Friday, August 7, 2009

Why Your Dog Will Benefit From a Daily Vitamin & Tips on the Perfect Dog Vitamin

No one can't deny that a proper diet and excercise are crucial to your dogs health and well-being. Yes, it is true that commercial dog food not only taste & look better, just take your dogs word for it. It also has come along way in nutritional value and digestibility. As more and more pet food companies think long and hard about what they put on the shelves for you to put in Fido's bowl.

But one can't negate the fact, that just like humans, a vitamin supplement given to your dog daily can play a huge role in their overall health. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help your dog live a longer and happier life. It's benefits are endless from building up your dogs immune system, to the prevention of pre-mature aging and illness.

Not only that, vitamin supplements contain antioxidants that help prevent & fight cancer. With true anti-aging properties, vitamins help to slow down deterioration such as low immune system, weakened bones & joints, and poor eyesight caused by aging. Sure aging is a part of life but a daily vitamin will help your dog age gracefully and feel like a puppy again.

If you are a new parent of a small puppy we suggest that you start them early on a vitamin supplement. Puppies that are given vitamins at a young age have a longer life span and are less likely to get illnesses. But if you a have an adult dog no worries they can still benefit from taking a daily vitamin.

Take it from us you will start seeing results immediately shortly after putting your dog on a vitamin regimen. He or she will have a boost in energy and healthier, thicker, shiner coat. But like any vitamin, most of the benefits are in the long-term with prolonged, pain-free, happier life with you. As well as smaller vet bills (Hurray!) that you will appreciate.

So, how do you select the perfect vitamin? Well, first you need to consider your dogs age, breed and special needs. Remember puppies and senior dogs needs are different. The same is true for dogs who are very active versus those who would rather lounge all day on the couch. Consult with your vet to figure out the best vitamin for your dog's need, because every dog is uniquely different.

When picking the right vitamin make sure to read the labels and keep these key tips in mind.

1. Say "No" to fillers. Pick an all natural vitamin supplement that does not contain fillers or artificial ingredients. In doing so, you are ensuring your dog is being given only the best when it comes to your pet's health. So, always do your research on the ingredients before putting them in your cart.

2. ABC's please! Make sure your vitamin contains Vitamin A to fight free radicals. B complex for a strong immune system, improved liver function, red blood cell production, healthy vision, antibody production, and gorgeous skin & coat. Finally Vitamin C for strong immune system. It is also great, especially if you have a senior dog, for the vitamin to have glucosamine, chrondriton and Omega fatty acids. These added nutrients have their benefits and help to build strong bones, rebuild cartilage, while maintaining a healthy skin and shiny coat.

Now that we've educated you a little bit about vitamins for your dog, we hope you see the benefits. Oh, that reminds us that we should go take our daily vitamins if we are to keep up with our dogs.

Shop for eco-friendly, all natural & organic goodies for your new furry family member.

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