Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Office - Bark Edition

Well, everyone my day is packed with so much to do so little time. Thus far, I have had quite a morning with my loving parents. Like many dogs I start my morning christening the back yard, since I am a lady I want say those words. But you get the picture. Don’t worry my mom always picks ups. She uses eco-friendly alternative to dispose of that squishy stuff. Man sometimes I wish I did not have such a keen sense of smell.

When I am out in the morning I sniff around in search of the latest p-mail left behind by friendly four- legged neighbor, fresh off the press. Since the street I live is much like Desperate “Bark-wives” Wisteria Lane, its nice to be up to date because you never know what will happen.

After a hearty homemade breakfast of chicken, potatoes, carrots, parsley, broccoli and some Eagle Pack kibble throw in I am ready and energized for the day. Wow, my dad is quite a chef, but I promised him I wouldn’t share the recipe. Oops it seems I have already barked too much, I tend to let my happy tummy and drooling lips do the talkin. I did not even finish licking my bowl and all I can think about is what’s for dinner. But luckily everyday at work I get a helping of organic treats to get through the day.

Once we got into the office we headed for the bank to make a deposit (no not that kind of deposit). While waiting with my paws and head out the window I heard my name and whistling coming from the box in front of me. I had to turn my head from side to side thinking,”Hey, is there a person in there”. All of a sudden I heard this suction noise I looked up and from a tube, dropping from the roof came something wonderful. It must be a magic tube because when my dad opened it up there were treats inside. Yippy! So much fun can’t wait to go back.

Once we got back to the office I occupied my self by trying to jump and catch this little fly that was on the window. After about 20 minutes my owners came over and told me the fly was on the outside of the window. But what do I know I am just a dog.

But I do have some startling news! I must say I have always suspected, but today I caught my mom nibbling on my Polka Dog Meatlovers treat, that I worked so hard for. Don’t worry I do get paid well above and beyond “minimum-wag” with lots of treats, toys, belly rubs, hugs & kisses. But have told her many times to “Get your own bag”. Psst, I even went as far to set up a hidden web cam to record the crime in action. Let me say that I do believe people are innocent until proven guilty, but here is concrete evidence. My mom is guilty as charge, she has been caught one too many times with her fingers in the doggie cookie jar and the crumbs on her lips says it all.

Being Sherlock Hound I always follows the crumb trail to the scene of the crime. With that stern look in my eyes she knows she is in trouble and her sentence is solitude, in the doghouse she goes. So for all you dog out their go dig the deepest crater and bury those treats. As for you humans, who could blame ya, they look so good you will be tempted to take a nibble! But be fair warned, a web cam may be lurking in the dark and your dog keen sense of smell may get you in trouble.

As for the rest of day I have a couple more p-mails to send out, may take an eco-nap and I try to sucker my owner into taking me outside to play with my brand new Zisc toy. I know they can’t resist my cute puppy eyes and persistent whining, works every time. On another note, I am so proud of myself I was able to catch 4 in mid air.

Hopefully after work we can to my favorite romp spot out on Canfield Island. There is so much room to run, play and chase the birds and a field mouse or two.

Just go to watch out for those fleas, bugs & mosquito’s my parents love me so much so protect me they spray on Happytails Flea the Scene Skin Soothing Insect Spray with Sunscreen. So, pesky bug biters make my day. It really does the trick and smells wonderful. If you want to pick up some flea the scene spray for yourself head on over to After all, I am the spokes dog of Paw Luxury I got to earn my kibble.

Let me leave you with some "Barking Words of Wisdom": Being a boxer I need a lot of excercise and play, which a natural way to let off some steam or bottled-up energy. Lack of excercise can result in chewed up shoes, aggression and boredom. So my parents take me walking and to the park everyday. Plus it really helps my parents get excercise too, helps us bond and enjoy the dogs days of summer.Some times a walk won't do so my parents let me off leash in our fenced in back yard, but even that can get boring. So they may take me hiking or too a dog park to keep things spontaneous. Long walks in the woods, parks or on the beach will also make your dog happy (don't for to protect yourself against bug bites & fleas & bring water to quench thirst). Jogging or biking is great way to spend time with each other and it is beneficial. The type of exercise you do give your dog deepens on age, breed and weight so if you are just getting back to play take it easy. Another tip as summer heat arrives is to take your dog walking early morning or late evening when it is cooler. As a short haired dog I tend to heat up a lot and get sunburned easily so my parents do just that.

P.S if you can't get enough of me add my blog to your favorites, check me out on Facebook, MySpace & coming soon to a living room near you on YouTube! Yes, my own show so keep sniffing on & my blog for more updates. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the day in the life of "me" Lola the eco-dog!

Barkingly yours,

Lola Rose (Woof Woof!)

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