Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Oh, where. Oh, where has my eco dog gone? Just gone door to door to spread the word !

Hello all my barking fans, I guess you can say a dog life never sleeps !

Yesterday, was full of excitement, so much I found myself tossing and turning laying belly up on the floor .Usually at night I sleep at the edge of the bed working night shifts as my parents official feet warmer not to mention licking alarm clock. Nothing says "Wake up sleepy head" like wet licks & kisses. I guess my insomnia was due in part to the fact I gave my mom and dad a scare. While my parents weren’t looking I sneeked out the office door for an adventure, to chase after a a fluttering butterfly I saw out of the corner of my eye. My parents thought I was sleeping on my bed in the other room. While I was outside I heard some distant barking so as a sleuth I followed the barking to where all the fun was happening. I guess the butterfly was heading in the same direction .

Then I had an "Ah-ha" moment I could have my dog chew and and eat it to. Not only would I be able to make some more pup pals, but could spread the word about Paw Luxury (seeing as though that I am the spokes dog an all-got to earn my organic bones). But along way, me and my new friend Lila (the butterfly) decided to make a few stops to sniff and smell the flowers. I was so relieved to find a fire hydrant along the way because nature was calling. It must have been all that water I drank earlier on in the day.

Finally, me and Lila found ourselves in the middle of a meet & sniff in a nice women’s back yard. There were 3 dogs barking up a storm and were so kind they invited us to join the wild party, Oh how I wish I would have brought some treats and goodies to share. We talked for a while and got to know one another. After are long conversation I invited my new friends down to the office sometime for some organic treats & a fresh bowl of sparkling water (right from the tap).

Then I turned around and saw my parents, standing behind me with leash in hand nodding. I never saw my mom so sad and angry at the same time. When she looked at me with those stern eyes I knew I was in trouble. She didn't have to say anything I knew I was in for a long time time out. Graduating at the head of my pack in obedience school I should have known better then to bolt out the door before asking permission. I explained to them what happened, I expressed my sincere apologies the best I new how with licks, kisses, and a little wiggle. Not to mention that a few whines & staring at them with big innocent angelic eyes always seem to help the situation. I said " Mom & dad I figured I would go from dog door to dog door, knocking on as many dog houses to spread the word about the family business. So instead of having you both chauffeur me around. I wanted to help the environment by lowering my carbon footprint literally by going on paw.

Once they realized I was okay they gave me big hugs & kisses. But I did not "wag away" (in human terms walk away) empty handed I made 4 knew friends (3 dogs & 1 human). It appears that this nice woman Denise, a neighbor down the street, decided to join the search party to find me. What is so amazing is that my new pup pals were in fact her children. Wow! Its amazing how people & pups come together.

After hearing my parents reasoning for worry I understood why they where frantic. I am so lucky I came across some furry and over exciting barking friends along the way. Whom I must say probably saved my life, true unsung heroes in my book. Had it not been for them giving me direction I probably would have kept going. Man, now that I think about I could have gotten lost and not known how to find my way back home. It makes me tear up just woofing about it. No more belly rubs, liver pate, walks at the park, and good-bye plush West Paw Bumper bed.

Worst yet, being a couch potato is something I am good at, especially on Saturday mornings. So, that would mean no more lounging with my parents on the couch catching up on episodes of "Survivor Dog". Wow, my experience gives this show a whole new meaning. Not to mention my parents would miss the wag in my tail. But I am pretty sure they would never stop sniffing for me. Sure, someone would have been kind to take me in but there’s nothing like home sweet home. Well, I need to go get a Kleenex my snout is stuffy and eyes are full of tears.

Now on to some brighter news, I took a walk today and meet two of my pup pals along the way, Zoe & Tripper (Cairn Terrier's). Its amazing how being on really connects you with the dog community. We sniffed each other, spoke, and relaxed in the sun while our parents talked. I even got invited to join their dog walking group that meets in Brandon Park on Sunday’s. I felt so overjoyed and like a V.I.Pee invited to a special red carpet outing. I guess the "Who's Who's" in the neighborhood packs where going to be there. So I sniffed back quickly to RSVP. I can’t wait!.

While, we were barking at each other and catching up on some neighborhood news about the hospital & events in the area. I got the real scoop on the neighborhoods happening, the best part is no pick-up required. We all saw the darnedest thing. I wish I could have video taped and posted it on Dog-tube, it probably would have gotten a lot of licks & views. It was a family crossing the street (with mom pushing the stroller and dad and daughter leading the way). All of a sudden you see this alley cat pop out from no where. I asked Tripper & Zoe to take a look and they told me that was that nice family cat down the street, he somehow;s gets out and follows his family on their walk. But being a savvy cat he makes sure to always stay a few paw steps behind so as to not get caught. Usually, if he is caught caught his dad will send his furry behind running home. Here I was thinking, that so called alley cat was a private Investigator being paid to sniff out this family's every move, perhaps for clues of a secret rendezvous with a neighboring kitten.

Let me leave you with some “Barking Words of Wisdom”:

Dogs are naturally born to roam, which unfortunately in today’ s term means run away. Many times dogs run away because they were frightened and if they are new to a home and are looking for their former surrounding. Perhaps they bolt out of curiosity if doors, windows or gates are left open; which for me was enchanting yet enticing fluttering of a beautiful butterfly name Lila. Like many loving parents, you probably get frantic pacing back & forth singing "Oh, where. Oh, where has my little dog gone? Oh, where. Oh, where could he be?" Rather then wait for your dog to return, you send out a 24 hr search & SNIFF party, drive or walk around the neighborhood (in my moms case run), register your pet as missing pup ASAP, call the Drool Police, hang up Missing Pupster Posters , knock on every doghouse, or visit a local shelter.

But, don’t lose hope most dogs are found in a 2 mile parameter of their home or neighborhood, I am a testament of that. A lot of times parents think the worst, “Oh, my dog may get hit by a car” or “Perhaps a predator has gotten it”. But the best thing you can do for your dog is stay calm most likely your dog has tried to sniff his way back home. Odds are, which is the case for me, some kind neighbor has taken your lost pup in or contacted for help to find your dogs home. Just make sure you have your dogs collar & tags on at all times so you can be contacted. But keep in mind now a days you can go to your local and your dog can get a Micro-chip placed under the skin. Don't worry Sparky its painless. This is like GPS tracking device that has your dogs information built in. Wow, now that's amazing. But Sparky this does not give you permission to roam free as you please, ask your parents first or you will surely be in the dog house

Barkingly yours,

Lola Rose (Woof, Woof !)

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