Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you have a Stubborn dog? How to Train Your Dog to Come on Command

As pet owner & pack leader it is our responsibility to train our dogs to be good canine citizens. Trust us, no pet owner likes to engage in a wild goose chase after a stubborn squirrel chasing dog who refuses to listen and come on command. Proper obedience training ensures your dog will come when called, stay on command, and be polite to passerbyers .

Obedient dogs make for both a happier owner and safer pup, just ask our resident dog lola. One of the first and most important commands you will ever teach your dog is to "come" (aka recall command). Here are a few simple steps to help you & your dog master the call command.

1. Practice initial training inside the home , start with you and your pup inside one room.

2. With dog treats in hand and while facing your dog step back a few steps.

3. Proceed by calling the dog by name, followed by the simple command "Come." ("Lola, come."). Never walk or run toward your dog when you are trying to get them to come to you. If you do your dog instinctual response is to run away in the opposite direction, mistaking this as a game of chase.

4. Once your dog is obedient and approaches you praise and reward him or her with their favorite treat or toy.

5. Repetition & patience is key! After a few practice rounds, but only when you are sure your dog understands what is expected of him you can call him from another room.

6. Gradually increase your recall command distance by moving your dog into a fenced in backyard. If you do not have a fenced in backyard make sure your dog is on a leash.

7. "That a boy!" goes a long way. Praise and encourage your dog as he comes to you.

8. Positive reinforcement for a job well done is the key to your pups success. Remember to say "good" right when the dog exhibits the behavior you want.

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