Police, hang up Missing Pupster Posters , knock on every doghouse, or visit a local shelter.

But, don’t lose hope most dogs are found in a 2 mile parameter of their home or neighborhood, I am a testament of that. A lot of times parents think the worst, “Oh, my dog may get hit by a car” or “Perhaps a predator has gotten it”. But the best thing you can do for your dog is stay calm most likely your dog has tried to sniff his way back home. Odds are, which is the case for me, some kind neighbor has taken your lost pup in or contacted for help to find your dogs home. Just make sure you have your dogs collar & tags on at all times so you can be contacted. But keep in mind now a days you can go to your local and your dog can get a Micro-chip placed under the skin. Don't worry Sparky its painless. This is like GPS tracking device that has your dogs information built in. Wow, now that's amazing. But Sparky this does not give you permission to roam free as you please, ask your parents first or you will surely be in the dog house

Barkingly yours,

Lola Rose (Woof, Woof !)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Preparing the the garden for spring, What? you didn't want a hole there?

Hello Ladies & Gent's,

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood the sun is glistening, birds chirping, and butterflies fluttering what could go wrong. Well I had quite a morning, I must say. After A yummy breakfast I decided to spend some time digging to get ready for planting some Gerba Daisy's & Tulips. Man it feels good to have Old man winter gone and Mr. Sunshine back, now I can finally get back to smelling and peeing on the roses one of my simple pleasures. I truly got my paws dirty digging that huge crater, my parents will be proud of me... less work them. (what? you didn't want a hole there?) Opps.... :-)

Oh no, I do have a little tummy ache though, must be something I ate. Nothing soothes an upset stomach like nibbling on a grass (dog version of Pepto Bismol). I must admit grass is an acquired taste but being a lover of vegetables I just imagine its sprouts of arugla fresh from my grammy's garden. My parents give me a pat on the back because they think I am mowing the lawn or weeding the garden.

But I must admit after work today at a nice warm bubble bath, soothing music, aromatherapy candles, and a yellow rubber duckie thrown in to keep me company sounds wonderful. Psst, Don't tell my parents that was my plan all alone because a good scrub & primp session always relaxes my achy paws & joints.

Hey, I almost forgot to mention who I saw staring at me out the window as I gardened, Cahlu my Arch Nemesis- like Darth Vader is to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars Trilogy (no light sabers here). He must of read my post about the rematch. Sometimes, I feel my life is like Romeo & Juliet in a sense, now a days you have the "Cat-pulets & Mutt-tagues" with their unending feud. But I want to let all you cat lovers out there know "I am a lover, not a fighter". Some of my best friends are cats. So Cahlu. I was just barkin with ya, I hope no hard feeling lets be friends.

Let me leave you with some "Barking Words of Wisdom":
Like any dog I love to chase and jump in the air for anything , a fly, bird, Frisbee, butterflies you name it. There is something fun and fascinating about such things. But for all you dogs out there DON'T chase or try to eat bumble bees, although they are tiny their sting is vicious, or so my parents say. If you do not won't to get the bumble bee lecture or hear those stern words from mom & dad "NO" take heed. "BEE" safe this summer!

Barkingly Yours,
Lola Rose (Woof Woof!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ask Lola the eco-dog: A slobbering advice column written by a dog for eco-minded dogs & their owners

Dear Lola: My dog is not looking forward to flea season, I must admit neither is my husband & I. Can you recommend some all natural solutions to protect my dog from those biting pest this summer?


DEAR BITTEN & CONFUSED POOCH: Nothing spoils relaxing with my owners on a warm summer night then unwanted guest, fleas & mosquito’s that is. Ever summer fleas return, and may hitch a ride indoors on your unsuspecting dog. Fleas seem like a never-ending battle and each year its time to wage war. So with flea season around the corner it is so important to take preventive action to protect your dog. Being a dog myself, I understand, and choose to take an all-natural approach by fighting nature with nature. This has proven to have good results for my life, but do keep in mind every dogs circumstances are different so always check with your vet. Luckily for you, there are a lot of holistic, nontoxic solutions out there.

