Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Pet Travel & Safety Tips

Getting ready to hit the road for any Holiday can be stressful, and traveling with a pet although enjoyable takes additional preparation. Lets not forget safety first. While you are preparing for Memorial Day weekend in tribute to the men & women who serve our country and gave their lives. Lets not forget to honor unsung hound heroes, the courageous military & service dogs who serve our country. Lets get the weekend started & party off on the right paw by going the extra mile to protect our pets this holiday weekend.

1. Carry ID- It is important that when you travel with your pet, especially on one of the busiest traveling weekend to pack health records, updated vaccinations and identifications.

2. No Dog Left Behind- NEVER leave your pet in your car for extended periods of time because the results can be deadly. With warm weather in the forecast your car can heat up pretty quickly leading to heatstroke.

Download and print these free flyers so next time you see a dog in a car, even on a cooler day you can remind the owner that their pet is saying: “Don’t Leave me in here – It’s Hot!”

3. Quench Fido’s Thirst- Always be prepared and pack lots of fresh water. Make sure the water is easily accessible and that you keep a water bowl stowed amidst your cargo & luggage.

4. Stay Calm- As your dog is surrounded by excitement & people surrounding the grill make sure he or she remains calm. It is important that you not only make your guest comfortable but your dog as well.

5. No table scraps- Dogs have very sensitive tummies and keep in mind that some foods are poisonous to dog. So as a precaution keep your dog on their regular diet.

6. Have Vet on Speed Dial- You should always hope for the best, but when it comes to traveling with your pet expect the un-expected. If you are going to be hiking the trails or camping this Memorial Day weekend make sure to contact your vet ahead of time and make sure your dog is up to date on shots & have the proper medication.

7. Leash up- Make sure you pack a sturdy durable leash or two. You never know when you will be playing a game of tug of war if your dog decides to chase after wild life.

8. Are We There Yet! - Keep in mind that traveling with your pet means you need to tack on some travel time with all the rest stops. Unfortunately, your dog does not understand the meaning of “hold it” so may sure to take potty & stretch breaks at a rest stop or park. So plan to stop every two hours to make sure Fido isn’t fidgeting in the back seat. But don’t forget to be a good planetarian & pick up the mess!

9. Hotel for Dogs- Make sure you call ahead to hotels to see if pets are allowed. Lucky for you there are a lot of wonderful pet-friendly hotels who are excited to let out the welcome mat for your four legged co-pilot.

10. Hunger Pains-Make sure you pack enough food for your dog in an air tight Fort Knox container. You don’t want him or her secretly nibbling away at the meals you so loving prepared. If your don't doesn't have the patients to wait for dinner time, make sure you pack tons of healthy, all natural & nutritious dog treats & chews to satisfy those hunger pains.

11. Gear up- Have the appropriate safety equipment; life preservers, harnesses, sunscreen etc.

Dogs not only love chasing butterflies in the fields. But just like humans, dogs are also social butterflies and have an agenda. They have places they wants to go, squirrels they want to chase, holes they want to dig, burgers they want to steal and dog butts they want to sniff. Trust us if you follow these pet safety tips the holiday weekend will be fun for the entire family & one you all will remember. Have a Happy Memorial Day!

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