Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Your Dog Lethargic, Sluggish, Tired or Fatigued? Facts, Tips & Advice About Pet Lethargy

Did you know you and your dog have something in common besides that adorable grin? Like you, your dog can also get doggone tired and lethargic. Unfortunately, your dog can't grab a cup of coffee or one of those high packed energy bars for a boost of energy. Once a fur ball of energy, your dog has decided to hit the snooze button on life and is now a bona fide couch potato who hogs the remote.

Not even a persuasive enticing game of fetch, a brisk walk, arrival of the mailman, a siren, or a taunting stray cat gets him excited or barking mad. You have even resorted to bribery to lure him off his bed with his favorite food, but all has failed. You have began to come to grips that only a miracle or help of a forklift will get him off the couch and back to his playful ways. Timeouts & lounging on the couch with your best friend has been great, but you miss your once energetic dog's zest for life. Well, we are here to offer up some advice and tips on this topic.

What is lethargy? Lethargy is decreased energy levels.

What are the warning signs your dog is lethargic?
  • Tire easily
  • Reluctant to play, walk, eat, drink, or do other things that he used to enjoy doing.
  • Don't take outdoor potty breaks as often, resulting in "accidents" in the house or on his bed.
  • sleep a lot
  • Lost interest and enthusiasm in almost everything.
**Don't hesitate to seek vet assistance if symptoms persist these could be the warning signs for something more serious. **

So, what can cause your dog to be lethargic & sluggish? Well with the help of a certified vet, it important to pinpoint potential culprits so you can remedy the situation. Sickness, depression & injury can bring on your dogs lethargic ways and should not be taken lightly. Before you can tackle lethargy it is important to dig deep for the root cause. Here are some common cause of lethargy:

1. Anemic pup- If your pup lacks enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to different parts of the dog's body, then he or she has anemia. Anemia leads to lack of oxygen making a dog lethargic. Anemia can be caused by flea infestations, gastrointestinal parasites such as worms, internal bleeding caused by ulcers or other conditions (e.g. poisoning, clotting disorders, bone marrow disorders, cancer).

2. Aches & Pains- If you had aches & pains you probably wouldn't want to leave the couch. Pain caused by injuries or physical problems can make a dog lethargic & not wanting to move. Just keep in mind that if your pup has sustained an injury, then his or her body's resources and energy are probably being redirected to the injured area for healing. Therefore your dog may not have sufficient resources or energy for normal day to day activities. Pain can arise from dental disease; ear inflammation; bone, joint, or spinal diseases; gastrointestinal obstruction; pancreatitis; urinary tract disorders; and eye diseases, such as glaucoma and corneal ulcers.

3. Obesity- Overweight dogs are less likely to move around and engage in activities since it simply takes too much effort and energy! Lack of exercise will cause anyone to feel tired & sleepy. Exercise is key to improved mobility and heightened energy levels. So, get your dog to break a sweat on the treadmill or take a walk around the dog park.

4. Poor Diet -Lack of well balanced diet. Malnutrition & insufficient quality diet can lead to decreased nutrient absorption resulting in weight loss & lethargy. So, make sure you are feeding your dog food that promotes his overall well being & health. Throw away the mystery meat & go for the real thing!

5. Aging Canine-Older dogs naturally have less energy than young puppies and they tend to move slower due to achy joints. They are more prone to suffer from such age-related ailments as heart failure and liver disease, which can also make a dog lethargic.

6. Depression-A dog may become lethargic simply because of a lack of stimulation & socialization! Dogs that are cooped up in the house all day with out companionship, bonding time or paw pals will naturally feel bored, depressed & lethargic. It is important that your dog gets enough play time and outside interaction with you, other humans and furry friends. So a doggie play date or day at the dog park is in order!

7. Infectious Disease such as canine distemper and parvovirus infection.

8. Endocrine disorders. Hormonal conditions as hypothyroidism, a common disease in dogs that causes a slowed metabolism and lethargy. As well as other disorders such as Addison’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, and diabetes mellitus can lead to lethargy & fatigue.

9. Hypoglycemia- Your dog's lack of energy may be due to low blood sugar caused by severe infection, insulin-secreting pancreatic tumors, liver disease, or starvation.

Mother Nature Knows Best!!

Various herbs such as ginseng & rosemary have been effective in boosting a dogs energy levels for the weak & fatigue. As well as helping pup young & old recover from illness or surgery. Here are some all-natural lethargic remedies & products that will help energize & put pep back in your dogs wags!

1. Happytails Re-bound herbal Elixer

You’ve pampered the outer hound now nourish the inner dog with all natural elixirs designed to improve canine health from the inside out. Re-Bound helps to recharge your dogs battery and restores normal energy levels after periods of general malaise or inactivity. Turn back the paws of time! It's also the perfect tonic for an older or sluggish dog or a dog who is recovering from an operation or illness.

2. Spot Organics Happy Dog Aromatherapy Spray

Is Spot dog-gone tired. Spray a few times on the chest to uplift a depressed dog or increase the appetite of a senior dog

3. Fuzz Yard Organic Rosemary & Peppermint Aromatherapy Refreshing Blend

Pamper, uplift your dog and deodorize your living space all in one spritz! This natural and refreshing blend of organic Rosemary, Peppermint and Aloe Vera essential oils will do the trick. Simply spray the fine mist around the house, on your dog's bed, on furniture or directly on your dog. This unique blend of essential oils helps to create a refreshing environment for you & your dog.

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