There are various natural flea repellents, sprays and shampoos on the market today they contain no chemicals & are toxic free. Many of the sprays & spritzers I use on daily bases contain natural ingredients like citronella, tea tree oil & natural pyrethrins from plants. One of my favorite products is Happytails Flea the Scene Spray with Sunscreen. This product gets 2 paws up in my book and really gives me an upper hand in this “flea-eat-dog” world. This 3 in 1 repellent spray soothes & protects me from fleas & bug bites and contains a blend of plant extracts to keep the enemy at bay up to four hours. With just a few spritzers on my fur I can enjoy chasing those squirrels at Brandon Park and hikes at Haystacks. Another added benefit is that it helps relieve irritated skin and contains sunscreen so I don’t become a burnt hot dog (dogs get sunburned too!). Since I have such a keen sense of smell, this spray does not have a medicinal odor, which can be overwhelming to my snout. It contains no pesticides or poisons so if licked it is not harmful.

Barkingly yours,

Lola Rose

You can find this and other eco-friendly products at

If you have a question or need advice from Lola the eco-dog email at

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Office - Bark Edition

Well, everyone my day is packed with so much to do so little time. Thus far, I have had quite a morning with my loving parents. Like many dogs I start my morning christening the back yard, since I am a lady I want say those words. But you get the picture. Don’t worry my mom always picks ups. She uses eco-friendly alternative to dispose of that squishy stuff. Man sometimes I wish I did not have such a keen sense of smell.

When I am out in the morning I sniff around in search of the latest p-mail left behind by friendly four- legged neighbor, fresh off the press. Since the street I live is much like Desperate “Bark-wives” Wisteria Lane, its nice to be up to date because you never know what will happen.

After a hearty homemade breakfast of chicken, potatoes, carrots, parsley, broccoli and some Eagle Pack kibble throw in I am ready and energized for the day. Wow, my dad is quite a chef, but I promised him I wouldn’t share the recipe. Oops it seems I have already barked too much, I tend to let my happy tummy and drooling lips do the talkin. I did not even finish licking my bowl and all I can think about is what’s for dinner. But luckily everyday at work I get a helping of organic treats to get through the day.

Once we got into the office we headed for the bank to make a deposit (no not that kind of deposit). While waiting with my paws and head out the window I heard my name and whistling coming from the box in front of me. I had to turn my head from side to side thinking,”Hey, is there a person in there”. All of a sudden I heard this suction noise I looked up and from a tube, dropping from the roof came something wonderful. It must be a magic tube because when my dad opened it up there were treats inside. Yippy! So much fun can’t wait to go back.

Once we got back to the office I occupied my self by trying to jump and catch this little fly that was on the window. After about 20 minutes my owners came over and told me the fly was on the outside of the window. But what do I know I am just a dog.

But I do have some startling news! I must say I have always suspected, but today I caught my mom nibbling on my Polka Dog Meatlovers treat, that I worked so hard for. Don’t worry I do get paid well above and beyond “minimum-wag” with lots of treats, toys, belly rubs, hugs & kisses. But have told her many times to “Get your own bag”. Psst, I even went as far to set up a hidden web cam to record the crime in action. Let me say that I do believe people are innocent until proven guilty, but here is concrete evidence. My mom is guilty as charge, she has been caught one too many times with her fingers in the doggie cookie jar and the crumbs on her lips says it all.

Being Sherlock Hound I always follows the crumb trail to the scene of the crime. With that stern look in my eyes she knows she is in trouble and her sentence is solitude, in the doghouse she goes. So for all you dog out their go dig the deepest crater and bury those treats. As for you humans, who could blame ya, they look so good you will be tempted to take a nibble! But be fair warned, a web cam may be lurking in the dark and your dog keen sense of smell may get you in trouble.

As for the rest of day I have a couple more p-mails to send out, may take an eco-nap and I try to sucker my owner into taking me outside to play with my brand new Zisc toy. I know they can’t resist my cute puppy eyes and persistent whining, works every time. On another note, I am so proud of myself I was able to catch 4 in mid air.

Hopefully after work we can to my favorite romp spot out on Canfield Island. There is so much room to run, play and chase the birds and a field mouse or two.

Just go to watch out for those fleas, bugs & mosquito’s my parents love me so much so protect me they spray on Happytails Flea the Scene Skin Soothing Insect Spray with Sunscreen. So, pesky bug biters make my day. It really does the trick and smells wonderful. If you want to pick up some flea the scene spray for yourself head on over to After all, I am the spokes dog of Paw Luxury I got to earn my kibble.

