Friday, July 24, 2009

DIY: Make Your Own Frosty Paws Ice Cream Dessert for Your Dog

We came across a wonderful article on that gives an amazing recipe for making your own Frosty Paws pup-cream. We were so excited to find this recipe that we immediately, along with our dog got out our apron & mixing bowls. This is such a great recipe to make with the entire family, in fact humans can enjoy a bowl along with their tail wagging & happy top dog.

Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream

32 oz vanilla yogurt
1 mashed banana or one large jar of banana baby
2 T. peanut butter
2 T honey

*Use plain yogurt with active cultures, great for aiding in your dogs digestion.


Blend all together and freeze in paper cups. Peel away the cups & place in your pets dish to serve. These can also be made in a non-salt automatic ice cream maker and served like regular ice cream in a dish.

DO NOT freeze in ice cube trays as your dog is likely to eat them so fast he’ll choke!

We hope your pups enjoy cooling down this with barkworthy, drool-tastic & delicious ice cream recipe made just for them. Okay, go ahead you can have a bowl too!!

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Stacy said...

I love this idea! It's over 90 degrees here all week, I'll definitely have to try that