Friday, January 30, 2009

Celebri-dog & Paw Luxury Spokesdog Lola Featured on Dogster Blog

As a proud member of my parents and I were honored to have my "mutt shot" featured on their bark-tastic blog. Yeah, aren't I adorable I guess even we everyday dogs need our 15 minutes of fame. They are calling me the celebri-dog, I can't help but to blush. I know you are probably wondering if I give paw-ographs, well I will happily oblige.

You see we are winners of the covenent Twitter Shorty Awards (aka Twitter Oscars) so being the Paw Luxury spokesdog I get to share the accolades. Now for the tough part my 140 character acceptance speech, WOOF, Arf, I luv u all !! I will have to sleep on the rest, perhaps I will gain some inspiration when I awaken from a happy dream of chasing squirrels. Don't worry no squirrels are ever harmed in my dream sequences, they always get away!!

So, all , my paw pals raise your paws this calls for a toast, in the dog world a chomp. If you were all here we could share a round of organic bones compliements of me Lola the eco dog. I'll just put that on the Paw Luxury tab. Thanks to all my twitter paw pals on dogster thanks for voting I share this award with you.

Hey, all you williamsport, pa pups send me some bark mail sometime perhaps we can get together for a meet & sniff at the park. I'll even bring my Zisc and some treats to snack on. Hey if you are not on join and we can be pup pals.

You can click to read the wonderful article

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Barkingly yours,
Lola the eco dog

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