Monday, July 5, 2010

The Moving Blues: Tips on How to Help Your Pet Adjust to a Move

If you haven't already realized pets are creatures of habit and love daily routines & stability. Often times moving to a new home or new situations can be stressful for anyone. We all know what its like to have the moving blues when rooms are filled with boxes upon boxes.

But moving with your beloved pet, although a joyous occasion and exciting adventure, can be a challenge. Like humans, packing, unpacking and the unfamiliar can be quite frightening and stressful for pets. Here are a few simple tips to help minimize your pets anxiety, acclimate them quickly and keep them safe during a move.

1. Microchips- Make sure you update your dogs or cats microchip contact information. You never know when your pet will get the itch to wander & sight see around the new neighborhood and get lost in transit.

2. Refuge- When packing and unpacking create a safe haven refuge area for your dog or cat to relax and de-stress. Setting the mood with soothing music will keep your pet calm amidst the constant moving commotion.

3. Welcome- Get out the welcome mat immediately. Pets feel safe when they are around the familiar. Unpack their bed, bowls, treats & toys so your pet feels right at home.

4. Explore- Pets are inquisitive and love to explore & sniff their surroundings. Spend sometime walking your dog through the neighborhood and home so he or she can identify the new smells of their new home sweet home.

5. Be prepared- Make sure you know where the nearest vet hospital is for emergency situations, expect the unexpected.

6. Set up home- If possible move your pet into your new home already arranged and unpacked, since chaos & clutter can cause any pet to go barking mad. Familiar furniture will make you, your pet and home fill more settled and lived in.

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