Friday, June 25, 2010

Will Work For Food: Tips on Celebrating Take Your Dog To Work Day

Do you know what June 25th marks each year? Well, today is the yearly anticipated Take Your Dog To Work Day brought to you by Pet Sitters International. Yes, it that time of year where you can drive in that carpool lane and have your dog grab you a cup of coffee just the way you like it. Not to mention give them the task of licking envelopes or making all those tedious office copies for a change. The paw is finally on the other foot. Okay, who are we kidding, besides the carpooling part the rest is in our dreams!

The whole purpose of this event is to celebrate the human-canine bond with the ultimate goal of promoting shelter adoptions. Taking your dog to work should be a fun filled adventure granted your dog practices good doggy office manners. Here are some simple bring your dog to work preparation tips.
If you follow these simple tips you can make your workplace on this special day dog-friendly for everyone involved. Hey, your dog may even be hired back for the day next year and not fired.

1. Ask permission. Check with your boss or HR department prior to packing that doggy lunch bag and heading into the office. Its important to read and understand the policy about bringing animals to the workplace.

2. Dog proof your office. Dogs can easily become bored so remove any choking hazards or small items like pen caps & paper clips out of paws reach. Make sure to cover any cords or tuck them away so they are not mistaken as a chew toy to be gnawed. The last thing you need is for your dog to start a black out or make your computer shut off in the mist of preparing that big presentation or long spreadsheet.

3. Leash up! You don't want your dog dragging you around the office or roaming the office halls unsupervised this is only asking for trouble. So make sure your dog will walk on a leash and behave around your co-workers. Know your dog's temperament before bringing them to the office. Your dog should be polite and never snap, bite or growl at strangers. If you have a office you can even place a baby gate at your door.

4. Train your dog well first. Whether big or small your dog should know basic commands like "sit", "stay" and "lay". You should train your dog not to jump up on people, even if it is a friendly greeting of "hello". Make sure your dog sits politely to greet your co-workers. Because know one wants muddy paw prints all over their business suit. Be sure to reward your dogs good behavior with a treat and praise. In addition, make sure your dog is completely housebroken.

5. Call it an early work day! Always be prepared to have to an exit strategy in case problems arise or your dog is not comfortable at your office. Get permission ahead of time to take your dog home half-way through the work day if it becomes to much to handle. Plan on bringing your dog to work on a relatively light work day, such as a Friday. NEVER leave your dog alone in a vehicle, this can mark danger.

6. Fulfill dogs basic needs. If you want your to be in his or her best behavior then run & play breaks, toys, treats, outside time, potty breaks, water and food are a must. Take a break from your computer and play a nice game of fetch outdoors to release any pent up energy. Make sure you clean up after your dog pool of drool, treat crumbs, water bowl spills and other messes. You want it to appear that your dog never clocked in for the day.

7. Bring basic dog necessities. Bring your dog a comfy bed, food, doggy poop bags, and bowls. Co-workers will enjoy feeding your dog a healthy treat so bring plenty for your dog to munch on.

8. Cleanliness is next to Dogliness. Bathe and groom your dog before their office debut, make sure its shots are up-to-date and don't bring an aggressive or shy dog to work.

9. Be aware of scared co-workers. Respect your co-workers and never force them to interact with your dog. Keep in mind some may be fearful, anxious or allergic around dogs.

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Maltese Puppies Blog said...

I really liked the top 10 reasons..
I took my 1-year-old Maltese too, it was so much fun! I absolutely support the idea :)

Beth @ BISSELL said...

June 25 also marks my birthday! This year, I took a day off and stayed home with my cats. Question though, what happens next year when it falls on a Saturday?