Monday, July 19, 2010

Sick As A Dog? Tips on Boosting Your Pets Immune System

Like humans dogs can also feel a little bit under the weather when a virus or infection strikes. So, whats a loving pet owner to do? When your pet falls ill it important to boost their immune system so they can fight foreign invasions.

Remember that dogs are social creatures by nature and always on the go. So you can imagine that their social butterfly status & curiosity puts them at higher risk for coming in contact with toxins & pollutants that could wreak havoc on their vulnerable immune systems. But no worries! Here are some preventive steps you can take to promote your dogs wellness, build up their immune systems & be a responsible guardian.

1. Clean & Fresh Water-Keeping you dog's water dish full with fresh clean water is key. Filtering the water is highly recommended as tap water contains chemicals that can hurt the internal systems of your pet. By making sure that they are getting lots to drink, you will know that they are getting what they need to flush out the dangerous toxins that may have entered their system, which in turn will help keep the vital organs working the way they are supposed too.

2. Daily supplement-Adding a daily supplement can help with your dog's immune system. Make sure that it contains important vitamins, minerals, and other special herbs. Look at the labels to determine what they contain to ensure that you are getting something appropriate for your pet. Vitamins A, C, E and the mineral selenium are ones to keep in mind when doing this. Proper supplement that meets your dog needs will ensure a strong immune system.

3. Eat healthy-Make sure that before you let your dog chow down to read the label first. Often times some commercial foods are lacking in the area of nutrition. We such taking a holistic approach and opt for organic, all natural, human grade dog food that are free of animal by-products, hormones, artificial preservatives & ingredients. Things that you would normally not eat. Sure, the organic route can at times be a bit more pricier, but the money that you will save on vet bills makes up for it.

4. Add Yogurt to Your Dogs Diet-You can also buy plain unflavored yogurt that contains acidophilus. Add a tablespoon of yogurt to your dog's meal twice daily. For larger dogs (dog's larger than 100 lbs.) add 2 tablespoons. Stir the yogurt into your dogs food so it's well incorporated.

Natural Immune Boost Remedies to the Rescue!

But just like humans, a dogs strong immune systems must develop over time. Beside annual vet visits and caring for your pets health & wellness. There are several herbs, vitamins & minerals that work wonders to give your dogs immune system a boost:

1. Vitamin A is essential for the natural protection of your dog's skin which is their first line of attack. It plays a critical role in both the repairing and the protection processes of the tissues that surround the mouth, nose, throat, as well as the lungs. It is also essential in fighting eye infections and maintaining eyesight.

2. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps the immune system naturally in several ways. It helps both protect against both bacterial as well as viral infections. It also helps to heal wounds and scar tissues naturally as it strengthens blood vessels; and in the process also helps your dogs systems protect against hemorrhaging.

Not to mention it produces collagen, a type of protein that assists in supporting several body tissues. It helps the skin, bones, tendons, and muscles. It also helps to protect internal organs and aids both forms of your pet's immune systems.

3. Vitamin E also know as the miracle vitamin for dogs as it assists vitamin A from breaking down and combining with foreign substances that may cause autoimmunity in your pet. It aids both the innate and the adaptive systems in protecting against attacks on the cardiovascular functions in your dog as well as protecting against aging and cancer.

4. Zinc mineral is present in almost every tissue of your dogs body and is absolutely essential as a natural treatment for dogs immune systems as it builds blood circulation, as well as the brain and nervous system functions. It also helps in the synthesis of both protein and nucleic acid.

Nucleic acid is what makes the memory of the adaptive system work. It allows organisms to transfer genetic information form one generation to the next. Without this natural treatment, your dog's second line of defense will not function properly.

5. Copper is a mineral is found in every tissue of your dog's body. Copper is essential for the forming of both hemoglobin and red blood cells, as well as assisting several enzymes that break down as well as build up body tissue in your pet. It also surrounds nerve fibers and works in harmony with Vitamin C to form elastin in your pet's muscle fibers.

6. Echinacea extract is a herb that acts as a natural supplement which helps to purifying your dog's blood. In doing so, it stimulates the immune system to help fight both viral and bacterial infections. It acts as an interferon which is produced naturally by your dog. Interferon is a group of glycol-proteins manufactured by different cells and react to different attacks. It is an essential herb in building the adaptive immune system & boosting the lymphatic system.

7. Viscum album (Mistletoe) - It is known for its ability to improve the immune system of animals. It also keeps your dog's blood pressure levels under control.

8. Sylibum marianus (Milk Thistle) - It is one of the most commonly used herbs in natural medicine. It strengthens your dog's liver. It contains flavonoids which fight the free radicals which damage your dog's external and internal organs. Without milk thistle, your dog's immunity boost plan is not complete.

9. Withania somnifera (Indian ginseng) - It has a restorative effect on your dog's body. It promotes good health and vitality in dogs. It also nourishes your dog's blood.

10. Uncaria tormentosa (Cat's Claw) - It increases your dog's disease resistance capacity and makes it strong enough to defend against various diseases.

Here are some all-natural products that will help give your dogs immune system a boost!

1. Fuzzyard Eucalyptus Lemon Immunity Blend

This all natural fragrance blend contaisn no harsh chemicals or additives. It works as an immune booster, wards off infection and creates a healthy environment for your dog

2. Organic Pet Superfood Super Immunity Formula Supplement

Provides a complete nutritional defense against the onslaught of invading internal free radicals and external stresses such as nutritionally inadequate food, environmental and situational stresses. In addition to supercharging your dogs immune system the Super Immunity Formula works to promote healthy joints, improved digestion and the maintenance of a beautiful coat.

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