Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ask Lola the eco-dog: A slobbering advice column written by a dog for eco-minded dogs & their owners

Dear Lola:
Finally, its summer again! Time to hike, run, and play with Buster at the park or on the trail. Are their any eco-friendly options out there to pick up that squishy stuff?


DEAR CONSIDERATE DOGWALKER: First, let me give you a big paw on the back for picking up after Buster. Like many dogs, a walk to the park, around the neighborhood and on the trail makes my day, but sometimes nature calls (no, not the howling of the wild). Whether it’s in the brushes, on the sidewalk, near a hydrant (a dogs version of the port-a-potty), or on a neighbor’s lawn it is important to do the right thing and pick up. Because no one likes the reminder of what your dog ate for dinner last night. Not to mention, it’s a dog owner no-no to leave piles behind, so beware you can be charged a heavy fine for not picking up. So be courteous of those joggers, law-abiding dog walking citizens, neighbors, and speed walkers out there because no one likes to step in dog poo.

I know many people opt to use an empty grocery bag, just please keep in mind these take 100’s of years to break down. Possibly clogging the throats of poor innocent earthworms and dung beetles.
Luckily, there are eco-friendly alternatives out there. The two I recommend and use are Skooperbox & Spike Brand Business Bags. Trust me, the earthworms and dung beetles will thank you for it.

The Skooperbox is made from 100% recycled paper, hooks conveniently onto your leash, just scoop and toss. So say good-bye to that squishy feeling, and hello to no more grabbing because with the handy scooper your hand never has to touch that mess again.
Best of all it is 100% biodegradable and breaks down in 30 days.

Spike Brand Business Bags are made from corn, are strong, compostable and biodegrade without a trace in 45 days.

So go ahead, enjoy the walk! Now every business trip you make with Buster can help make for a cleaner planet & a cleaner conscience.

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco-dog

You can find this and other eco-friendly products at Paw Luxury specializes in selling earth friendly products. We offer quality products that are stylish, durable, all natural, organic, holistic, sustainable, biodegradable, fair trade, and Made in the USA. Our motto is "healthy dog, healthy earth, and happier life".

If you have a question or need advice from Lola the eco- dog on ways you & your dog can go green just email her at .Lola the eco-dog is here to help!

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