Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summertime fun means mud baths & than tub time. Product spotlight: Dirty & Hairy Repel Conditioning Shampoo

Summertime fun + your dog = a dirty & hairy doggy mess.

We all love a good romp in the woods or doggy play date at the park, but most times we find ourselves having to clean up after the fun. Fido tends to do his darnedest to get as dirty as he possible can.

Well fear not we have your little helper that can make bath time a breeze and at the same time help save the day next time fido gets dirty.

Drum roll please: Dirty & Hairy Repel Conditioning Shampoo, Dirty & Hairy Repel Conditioner & Dirty & Hairy Repel Natural Pet Spray Odor Neutralizer to the rescue!

We will be the first to admit that we love our adventurous dog Lola, but not her odor & muddy paw prints on the couch. Is your dog dirty and hairy? Does he or she like to run through the mud, frolic in ditches, and root through debris? Well, now there is a spa line created with the dirtiest paws in mind. Dirty & Hairy Green Tea & Lime Repel Conditioning Shampoo is made with mild, puppy safe coconut base. It gentle cleansing agents remove dirt and grime without stripping fur's natural oils. It will not wash out spot on flea and tick control products. Infused with citronella to repel bugs and fleas...naturally! With no harsh detergents or artificial colors. So, go ahead, make your dogs day spa!

Dirty & Hairy's Green Tea & Lime Repel conditioning rinse moisturizes short fur, and detangles longer hair. Made with top of the line ingredients naturally derived from vegetable oils, this conditioner has inherent moisturizing properties, to leave your dog luxuriously soft. Infused with citronella to repel bugs and fleas...naturally!

Dirty & Hairy's Natural Pet Spray is perfect for those days when there's just not enough time to bathe the dog! Infused with citronella to repel bugs and fleas...naturally! The spray contains proprietary odor-eater ingredient that neutralizes odor to keep your pet and house odor free. Has an invigorating Light and refreshing tea tree and lime scent. With no harsh detergents or artificial colors. Great news, like Febreze "its a breath of fresh air", you can use this spray on bedding, carpet & upholstery. Hey, you may forget you have a dog!

Repel bugs & ticks
Free of pyrethrin based pesticides
Human grade ingredients -safe for puppies and other pets


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