Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lola Dishes- Juicing Tips on What to Do With Your Extra Vegetable & Fruit Pulp.

With the beginning of the New Year comes resolutions and always at the top of the list is jumping on the treadmill, eating better (no more fast food), and being more active. Well, juicing is a great way to shed some pounds and give your scale a run for the money. The best part is that daily juicing is good for your overall health and gives you more energy. My parents have started there New Years with a daily juicing regime of local organic produce and are on a liquefying frenzy.

So, the question remains What to do with that extra raw vegetable pulp? Well I am here to give you some suggestions. My floppy ears stand at attention when I hear my parents in the kitchen revving up their masticating juicer, because I know the leftover pulp is for yours truly. Nothing beats the delicious taste of leftover organic veges (hold the pesticides please!!) mixed in the handmade dog food prepared lovingly by my mom.

She mixes it with my dog food as a great source of vegetable, vitamin, fiber and anti-oxidants. Not to mention its low in calorie and high in nutrients to keep my waistline trim and my coat shiny. Just make sure the vegetables that you add are not on the "Doggy Donot Eat List". Some foods such as onions, raisins & grapes can be harmful and poisonous and should be avoided. So, always do your research and ask a vet about certain vegetables & fruits your dog can eat and ones you should keep out of Fido's dish.

But for all you none dog owners you can compost the remaining pulp, make soup or bake my favorite dessert carrot cake. If your family is frightened & disappear at the sight of vegetables being juiced then perhaps the sweet aroma of carrot cake baking in the oven will bring them out of hiding.

For all you juicing enthusiast, Wha
t do you do with the extra pulp? Leave us a comment to give us planet saving ideas on creative ways or recipes to use the excess pulp.

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Unknown said...

How about peanut butter dream. My puggies love their peanut butter. Its the best way i know to get meds down them without any bark back talk.


Nadine M. Rosin said...

GREAT idea, Lola! I've always used carrot pulp for baking, but never thought of vege pulp for my dog's food. Thanks!

CT Mom said...

I'll keep the veggie pulp in mind for our two dogs ... my daughters won't go near a veggie.


Amanda said...

You can always use the extra pulp as a rub for meat. For example: put the pulp in your hands and rub into a chicken breast and then let the chicken rest in the leftover pulp for extra flavor. As far as flavors, my puppy loves berries! Blueberries especially.
<3 AT&T Amanda! said...

I make homemade "carrot cake" energy bars with the pulp from carrot-apple-ginger-pineapple juicing. It uses up a huge amount of pulp. To the pulp, I add a variety of nuts including pumpkin seeds, thick oatmeal flakes, a little salt, honey, whole wheat flour or bran or soy flour, 1/2 c. raisins, lots of cinnamon and a teaspoon or two of vanilla. Squish it up in a large pan until well blended. Let the mixture sit for 1/2 hour to allow the dry ingredients to soak up the liquids. Lightly grease a large rimmed cookie sheet and press the mixture into the pan completely and as level as possible. Prick with a fork in several places, to allow steam to escape during baking. Preheat oven to 300 degrees, bake for about 40 minutes, or until the top looks done. Remove, slice into bars. Let cool completely and remove bars from the pan and place into airtight container. No preservatives - but these don't last very long at our house.

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