Friday, April 18, 2008

Preparing the the garden for spring, What? you didn't want a hole there?

Hello Ladies & Gent's,

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood the sun is glistening, birds chirping, and butterflies fluttering what could go wrong. Well I had quite a morning, I must say. After A yummy breakfast I decided to spend some time digging to get ready for planting some Gerba Daisy's & Tulips. Man it feels good to have Old man winter gone and Mr. Sunshine back, now I can finally get back to smelling and peeing on the roses one of my simple pleasures. I truly got my paws dirty digging that huge crater, my parents will be proud of me... less work them. (what? you didn't want a hole there?) Opps.... :-)

Oh no, I do have a little tummy ache though, must be something I ate. Nothing soothes an upset stomach like nibbling on a grass (dog version of Pepto Bismol). I must admit grass is an acquired taste but being a lover of vegetables I just imagine its sprouts of arugla fresh from my grammy's garden. My parents give me a pat on the back because they think I am mowing the lawn or weeding the garden.

But I must admit after work today at a nice warm bubble bath, soothing music, aromatherapy candles, and a yellow rubber duckie thrown in to keep me company sounds wonderful. Psst, Don't tell my parents that was my plan all alone because a good scrub & primp session always relaxes my achy paws & joints.

Hey, I almost forgot to mention who I saw staring at me out the window as I gardened, Cahlu my Arch Nemesis- like Darth Vader is to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars Trilogy (no light sabers here). He must of read my post about the rematch. Sometimes, I feel my life is like Romeo & Juliet in a sense, now a days you have the "Cat-pulets & Mutt-tagues" with their unending feud. But I want to let all you cat lovers out there know "I am a lover, not a fighter". Some of my best friends are cats. So Cahlu. I was just barkin with ya, I hope no hard feeling lets be friends.

Let me leave you with some "Barking Words of Wisdom":
Like any dog I love to chase and jump in the air for anything , a fly, bird, Frisbee, butterflies you name it. There is something fun and fascinating about such things. But for all you dogs out there DON'T chase or try to eat bumble bees, although they are tiny their sting is vicious, or so my parents say. If you do not won't to get the bumble bee lecture or hear those stern words from mom & dad "NO" take heed. "BEE" safe this summer!

Barkingly Yours,
Lola Rose (Woof Woof!)

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