Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Say Hello to Lola Our Official Spokesdog!

A Woofing Good afternoon everyone!

Welcome to the Romplands! Where the grass is always greener. You may be wondering who is the adorable face behind Paw Luxury, well if you haven 't already guess it, its me Lola. Let me first say how excited I am to have a blog just for me! I love to blog, but have the tendency to get slobber all over the key board. I guess even the everyday dog like myself can live a fascinating life. Now let me officially introduce myself and give you my barking bio. Well I am a 1 year female boxer, and just like any everyday dog I love to sniff p-mails, dig craters in the back yard (the more dirt the better), frolic in the flower bed, and chase a squirrel or two. I also love to give back to the community by supporting pet shelters, there is nothing more rewarding then spreading the love. As a cave dog I like to burrow under the sheets and watch American Idol cuddled up on the couch with my mom & dad alongside a heaping bowl of pup-corn (my bets are on David "Bark-chuleta", he can really howl out those high notes). Simon "Growell" if you are out there my bark is bigger then your bite!

One of things I love to do is to eat....healthy treats that is. But luckily I am surrounded by such a tummy pleasing selection:Ma Snax, Polka Dog, Organic Doggy Kitchen, and Zuke's just to name a few! No more growls here. I have even been videoed doing a jig just for a taste (don't worry this will be featured on YouTube in the upcoming weeks, even if I have to leak the film). Psst, don't tell anyone but I have been known to seek a few nibbles here or there. My owners don't suspect because there are no crumbs to be found. You guessed being surrounded by the best treats in the world has its perks (but it seems like my owners have caught putting them higher up on the shelves). So you can imagine, being the honorary head of the Paw Luxury's Board of Taster & Tester I get quite a mouthful each day, no complaints here. So all the treats & toys are backed by my tail wagging guarantee. My furry pack of friends in the neighborhood say how lucky I am to be surrounded by treats galore, but I always throw them an organic bone or two. As the official spokes dog of Paw Luxury I am always in the public eye surrounded by a pack of groupies (my wagging fans) and the paw-parazzi so I need to stay fit. Thank goodness for my amazing Zisc, it gives me the exercise I need everyday. So Richard Simmons eat your heart out!

But I don't won't to forget to give a warm howl out to my feline friends Kahlu & Scooter (by the way Kahlu I want a re-match). So for all you cat lovers out there, no need to worry www.pawlux.com will be offering an array of eco-friendly products for your fancy felines in the upcoming months. From organic catnip, treats, toys, collars, and scratchers even the most finicky feline won’t be able to resist. So stay tuned to our site, these products are sure to be a “cat’s meow”!

Let me leave you with some "Barking Words of Wisdom":
In the US, the poop that dogs produce could fill an 800 ft tall football field each year (You said it, disgusting and "Pee Yew"). Use biodegradable bags like Spikebrand business bags, which break down in as few as 30 day. You can also try Skooperbox as well. So ya see, making even the smallest effort in your day to day life to go green will leave a huge impact and make the earth smell a lot fresher. So to my pack tread light on the earth, and enjoy the romplands!

P.S if you can't get enough of me add my blog to your favorites, check me out on Facebook, MySpace & coming soon to a living room near you on YouTube! Yes, my own show so keep sniffing on www.pawlux.com & my blog for more updates. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the day in the life of "me" Lola the eco-dog!

Barklingly yours,

Lola Rose (Woof Woof!)

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