Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Arrange a Summer Fun Doggie Playdate for Your Dog

Summer marks the beginning for fun in the sun with your dogs canine comrades! If you haven't already realized dogs have so much energy and love to play. Although you love your dog so much, sometimes you need a break from your four-legged energizer bunny. Hey, we have an idea, why not set up some doggie playdates so you can take a breather & your dog can have some fun. Here are some tips to finding your dogs perfect playmate.

1. Doggie Daycare-Enrolling your dog in Doggie Day Care full time or for a few hours while you are at work or running errands is a great way to give your dog exercise & socializing time. Many of these day cares have outdoor & indoor play areas. Just make sure to bring your dogs tags & vaccination records. Ask the daycare workers who your dog gets along with during most of the day and then talk to those dogs owners about setting up a time to play on the weekend.

2. Off-Leash Dog Parks- You will find a wide variety of dogs at an off leash dog park so your dog is sure to hit it off with one of them. This is a great way to get to know neighbors and interact with their dogs. Often times if dogs like each other the owners will arrange for a meet & sniff at a dog park at a specific time. Dog Park USA helps dog owners find the pet-friendly parks close to their homes or in destinations they’re planning to visit.

3. Join a Play Group-If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your dog to an off leash park, you can join a breed specific or dog personality specific play group that suits your dogs demeanor, size & age. You can find these play groups right online, all you have to do is create a social network for your dog. In particular, sites like Dogster helps you connect with other dog lovers & pup pals in your area. They have a wonderful forum for members to setup & find playdates. In above is a picture of Lola at her first Boxer Tweetup in Asheville, NC. She is having a blast running with her friend Scooby at the Arboretum :) We met Sherida, Scooby's lucky owner on Twitter.

4. Lonely dog seeks Fetching Playmate-Place an ad in a local pet publication or on Craigslist to sniff for that perfect doggie playmate. This is a great option if you don't have a dog park in the area, no neighborhood pups, you live in an apartment, or you are looking for that one special dog playmate. In your ad just specify the type of playmate, playmates and situation you are looking for. Hey, your dog may be what some other dog is looking for! Do keep in mind that not all dogs love the social scene or are good playmates. Make sure to screen your dog's potential playmates beforehand with an initial supervised on leash meet & sniff at a public park. If they hit it off then let them loose and let the romp and play begin!

5. Call a friend-If you have friends with dogs set up an activity with them that includes your dogs. A day at the park, beach or even in your backyard can be fun for you, your friend and your four-legged pals.

Safety first! If you answer an ad or someone answers your ad, meet your dog's potential four legged playmate and guardian at a public place the first time.

We can officially say that playtime is now in session!!

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