Sunday, August 16, 2009

Top First Aid Emergency Safety Tips for Pet Sitters

Are you about to head out on a last minute business trip and unable to find a friend to care for your pet. Well, there are two alternatives you can board your pet at kennel or call on a pet sitter. Just make sure you do your research to make sure your dog will be getting the proper loving care it deserves and left in the hands of reliable care-givers.

Well, if you are the lucky pet sitter to get hired here are a list of tips for those just in case emergencies. Remember you have a huge responsibility, not only do you feed, play, walk & take your clients pet on potty breaks you are there as guardian to protect. These tips will prepare you for anything & make your client feel more at ease & relaxed knowing that their furry family member are in good hands.

1) Learn CPR & Heimlich- Take a pet first aid class so you can learn skills and knowledge in order to react quickly and correctly in a pet emergency

2) First Aid Kit on the Go!-Create or purchase a just in case pet first aid kit and leave on in the car. Putting together your own First Aid Kit will allow you to customize it to your four legged clientele and you will know what you have in you kit. Our friends at compiled a list of items to be included in your pet first aid kit.

3) Locate Pet Records-Make sure that you know where your clients pet records are located. Tell your new clients to alert their vet that you will be caring for their pet and also to have a credit card on file at the vet for emergencies.

4) Map out vet route! -Depending on the severity of the emergency sometimes every second counts so know where your clients vets so you can get to the vet quickly. Take time to print a map and leave in your clients file.

5) Wheres the closet vet clinic?- You should also be aware of the nearest vet clinics in your vicinity, the hours of operation, and if their is a vet is on staff during operating hours. Sometimes the vet is called in only if needed.

6) Transporting pet- If you are caring for large dogs make sure you have a way to transport them to the vet. It will be helpful to call a friend or neighbor for assistance if you are having trouble lifting a larger dog or have a guerney in your vehicle. When transporting & caring for cats make sure you know where clients carriers are located.

These tips are sure to give your clients a peace mind & make you confident knowing you are prepared for anything! Shop for eco-friendly, all natural & organic goodies for your new furry family member.

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