Let me leave you with some "Barking Words of Wisdom": Being a boxer I need a lot of excercise and play, which a natural way to let off some steam or bottled-up energy. Lack of excercise can result in chewed up shoes, aggression and boredom. So my parents take me walking and to the park everyday. Plus it really helps my parents get excercise too, helps us bond and enjoy the dogs days of summer.Some times a walk won't do so my parents let me off leash in our fenced in back yard, but even that can get boring. So they may take me hiking or too a dog park to keep things spontaneous. Long walks in the woods, parks or on the beach will also make your dog happy (don't for to protect yourself against bug bites & fleas & bring water to quench thirst). Jogging or biking is great way to spend time with each other and it is beneficial. The type of exercise you do give your dog deepens on age, breed and weight so if you are just getting back to play take it easy. Another tip as summer heat arrives is to take your dog walking early morning or late evening when it is cooler. As a short haired dog I tend to heat up a lot and get sunburned easily so my parents do just that.

P.S if you can't get enough of me add my blog to your favorites, check me out on Facebook, MySpace & coming soon to a living room near you on YouTube! Yes, my own show so keep sniffing on & my blog for more updates. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the day in the life of "me" Lola the eco-dog!

Barkingly yours,

Lola Rose (Woof Woof!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Say Hello to Lola Our Official Spokesdog!

A Woofing Good afternoon everyone!

Welcome to the Romplands! Where the grass is always greener. You may be wondering who is the adorable face behind Paw Luxury, well if you haven 't already guess it, its me Lola. Let me first say how excited I am to have a blog just for me! I love to blog, but have the tendency to get slobber all over the key board. I guess even the everyday dog like myself can live a fascinating life. Now let me officially introduce myself and give you my barking bio. Well I am a 1 year female boxer, and just like any everyday dog I love to sniff p-mails, dig craters in the back yard (the more dirt the better), frolic in the flower bed, and chase a squirrel or two. I also love to give back to the community by supporting pet shelters, there is nothing more rewarding then spreading the love. As a cave dog I like to burrow under the sheets and watch American Idol cuddled up on the couch with my mom & dad alongside a heaping bowl of pup-corn (my bets are on David "Bark-chuleta", he can really howl out those high notes). Simon "Growell" if you are out there my bark is bigger then your bite!

One of things I love to do is to eat....healthy treats that is. But luckily I am surrounded by such a tummy pleasing selection:Ma Snax, Polka Dog, Organic Doggy Kitchen, and Zuke's just to name a few! No more growls here. I have even been videoed doing a jig just for a taste (don't worry this will be featured on YouTube in the upcoming weeks, even if I have to leak the film). Psst, don't tell anyone but I have been known to seek a few nibbles here or there. My owners don't suspect because there are no crumbs to be found. You guessed being surrounded by the best treats in the world has its perks (but it seems like my owners have caught putting them higher up on the shelves). So you can imagine, being the honorary head of the Paw Luxury's Board of Taster & Tester I get quite a mouthful each day, no complaints here. So all the treats & toys are backed by my tail wagging guarantee. My furry pack of friends in the neighborhood say how lucky I am to be surrounded by treats galore, but I always throw them an organic bone or two. As the official spokes dog of Paw Luxury I am always in the public eye surrounded by a pack of groupies (my wagging fans) and the paw-parazzi so I need to stay fit. Thank goodness for my amazing Zisc, it gives me the exercise I need everyday. So Richard Simmons eat your heart out!

But I don't won't to forget to give a warm howl out to my feline friends Kahlu & Scooter (by the way Kahlu I want a re-match). So for all you cat lovers out there, no need to worry will be offering an array of eco-friendly products for your fancy felines in the upcoming months. From organic catnip, treats, toys, collars, and scratchers even the most finicky feline won’t be able to resist. So stay tuned to our site, these products are sure to be a “cat’s meow”!

Let me leave you with some "Barking Words of Wisdom":
In the US, the poop that dogs produce could fill an 800 ft tall football field each year (You said it, disgusting and "Pee Yew"). Use biodegradable bags like Spikebrand business bags, which break down in as few as 30 day. You can also try Skooperbox as well. So ya see, making even the smallest effort in your day to day life to go green will leave a huge impact and make the earth smell a lot fresher. So to my pack tread light on the earth, and enjoy the romplands!

P.S if you can't get enough of me add my blog to your favorites, check me out on Facebook, MySpace & coming soon to a living room near you on YouTube! Yes, my own show so keep sniffing on & my blog for more updates. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the day in the life of "me" Lola the eco-dog!

