Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grooming 101 : How to Comb Out Stubborn Tangled & Matted Dog Fur

Is your dog's coat in a tangled mess? Truth be told we all have a love hate relationship with our hair and pets aren't any different. We can all relate to having a bad hair day or in your dogs case a bad fur day. If you have a long haired dog then you understand from personal experience that tackling tangles can be quite a chore. Getting your uncooperative dog to hold still during the untangling process is just the beginning.

Mats and tangles are not becoming to say the least and can cause painful pinching & pulling against your pets skin. By the look of things your dog's inner and outer hound barks and begs for a good scrub and primp session. Regular grooming is a must because no dog likes his or her hair tied in knots. Here are few tips to prevent a tangled a coat and keep your dog mat free.

1. Brush away! Unleash your inner groomer by making daily brushing part of pets routine fur treatment. Brushing helps prevent tangles and clears away loose hair that would otherwise shed only to end up around the house. Daily brushing helps your dog maintain lush shiny locks & soft coat by distributing natural oils that keeps your pets coat healthy.

2. Invest in good conditioner. Use a pet conditioner to keep your pet's coat soft and smooth. With so many conditioners to choose it important to select one that suits your pet fur type. For best results read and follow the instructions.

3. Detanglers are lifesavers. Detanglers play a vital role in helping to get the knots out and lucky for you their are detanglers made specifically for pets. Making it more bearable to deal hands on with your dogs matted clumps of hair. Know your achy wrist can breathe a sigh of relief.

4. Purchase a proper wire comb. Giving your pet a good comb through helps remove excess tangles from the undercoat. Purchase a proper comb for your pet's fur and comb through the coat thoroughly at least once a week.

5. Pet Shampooing 101. If you haven't realized its harder to tame matted dog fur when it is wet. Never bathe a matted dog - once the matts are wet they are near impossible to untangle. Brush out as much as possible before bathing the dog.

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