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Hosting a Dog Birthday Party Celebration: Party Idea & Tips!

Like many of you, we view our four-legged friends as our children & part of the family. The one thing we love doing as pet owners is throwing party bashes in honor of our furry companions by inviting some of his canine friends & their owners.

You can throw a creative & fun party for your dog for just about about any occasion! Here are some hosting party planning tips to celebrate any dog's birthday (bark-day), the new arrival of a pet, or just to say "I love you" to a pampered dog or cat.

1. Select a Dog friendly location.
When deciding on a location for your dogs bark-day party or celebrations its important that the space is accommodating. If you haven't already guessed dogs love room to play & take a time out from their party pals. So choose a party location that allows you & your dogs paw pals to run, rough-house, ample space to take a party break & relax from the pack, room to chase balls & play fetch. But most importantly an area that is safe for pets to explore without fear of dog escaping, running away and leaving the festivities to early without a guardian. If you are having the party in your backyard make sure the area is fenced away from traffic.

The location should also be an easy clean for those accidental spills & potty break moments. Usually, if it isn't kid friendly than it isn't dog-friendly. It is important that if you are hosting the event at your home that it is dog proof, so time for some quick spring cleaning. Dogs love to explore & chew on anything within paws reach so make sure small items are off the floor, clear your coffee tables of precious family heirlooms that an exuberant tail may accidentally sweep off & break. Remember dogs are scavengers love to sniff through your personal belonging. Make sure medicine, cleaning products, mouse traps or snacks that are not safe for pets are put safely away. Before we forget that includes checking in between the couch cushions & under the recliner.

With so many dogs in close proximity there is a possibility of paw pals fighting over the last dog biscuits. If hosting a dog party in your home or outside, make sure there are at least two rooms or spaces available to separate dogs and give them time outs.

Always be prepared just in case bad rain decides to crash your party unannounced, even though the forecast was for clear skies. If you're going to be outside, make sure there is an inside or covered option just in case it starts raining cats & dogs.

2. Fun Activities & Games. Plan some activities for your excited party guest to get the party started. Although most dogs will just have fun with each other naturally. But it would help to break the ice if you get things started by tossing a ball, providing a soccer ball, or making sure there are interesting things for curious dogs to investigate. Our interactive eco toys like our Zisc, hurley's, hucks & hemp rope toys are great fun for any dog & human party goer. Make sure you enough toys for each pup to play with to prevent an ugly scene.

Here are some game ideas:

1. Bring enough balls so there are at least one ball per doggy guest and play free-for-all fetch.
2. Create a dog-and-owner "agility" course. Rent or create a homemade agility course equipped with tunnels for the dogs to race through; make sure you have lots of training bits or other treats to offer them when they run through successfully!
3. Bobbing for biscuits. Fill a small tub or child's pool with water, throw some biscuits in, he who gets them out fastest wins!
4. Dog Biscuit Scavenger hunt. Each dog with their guardian have to hunt for hidden dog treats, whatever duo finds the most (without eating them first) wins!
5. Hold a multi-round fetching race for the dogs and their owners. The dog who fetches the ball the fastest wins!
6. Make the pet's birthday party a costume party! Party guests will love an excuse to dig out those adorable dog Halloween costumes for the event, which can include pet costume contests for the best dog costume, most unique dog costume or the cutest dog costume.
7. Host a cake eating contest! Instead of just feeding the dogs a slice of the birthday dog's cake, turn it into a fun contest, with the winner receiving a batch of homemade pet treats, organic & all natural dog biscuits or our droolworthy odorless, odor free, all natural & free range bully sticks.

3. Remember Safety First.

-With so many dogs to tend to you can't do alone so having each dogs perspective parent present is a good idea to keep the peace among the pack.
-Have your pet first aid kit well stocked.
-Make it clear which treats are the human ones (and they're not reachable by the dogs) and which ones are for the doggies since chocolate is toxic to dogs.
-Make sure that various snacks and human food (grapes, chocolate) scraps have been picked up.
-Make sure that someone can't accidently let dogs out the front door or the backyard gate. Beware to double check to make sure gate isn't left unlatched.
-Make sure that you have one of everything for each dog. Some dogs don't like to share (water bowls, balls, frisbees). Creating resource shortages can provoke fights. So get one for each dog (and then it can go into a gift back after the party to take home).

4. Provide lots of Water. Always have some in multiple bowls.

5. Clean up Waste and Accidents Immediately. Make sure there are biodegradable bags available and obvious to people as they enter so that they take a few for pick ups. Make it clear where waste bags go.

6. Set Some party rules & guidelines.
--Make it clear before the party or gathering what is and is not appropriate. For instance, are some parts of the house "off-limits"? Is all digging in the backyard prohibited?
--If you expect everyone to introduce their dog slowly (to manage the stress and energy level) than make that clear up front.

7. Alert neighbors! If you have a boisterous barking bunch of party pups, let your neighbors know to expect some barking for a brief period.

8. Take plenty of photos or hit record! One great way for you and your dog to look back on fond memories is through candid photos and video. Break our your camera or camcorder and encourage others to do the same. Shop for eco-friendly, all natural & organic goodies for your new furry family member. We carry a great selection of Odor Free Bully Sticks / Dog Treats / and Dog Toys !

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