Barklingly yours,

Lola Rose (Woof Woof!)

Your One-Stop Destination for All things Green for Your Pet Launches. It it is now easier than ever to shop of eco-friendly, organic, natural products for your dog in one convent, fun, safe & secure place.

With just a click of the mouse you can shop at and go green in the comfort of your own home while wearing your pajamas. We wanted to create a premier one stop online destination for everything green & good for that deserving dog in your life.

Paw Luxury’s slogan “eco-living for the everyday dog” truly sums up our mission & purpose for a cleaner, kinder earth. As the Owners, Adam & Wendy Leidhecker, and proud parents of Lola our 1year old boxer, we wanted to make shopping for eco-friendly pet product’s convenient, easy, honest and fun. We wanted to bring the best brands in earth friendly products under one roof, right at your paw tips. Because we believe that even the smallest change can make a huge impact on the world around you and in the lives of your dog. They understand this is a joint effort and that together we can all make the earth a little greener one paw print at a time.

What type of products to we offer?
How we measure true quality of the products we offer can be summed up in this one phrase "If it's not good enough for our dog, then it's not good enough for your dog".

At Paw Luxury, we retail the best brands in organic, all natural, eco-friendly bedding, spa and bath, treats, collars, leashes, health, wellness, travel, and toys for your dog. Our premium, boutique offers products for dogs of all sizes and breeds. We are committed to providing you with excellent quality goods with a focus on style, comfort, health and values. Paw Luxury desire to provide your beloved four legged companion with products that are healthy, friendly to the touch, and made with integrity. We want people to understand that one does not have to sacrifice style, fun, and luxury for the earth. In fact, luxury living and eco-living can go hand in hand. The added benefit is that you and your dog will get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you are both having a greater impact. So rest easy, you and your dog can now take an eco-nap!

On behalf of everyone at Paw Luxury SIT, STAY, SNIFF & SHOP !!!

Barkingly Yours,
Adam, Wendy & Lola (Woof Woof!)

If you like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Adam & Wendy Leidhecker, please call toll free at 1-877-4-PAWLUX or email at Adam at

Monday, April 14, 2008

About Paw Luxury: Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Paw Luxury is to offer luxury, high-quality, durable, holistic and earth-friendly products for the everyday dog and their owners. We believe in offering products that will promote the overall well-being of your dog while at the same time bringing you and your dog closer together for a happier, longer life. We give 110% service to our customers to make sure their tails are always wagging and you are always smiling. We strive to utilize green, sustainable, or recyclable materials in our day-to-day operations, because we believe you can have the best of both worlds: pampering your dog and saving the environment at the same time.

What was our inspiration?

Evolving from the overwhelming love of our beautiful, loyal, carefree, lovable and cuddly boxer named Lola, Paw Luxury was born. As proud parents we wanted to give Lola the best nature had to offer but found it difficult to find eco-friendly products under one roof. So we went sniffing with Lola, searched high and low and dug a few holes along the way. Then we thought to ourselves why not create a one-stop online destination that caters to the need for healthy alternatives.

We wanted to remain true to the motto "healthy dog, healthy earth, happier life." This idea, now a reality, was to sell products that both us and Lola have come to love; products inspired by nature with the everyday dog in mind. But we didn't want to stop there, we wanted to strive to offer products sourced and manufactured primarily in the USA, while treading lightly and making
a contribution to better the world and the people in it.

What is in a name?
Our name, Paw Luxury, is inspired by the commonality that pets and humans in a sense both have paws that need love to. We define "luxury" as your dog living the good life, it's all about wellness with some pampering thrown in. We believe you can fuse green living with the cachet and comforts of luxury living-for a healthier life now and for future generations.

Who we are?

We are first and foremost a down to earth company that cares about the earth and the dogs and people that inhabit it. Like our dog's lovable, kind and warm spirit, Paw Luxury is always approachable and inviting. We measure everything we do against our goal to reflect warmth and a generosity of spirit in the products we sell, our actions and interactions. We are mindful and approach our work with humility and purpose, authenticity and creativity. We offer products thatare real & functional for the everyday dog about town - combining style with ease of use, accessibility, and meaningful intent with enduring quality. We educate through awareness and inspire social responsibility through our genuine concern for the world.

Barkingly Yours,
Adam, Wendy & Lola (Woof Woof!)