Monday, January 18, 2010

Doggy Bad Breath Blues - Lola Gives the Scoop on Some All Natural Dental Solutions for A Picture Perfect Smile

Woof woof! Lola here. Do you know where your pups mouth has been? This is probably the last thing you think about when your dog goes in for a big wet smooch to greet you after a long days work. You say to yourself "Man it feels good to be missed and appreciated".

But perhaps you should start interrogating Fido about his whereabouts & happening while you were away . Dogs are notorious for dumpster diving, licking the toilet bowl, sniffing other dog's butts and licking themselves in those hard to reach places. Let's face it, no matter how adorable we
are we dogs have dirty mouths that need extra tender loving care.

Your first thought would be to throw me or your prospective best friend a dog bone or rawhide. But let me take a few minutes to stop you dead in your tracks. Did you know raw hides can be dangerous for chewing pups like me? It is true they can do more harm then taste good. Rawhide's are usually treated with formaldehyde, a carcinogen which is something you don't want Fido chewing on. Like a tennis shoe rawhide's are not easily digestible, putting dogs at a higher risk for bloat, diarrhea and life threatening intestinal blockage

From the smell of things they even leave pup pals who eat them pretty gassy. But luckily I have sniffed around and found new ways to clean my chompers, since we only have one pair. Because just like you humans, good & consistent dental hygiene is the first step toward prevention of bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections, and heart disease. Regular teeth brushing, yearly vet checkups and dental cleaning keeps me smiling. Here are a few natural solutions to rid your dogs teeth of plaque and keep their teeth pearly white.

1. Brush your dogs teeth- My parents for one brush my teeth 2 times a week. At first it was weird, but i got used to it, and I love the natural vanilla flavor. D
id you know brushing your teeth can add 2-3 years to your doggies life just from brushing 2-3 times a weeks. You can buy your dog special toothpaste and toothbrush kit.

2. Chew on this!!-Instead of rewarding Fido a with a rawhide give him a eco-friendly and 100% safe toy to chew on. Like hemp rope toys which are not only fun to chew on but help remove plaque naturally and keep my teeth clean. Another great product is Zukes Dental Bone Chews which are all-natural, easy to digest, naturally cleans teeth & freshens breath, helps scrape and polish. These bone shaped dental chews are perfect for allergy prone pups because they are free of wheat, corn & soy.

3. Yum!! Crunchy Organic Treats- Organic all natural treats not only are pleasing to your dogs growling belly and help with the cleaning process by scraping and polishing.

4. Cheers for the Odor Free Bully Sticks! Odor Free Bully Sticks are the perfect long lasting dental care treat to keep my teeth healthy . As an avid chewer I love bully sticks because they are delicious great long lasting chews. My parents love them because they are a healthier & safer alternative to rawhide. They are all-natural, help clean, teeth, easily digestible, odorless & free range. Not to mention my mom loves them because they are odor free. As well as keep an active dog chewer such as myself entertained for hours . Giving me a constructive chewing outlet instead of my mom's shoe closest & furniture.

The key to a beautiful smile & fresh breath is proper dental hygiene. Ward off bad breath, gum disease, infection & heart disease with regular teeth brushing & dental chews. These tips will give Fido the confidence to flash those pearly whites for the camera.

Shop for eco-friendly, all natural & organic goodies for your furry family member & travel buddy. We carry a great selection of Odor Free Bully Sticks / Dog Treats / and Dog Toys !


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