Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Child Pet Safety Tips

One can't deny the emotional bond between a dog and their owner. Pets are such a wonderful & fun addition to any family, but with this comes much responsibility. Kids love pets and aren't afraid to show it so as the responsible parent & pet owner it is up to you to take extra safety precautions. Here are some pet safety tips to make the bonding experience a safe and healthy one for youngsters.

1. Before deciding on the breed of dog make sure it is a perfect family fit by doing your research first. If you have smaller kids choose a kid friendly breed. It is important that your dog has proper training & socialization so enroll your pet in obedience classes.

2. Make sure to take in consideration other family members pet allergies from salvia, coat & dander. You may have to select a dog or cat that is less allergenic.

3. Prior to taking out the welcome mat and bringing your new pet home make sure he or she has a proper vet checkup. If there is another pet already in the house make sure their vaccinations are up to date and have had their routine checkups. Its important to keep your pet healthy because certain diseases & infections can be transmitted to humans.

4. Always supervise play interaction between kids and your pet. Set down rules & boundaries so that your child knows how to properly handle your pet. Some pets can't tolerate excessive hugging & petting and can become aggressive. Never promote rough housing with your pet because a child could easily be injured.

5. Pets love to eat in peace so make sure children know not to grab or crowd your pet during dinner time. Even the kindest pet can become aggressive, territorial & possessive and nip at the hand that feeds eat when they feel their dish is being threatened.

6. Proper hygiene is important if you are caring for a pet. Make sure you inform kids to wash their hands after playing with the pet. Also, kids are curious so make sure you pick up after your pet & teach kids not to touch pet's waste.

7. Train your kid on the proper way to greet & meet a fellow furry citizen & a new pet. It is important you teach your kid to not approach or pat an animal without you or the owners permission.

8. First Aid 1o1. If your child is bitten by a pet make sure to treat the wound quickly. In the instance that your child is bitten by a neighborhood or stray dog with no proof of vaccinations seek medical attention immediately.

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Bill said...

First aid for dogs, just like first aid for humans, is an effective combination of knowledge, supplies and skills, put into action for the benefit of your four-legged friend.