Thursday, March 18, 2010

Green Living Has Gone to the Dogs -Why Is Eco-friendly Good For Your Pet?

Green living is not only good for the earth but your dog. Besides lowering your carbon "paw" print and saving the planet there are many health benefits to using eco-friendly pet products. We believe its all about small puppy steps that in the end make a huge impact. Now you can be devoted to your canine and the planet with these simple tips.

1. Organic vs. Junk Food -Natural and organic pet foods use meats that are raised in sustainable, humane ways without added drugs or hormones, minimally processed, and preserved with natural substances, such as vitamins C and E. These holistic and organic pet foods are made with the same ingredients we would eat, such as human-grade chicken, turkey or lamb, rice, peas and carrots. They are also free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, chemical additives, artificial colors and flavor enhancers.

While conventional pet food (a/k/a junk food) contains chemicals and animal by products not fit for human consumption. Many of these conventional commercial dog foods can cause skin ailments and allergies, so read the ingredient labels before putting them in your shopping cart.

2. All Natural Chews-Give your dog all natural dog chew treats oppose to rawhide which is usually treated with formaldehyde, a carcinogen. Rawhide is not easily digested, so the dog may bloat, get diarrhea, or end up lodged in your dogs intestinal tract. Instead opt for all natural and free range chews that are not only safe but keep your dog entertained for hours. Our all natural odor free bully sticks dog chews do not leave your room smelling of a pungent odor. They are easily digestible, produced in approved USDA human grade facilities and come from free-range Brazilian cattle raised without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones & preservatives. Our belief is that if its not good enough for our dog, then its not good enough for your dog. So pet owners can trust that our bully sticks are the pinnacle of quality.

3. Eco-friendly pet products made from sustainable naturally grown hemp and organic cotton, eco-friendly leashes and collars both look good and are green. Hemp is biodegradable, strong, durable and hypoallergenic, and flourishes without pesticides. Hemp is naturally hypoallergenic so great for dogs with more sensitive skins and actually gets softer the more it is worn so is really comfortable for the dogs. In particular our Earth Dog & The Good Dog Company leashes, collars, toys and beds are made of natural hemp and dyed with natural vegetable based dyes.

4. Choose Eco-friendly toys made with non-toxic materials, like our West Paw eco-toys, which are safe for your pet to chew on. As pet owners it is our responsibility to provide our dogs with safe toys that match their unique chewing habits. With chewing being a favorite pastime for our furry companions it is important to choose toys that are safe to chomp or lick. Choosing toys made from organic cotton, hemp or sustainable materials will ensure your dogs health is protected and you have a peace of mind.

5. Bathe your dogs muddy paws the all natural way! Suds up Fido with all natural & organic shampoo and conditioners is a huge plus. The ingredients are non-toxic and safe for even this most sensitive dog. Many of our eco-friendly natural bathing dog products are extraordinarily mild, moisturizing, hypoallergenic, and free of petroleum or animal by-products, and keeps dog coat healthier and shiner. Not to mention made without chemical detergents, artificial foaming boosters, synthetic fragrances, colors, or preservatives.

While conventional pet bathing products can contain toxic chemicals you would normally avoid for yourself – parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, cocomide DEA, cocomide MEA, TEA lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol. Known for everything from irritating skin to contributing to a variety of cancers, these ingredients have the same impact on your favorite pet.

6. Clean up your dogs poop - American dogs and cats produce 10 million tons of waste a year? While over 4 million tons of this waste is not collected. So where does all that "poop-lution" go? Well, that's a great question, it either winds up in a landfill where it is mummified in a plastic bag. Or perhaps it's sits in your yard, at the park or on the sidewalks waiting to be washed into our sewers and waterways. It is said that 20-30% of all waterway pollution is due to dog waste. So, protect the planet by scooping up your dog business with biodegradable earth-friendly alternatives and retire those plastic bags. Plastic bags take 1000's of years to break down when thrown in the landfills and help to preserves that squishy mess. An eco pickup solution is Spike brand Business Bags which are convenient, earth-friendly & biodegrade in 45 days.

7. Natural Cleaners- Choose lemons over Lysol to make your home squeaky green since dogs have a tendency to lick everything in site including your floors & countertops. Choose cleaning products that are chlorine free, all natural and non-toxic like Mrs. Meyer's All Purpose Cleaner, Seventh Generation, Method, Ecover, EcoQuest and BioKleen just to name a few. For those of you who are ambitious and counting pennies you can go right in your pantry. Keep your home squeaky clean and green with effective eco- cleanings solutions like lemons, vinegar and baking soda that will put Mr. Clean to shame.

Shop for eco-friendly, all natural, organic goodies for your furry family member. We carry a great selection of Odor Free Bully Sticks / Dog Treats / and Dog Toys !

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