Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Minty Dog Breath Freshener Recipe to Keep Bad Breath at Bay

Giving and receiving hugs & kisses from your dog is one of the perks of being a pet owner. But doggy bad breath can sure get in the way of the bonding experience. Is your dog's bad breath worst then his bite? If so then you have probably been tempted to pop a handful of Altoids in your pets mouth just to clear the air. But before you start doling out doggie breath mints make sure Fido isn't suffering from a more serious health problem.

Whether your pet suffers from doggy or tuna bad breath this is no laughing matter. It could be the warning signs of something more sinister lurking. Tartar, gum disease, loose and diseased teeth, infected oral tumors, and systemic diseases, such as kidney problems or diabetes may be the issue. But only a proper dental vet checkup can rule out any potential underlining causes. Annual dental checkups from a certified vet and daily teeth brushing is the key to prevention.

But, truth be told all pets get stinky ferocious breath once in while. We have coined the phrase, "A mint a day keeps bad breath at bay". Specially formulated pet breath mints & gels do the trick and serves as a quick air breath freshener. Perfect for those not so pleasant moments when your dog's breath smells of roadkill & garbage leftovers. Only to leave you hearing those famous words, "Your dog ate what?" Dog breath mints and breath gels works wonder to mask the odor momentarily.

However, the true key to slaying the fiery beast is getting down to the real root of the problem. Proper dental cleaning by your vet, followed by at home care and maintenance of teeth and gum's will keep you and your pet smiling for many dog years to come.

Try this wonderful easy, quick recipe for homemade dog breath mints worth barking about. It will have your dog begging for bad breath relief and a refreshing treat.


Unsalted Crushed Crackers
Fresh mint


  1. Crush crackers. You'll need enough to stick to the mint. Don't use too many crackers or this will over-power the effect of the mint.
  2. Finely chop mint into fine pieces.
  3. Mix with crackers and add enough water to allow mint and crackers stick together and form into small 1/4 inch balls.
  4. Lay each individual ball on top of waxed paper placed on a plate.
  5. Place into freezer until frozen.
  6. Give to your dogs when needed!

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