Thursday, April 8, 2010

How To Treat Minor First Degree Dog Paw Burns

Dogs go barefoot 24/7 and can easily have their pads burned and injured from walking on hot asphalt, pavement, terrain or accidentally coming in contact with abrasive chemicals. So, its is very important to take extra precaution when caring for your pets paws and pads. Regardless of the extent of a burn these injuries should be treated immediately and not taken lightly. Do keep in mind that second and third degree burns need proper vet attention. Here are some tips to treat, soothe and heal minor first degree paw burns.

1. Cool Down! Gently apply a cold compress to the minor burn or submerge and soak your dogs paws in a soothing cold water bath in 10- 20 minute increments to take away some of the sting. When applying a cold compress or drying soaked paws its a good idea to use a soft towel that does not leave painful fibers stuck to the burn wound. NEVER pat your dogs soaked burned paw dry, this will only cause further irritation.

2. Clean the Area. Its important to disinfect the burn by gently and slowly flushing it with cool running water while using mild soap to help kill any possible infection. If your dogs hairy paws are getting in the way, gently cut the fur around the burn to prevent hair from sticking to the burn causing irritation.

It is always important to keep harmful & potentially deadly chemicals out of paws reach, better yet opt for more pet-friendly solutions. In the event that your dog gets acid or chemical burns apply a paste of baking soda and water instead of soap to help neutralize the burn or soak your dogs paw in a vinegar-water solution.

3. Sooth, Wrap and Heal. Then gently dab the burned area with an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. You can even purchase witch hazel, a natural remedy, at your local natural health store which is safe for your pet and provides a cooling and soothing sensation. Witch hazel is a anti-inflammatory & astringent agent, when applied can help sooth, ease the pain and heal the burn. Once the burn is treated, wrap it loosely with burn-safe gauze to protect it, keep dog from licking and help keep it moist. It is important to keep the burn clean, change the bandage often and reapply the witch hazel and antibiotic healing ointment.

**NOTE: If minor burn does not heal or dog is having trouble walking please seek help from your trusted vet ASAP!

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