Friday, January 8, 2010

How To Deal With A Leash Pulling Walking Dog

One of the most common questions asked is "How to get my dog to stop pulling on the leash when I walk?" If you haven't yet realized walking a dog can be quite a power struggle literally. Especially when the four legged canine at the end of the leash is a Great Dane. If you are like many pet owners then you have probably found yourself being pulled in all directions only to leave you wondering who's walking who.

Dogs are always excited for their daily exploration and sniffing walk . Even the most perfect pup has been know to pull the reigns and their handler just to fulfill that quenching squirrel chasing desire. But squirrel chasing days can be cut short when your dog is corrected in love. If your dog is not retrained and corrected in love he will continue to pull and take the lead, which does not boast well for that sore arm of yours. But don't get discouraged you can teach an old dog (big or small) new tricks. Here are a few tricks to help reign in your overzealous walking buddy and make your daily stroll a pleasant one.

Well, it time for you to take back your role as pack leader, the Dog Whisperer would be so proud. No longer does walking have to be a drag, pun intended. One trick taught in obedience training to curb pulling is being a tree that cannot be moved, its all about standing firm. As your dog runs out the leash put your foot down and refuse to walk forward if he continues to pull. This will train him that pulling gets no where fast. Moving forward only when the leash is slack and your dog is not walking you. Using words like "heel" and "stop" will make him aware of his behavior, choose a command and stick to it.

Another tip is constantly walking in different directions. If your dog starts to get ahead of you, turn and walk the other way quickly. Dogs learn best when praised and rewarded so give him a training treat or "Good boy" when you get slack in the leash again.
Speaking in a soothing manner when praising him, patting him or slipping him a treat will let him know he should continue this behavior.

Sometimes the best thing to do with a pulling dog is to start over from scratch. No we are not talking about getting rid of the dog, although that can sometimes be tempting thought when your pup has chewed through your shoe closest. The truth still remains "you can't live with them sometimes, but you can't live without them". But just keep in mind walking your dog should be enjoyable for the both of you. If this continues consider enrolling in some obedience classes which will help retrain your dog to follow the leader.

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Olive said...

This is always a challenge for us..thanks for the tips, really. We are big time walkers and walk a few times a day..well, when it's above 25 degrees. :)

Thanks again and I will share them too..

Licks from me!

Olive :)

Kuvasz Puppy said...

It is a very common problem. We all need to be patient while training our dog to walk calmly. Sometimes other dogs can make them pull and we can't really control that. Thanks for the great tips!