Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Spay Day Everyone!! Fight the War on Pet Overpopulation-Spay & Neuter Your Pet

We have all watched the "Price is Right" and heard that famous quote "Come on down" by Bob Barker. But the phrase that continues to resonant a loud bark is his closing mantra "Help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered." Today is Spay Day, which is a annual campaign sponsored by the Human Society of the USA. The purpose of Spay Day is to inspire people to save lives by spaying or neutering your furry companions. Lets all stand together and fight the war on pet homelessness. Show your support by barking the word and getting your pet spayed or neutered.

Did you know that six to eight million pets are placed in animal shelters every year, and only three to four million find homes. So, you may be wondering what happens to the rest, well good question, but sadly the number is staggering. Three to four million cats and dogs are euthanized every single year due to overcrowding shelters & not being adopted into a loving home. You may find it surprising to hear that many of these animals were not born into the streets or had health problems. But where lost pets who came from loving homes and were not reclaimed or found. Or perhaps a dog or cat got lose from home and returned pregnant. The pet overpopulation could also be due to over breeding & unplanned litter. However, those that are not euthanized may suffer as strays having to endure starvation, disease, freezing weather or the possibility of being killed by traffic.

I am a firm believer of pet adoption and rescue and bark the word daily that pet adoption is the ultimate form of recycling. Rewoofing a shelter animal is the greatest gift you could give any family. Not to mention that every pet deserves a loving home and family. So if you are considering adding a new four legged addition to your family don't forget to first check out your local animal shelter.

If these numbers are not convincing then here are some healthful tips on why spaying & neutering is important. With spaying & neutering comes many health benefits that are worth sniffing into.

1. You can avoid the mess that comes with females going in heat & don't have to worry about unexpected pregnancies.

2. Spaying a female reduces her risks of mammary tumors, uterine infections and tumors in the uterus or ovaries.

3. Neutered male dogs tend to be less territorial and don't mark their spot by urinating as often.

4. Reduce a male dog's instincts to become "affectionate" with inappropriate objects. Let's start by saying that dogs not spayed give the term "public displays of affection" new meaning and aren't shy about it.

5. Neutered males are less likely to experience prostate tumors and infections, testicular tumors and perineal hernias.

So as you can see not only does spaying and neutering help fight the war on pet overpopulation but it also keeps your pets healthier so they can live a happier longer life.

Check out the The Human Society for more information on Spay Day 2009 and spaying & neutering your pet.

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Anonymous said...

Also kudos to non-profits that spay and neuter stray or feral dogs/cats. In Australia feral cats are an introduced pet species that wreck havoc on local marsupial populations. Instead of killing the feral kitties, local non-profits capture and spay/neuter them; nature does the rest in due time.