Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me! Tips to Keep Summer Flies from Biting Your Dog

Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me! This is an all to familiar song humans will be singing at summer picnic's during a fly invasion as we attempt to chow down on grilled burgers & hot dogs. Dogs will also be scratching & thumping to the same tune. Buzzing and biting flies can be irritating (pun intended) and make anyone’s fun in the sun miserable. Not only do our pet's have fleas to contend with they also have flies to do battle with as well. Those obnoxious flies and their unpleasant bites can irritate your dog's skin causing inflammation, infection, and infestation.

Don't worry their are some tail-tale signs to alert you if your dog has become the latest “All you can eat buffet”. Painful bumps, bloody spots, small scabs, raw skin & hairless areas, incessant biting and scratching on your dogs part are signs he or she is under attack. Flies love to feast on your dogs ears since the hair and skin are thin in these areas & your dog can’t easily defend. Dogs who suffer from hot spots if left untreated and outdoors are at higher risk of falling victim and becoming a breeding ground for biting flies. Sure a flyswatter will help but eventually your wrist will get tired from all that swatting. So here are some tips to prevent an all out fly air strike & keep those little pesky buggers from attacking your pet.

1. Make sure the environment is clean and free of debris that breeds and houses flies. Be sure to clean & pick-up your pet’s landmines in the backyard to prevent fly attack. Besides, you don’t won’t to accidentally step in a pile of your dogs #2.

2. Keep your pets feeding bowl & eating area squeaky clean. Don’t forget when cleaning your dogs bowl to use all natural & non-toxic cleaning solution safe for your pet to eat off of.

3. Planting some more lush green grass or ground cover in bald spot/ dirt areas in your yard will help keep them at bay.

4. Keep your pet clean and fresh with some wonderful all natural deodorizing shampoo & conditioner that contains eucalyptus oils. Since certain plants will keep those flies away.

5. Keep your pet cool in a shaded and air flowing areas since flies prefer lounging & feasting in the heat.

6. Keeping your dog inside on hot days will not only help him escape the heat but help him escape flies that love a good snack.

7. Use all natural bug/ fly repellents & candles that contain ingredients such citronella & eucalyptus. Applying Vaseline to the tips and ears of your pet is another great idea since flies can’t bite through this jelly like layer.

8. Make sure windows and door screens are closed and free of tears so flies can't infiltrate the home.

9. Keep plants that repel flies naturally and act as a great deterrent. When planted in quantity, some species like eucalyptus, flowering elder bush, lavender, basil and peppermint tend to repel flies.

10. Spraying the surrounding area where your pet is housed with an environmentally safe & pet friendly insecticide will keep the fly population down.

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