Monday, February 15, 2010

Brushing up on Pet Dental Care : What to Consider When Choosing the Right Pet Toothpaste

Yes, one can't deny that dental hygiene is very important. Especially if you don't want to be quarantined or banished to a corner of the room for offensive bad breath. Like humans, pet's can also suffer from the negative effects of poor dental care & tooth decay. Bad breath is the result of a build-up of odor-producing bacteria in your pets mouth. That is why brushing your pets teeth is crucial in the prevention of tartar, gum disease, bad breathe, tooth lose & cavities. Including those infamous, dreaded and costly vet medical bills. Proper dental care promotes the over all health & well being of your pet for years to come.

So, what is the secret to getting that disgruntled & stubborn dog to come out of hiding, sit still and open wide. Well... the key is selecting the perfect pet toothpaste that will get your pet excited about their weekly cleanings. Yes, our paws pals are that special & dental care is that important that they have their own specially formulated toothpaste.

When selecting a pet toothpaste it's important to choose one your dog or cat actually enjoys so the whole experience doesn't become one both you and your pet dread. When choosing a pet-friendly toothpaste consider the following: safe ingredients, flavor, easy to use, digestibility & palatability. Since pet toothpaste is meant to be ingested and swallowed it is important to read the labels and know the ingredients. We would advise pet owners to choose an all natural toothpaste brand for your pet to avoid harsh ingredients & chemicals. Since dogs and cats cannot spit the toothpaste must be edible & safe.

Pet toothpaste comes in many forms paste, liquid, gel, pads, spray, rinse & sponge. Now your four-legged pal has many flavor options to choose from: mint, beef, chicken, peanut butter & even vanilla flavor. With such an assortment of flavors to choose from this will surely keep their tails wagging & lips purring. Hey its true, if you want your pet to love dental care then they have to be able to stomach it!! So, appease your pet's palates and taste buds with something flavorful & delish.

The Dental Care Golden Rule!

Besides treating your pet's mouth the way you want your pearly whites to be treated. The number one dental care rule in the canine & cat world is that it’s never safe to use human toothpaste on dogs or cats. Even we humans would agree that toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed, which is why we spit after each teeth brushing. Keep in mind that dogs are not capable of spitting and therefore must swallow the toothpaste. Toothpaste made for humans is not edible, but pet toothpaste is meant to be swallowed. With that said, using human toothpaste on your pet is always always out of the question!! Choose a safe pet toothpaste that does not cause stomachaches or severe digestive problems. Also, avoid using baking soda to brush your dogs teeth.

In the end, choosing the right toothpaste is half the battle to getting your reluctant pet to love regular teeth cleanings. So, all you scaredy cats & dogs in hiding "Come out, Come out wherever you are". Brushing your teeth is now a real treat.

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