Thursday, April 15, 2010

How To Organize an Earth Day Neighborhood and Park Clean-up

With Earth Day fast approaching its time to get this planet squeaky clean. One way to give back to the planet and community is by organizing a dog park, local park, hiking trail or neighborhood clean up. You can even plant some more greenery and trees. Here are some tips on how to organize a group of green cape crusaders on a mission to get this planet in tip top shape. So, litter bugs beware of the we mean clean green squad!

1. Spread the word and get your neighbors and people in your local community excited about the park or community clean up. Keep a list of those who had interest in helping out and keep them informed of the time and day of the big clean up.

2. Speak with local authorities to see if they have any neighborhood cleanup programs or initiatives you can get involved in or qualify for. Some municipalities allow free access to dumpsters used in neighborhood cleanups.

3. Select the drop off location that is large enough to accommodate cars and dumpsters such as a parking lot.

4. Scour the clean up site and get a consensus on the types of trash that will be collected, size and what recyclables will be gathered. Never let your wonderful volunteers pickup hazardous material or waste, instead leave that to the experts by contacting your local hazardous waste pickup service for the job.

5. Organize volunteers. It is important to divide the volunteers into groups, some will need to unload trash into dumpsters while others can be on trash pickup duty. Don't forget you will also need a group of volunteers to deliver recyclables to the recycling center.

6. Purchase supplies for the clean up such as heavy duty trash bags, gloves, signs, drinks and tools for collecting trash. Keep a first aid kit within reach in case of injuries.

7. Enjoy the clean panoramic view and reward your volunteers with a thank you BBQ or picnic lunch. Don't forget to recycle and pick up after the bash.

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