Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ask Lola the eco-dog: A slobbering advice column written by a dog for eco-minded dogs & their owners

Dear Lola: My dog is not looking forward to flea season, I must admit neither is my husband & I. Can you recommend some all natural solutions to protect my dog from those biting pest this summer?


DEAR BITTEN & CONFUSED POOCH: Nothing spoils relaxing with my owners on a warm summer night then unwanted guest, fleas & mosquito’s that is. Ever summer fleas return, and may hitch a ride indoors on your unsuspecting dog. Fleas seem like a never-ending battle and each year its time to wage war. So with flea season around the corner it is so important to take preventive action to protect your dog. Being a dog myself, I understand, and choose to take an all-natural approach by fighting nature with nature. This has proven to have good results for my life, but do keep in mind every dogs circumstances are different so always check with your vet. Luckily for you, there are a lot of holistic, nontoxic solutions out there.

There are various natural flea repellents, sprays and shampoos on the market today they contain no chemicals & are toxic free. Many of the sprays & spritzers I use on daily bases contain natural ingredients like citronella, tea tree oil & natural pyrethrins from plants. One of my favorite products is Happytails Flea the Scene Spray with Sunscreen. This product gets 2 paws up in my book and really gives me an upper hand in this “flea-eat-dog” world. This 3 in 1 repellent spray soothes & protects me from fleas & bug bites and contains a blend of plant extracts to keep the enemy at bay up to four hours. With just a few spritzers on my fur I can enjoy chasing those squirrels at Brandon Park and hikes at Haystacks. Another added benefit is that it helps relieve irritated skin and contains sunscreen so I don’t become a burnt hot dog (dogs get sunburned too!). Since I have such a keen sense of smell, this spray does not have a medicinal odor, which can be overwhelming to my snout. It contains no pesticides or poisons so if licked it is not harmful.

Barkingly yours,

Lola Rose

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