Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Key to Happiness & Health is Good Sleep: Tips on Buying the Perfect Dog Bed

Are you having another one of those sleepless nights wedged in between the Abominable Snore-man & Little Miss Kicks Alot? Has your dog taken over the pillow, stolen the sheets and there's no room for your head? Perhaps, as the "Top Dog" you're left grasping for the edge of the bed, finding yourself demoted to the floor while your dog stretches out in luxury and your significant other has sweet dreams.

Truth be told those sad yet cute puppy eyes makes it hard to say no, but know one likes their tootsie hanging off the bed. But don't be sad, gone all the days of solely banishing your dog on the cold floor, now he can sleep in the lap of luxury on a bed of his own. A place to call his own & retreat for a much needed power nap after a day of chasing squirrels is every dogs dream. With his very own place to flop, you won't be able to blame your dog for making you wake up on the wrong side of bed or on the floor.

With a summer packed full of fun activities & things to do, sleep is very important if you are going to keep up. Grandparents visiting toddlers & grandchildren you can relate. Reward your pup with a comfy place to flop so you refuel with some Zzzz's. Just like you, the health and well-being of your dog is not only dependent on diet & exercise. But it also depends on how much comfortable sleep and rest he and you both get. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect dog bed for your furry companion.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All- Just like dogs, dog beds come in all shapes, colors & sizes. So it is important to be mindful of your dogs “paw-sonality & sleeping habits when finding the perfect bed, since comfort is key to a good nights sleep for you and Spot. You should know that there are dog beds that can accommodate a variety of your dog's special needs. Heated dog beds and orthopedic foam dog beds are available and are excellent choices for older and arthritic dogs.

What is your dog's sleep preference & personality?

Curlers (aka Fur ball) They like to be securely enclosed by their bed, a bumper or cuddler bed will do. Your dog would love a Donut dog bed. If hey had a choice they probably would enjoy spending a Friday night curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, Kleenex & a sappy movie (The Notebook).

Leaners – They prefer the support of a back bolster and a sense of security. Your dog would be a huge fan of bolster beds. If this dog was human he probably would start planning for retirement at age 10 and have quite a portfolio to match (low risk of course).

Sprawlers – They stretch out in all directions like their care free spirit and you can often find them belly up. If you share the bed at night with your dog and find your self on the floor with a bump on your head then you guessed it, your dog is a sprawler. The perfect fit would be dog pads & mats.

Burrowers (aka Cave dogs)

They like to dig and hide which is their very nature and what they were born to do. So they are not alien to burrowing under the sheets or hiding under a stack of dirty laundry. They are probably adventurous and have been known by the pack as Indiana Dog. Your dog would love Nesting beds.

3. Your Dog's Size- The size of your dog is an important consideration, but make sure the bed is nicely padded for comfort. Whatever size your dog is, pick a dog bed that is slightly larger than him or her. This is to allow room for growth, especially for puppies, and allow room for movement.

So how do you measure your dog for the perfect fit?

Now that you have figured out your dogs sleeping preference, it's time to measure him for that perfect pure-bed just for him. So get out your cloth ruler or for all you resourceful pups who don't have a ruler a piece of rope will do. While your dog is lying down, measure your dog's length from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. Add 10-12 inches to obtain the best length for the bed. Add an additional 2-4 inches if your dog likes to stretch out.

3. Easily Washable-Make sure the dog bed is machine washable. Some beds require you to take it a apart for a good cleaning so make sure it is made of removable and washable materials. It will definitely get dirty and smelly, so it is important that you can easily wash it anytime. Make sure too that the material is appropriate for the dog's fu. Look for machine washable bedding if at all possible. ***Note: Follow Washing Instructions Carefully***

4. Location, Location, Location- Where will you put your dog bed? This is also an important consideration when choosing a bed for your pet so you can pick the right material. Some dog beds are more suitable for an indoor location like in the bedroom or living room instead of outdoors, like in a porch for instance. Climate and local weather are important factors to consider as well. Choose a dog bed that will provide warmth for your dog in winter and air circulation during summer.

5. Quality & Durability -The dog bed must be able to withstand Fido's fascination with chewing and his sharp claws. We all know dogs can be a messy handful so chose a bed that can weather the storm of Hurricane Spot, withstand the wrath of the Un-Decorator, and do battle against the Chew-minator. Picking a dog bed cover or bed that is washable and made of durable fabric is key. Also, for those who like to color coordinate with their decor there are many beds to chose from that won't be an eye sore but will complement your home furnishing. Your dog will definitely appreciate his own bed, space and little slice of heaven.

So say good-bye to the edge of the bed and hello to the sleep fairy. As for your husbands snoring you may just have to invest in ear plugs!!


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