Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Avoid the Moving Blues: Tips for Calming an Anxious Pet

Pet anxiety can occur with a new move, changes in the household, stressors or traumatic events. Unfamiliar situations or disruptions in your pet's daily routine can cause your pet to feel uneasy, frightened, restless, whiny, finicky and squirmy.

Some pets may even cope by displaying destructive behavior such as chewing furniture, persistent barking or relieving themselves indoors on your beautiful hard wood floors. But don't worry we have some tips that will help calm your anxious pet naturally.

1. Turn your frown upside down. Although moving can be a stressful situation for you, imagine what your pet must be going through. Avoid showing stress around your pet. Pets have heightened senses and can infact sense when you are stressed out which can impact their well-being. Remember to stay calm, keep your pets daily routine, use your soothing voice and provide lots of cuddle time.

2. Reward your pet for good behavior. When your pet exhibits calm behavior in the place of anxiety, reward her. Give your pet treats or bully sticks to reinforce positive behavior.

3. Did you say fetch? Keep your pet busy with stimulating interactive toys as a distraction. Give your pet something to play with, such as a chew toy, bone or ball. If your pet is occupied, he is less likely to become anxious and go chew crazy.

4. Turn on the soothing tunes! Play soft music or leave a radio or TV on in the background.

5. Keep the routine consistent. As you settle into your new home try to keep the routine as regular as possible. Keep feeding, play time, walks, etc. at the same or similar times. Stick to your previous schedule as closely as you can. This will help keep your pet calm and help him to adapt more easily. Any break in routine can cause anxiety in your pet so being consistent in routine can help to keep your pet calm and content.

6. Give pet time to adapt. You may find that when you and your pet arrive at your new home he or she may go in hiding. Don't worry, just give your pet time & space to sniff, explore and adjust to the new surroundings. You will see your pet come out of hiding and finally become accustom to the new digs.

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