Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Easily Administer Pet Pills & Daily Vitamins to Your Dog or Cat

How do I get my dog or cat to take his pill? This is a common question that many pet owners ask their vet. Dogs & cats have a tendency to outsmart us when it comes to taking & swallowing their daily vitamins & medications. Leaving you with a wet soggy pill in the palm of your hand and in search of a dog or cat on the run.

Truth be told, administering your pets medication can be quite a dramatic challenge for you and an even more torturous experience for your furry friend. If you have or ever owned a pet then you understand what we mean. We have some simple steps to make giving your dog or cat his medication a painless & enjoyable experience. Gone are the days of having to stick your finger down your pets throat. There is a hassle free and easier way to medicate!

1. Get the pill ready in one hand. Make sure your dog or cat doesn't see or the hear the pill container, one look could cause your pet to flee the scene. Approach your pet in a friendly, kind & gentle manner.

2. Get your lap dog or cat in a comfortable position. Either sit on a chair or sit on the floor and have your dog or cat positioned on the floor in front of you or on your lap. The pet should be sitting with it's side to your chest and wrap your arms around your pet in a non-threatening manner.

3. Open Wide! Quickly with pill in one hand, open your dog or cat's mouth. Place one hand over the top of the jaw and the other hand on the underneath side of the jaw. Then lightly & gently press your middle fingers and thumbs into the gums toward the back of the pet's mouth.

4. Place the pill as far back in the pet's mouth. Quickly & gently close your pet's mouth keeping your hands around the pet's mouth to keep it shut so you don't have a pill overboard.

5. Getting your pet to swallow can be a challenge. One trick is to gently blow into the pet's face while lightly tickling the pet's throat. The air in the pet's face will make them swallow. You may need to repeat blowing the air gently into the pet's face a couple times.

6. Praise your pet and reinforce with treat, toy or favorite past time like a brisk walk, game of fetch or tug of woof.

If all else fails & your dog or cat is still being difficult you can do the following:

1. Crush pill or pour capsule content in to your dog's or cat's dish. Stir the powdered medicine or capsule contents in with a little bit of their pet food and mix thoroughly. It is vital that your pet gets his or her complete dose. Before you get out your meat tenderizer and start pounding away, double check with your vet to make sure their pills can be administered in this fashion. Sometimes a pill’s package instructions or your vet may strongly advises against it.

2. Up the ante, use pill treats. There are many types of pill pet treats on the market designed specifically to help you administer your pets medication. If you don't have treats on hand you can use a piece of bread.

3. PB loco! Dogs love the irresistible nutty taste of peanut butter. Place the pill in a small spoonful of peanut or smear this gooey delicious treat on the roof of the dog's mouth, just behind his front teeth. This will force him to swallow. Since the peanut butter sticks well to the pill, your dog is less likely to spit it out.

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