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Ask Lola : Remedy for a Gassy Dog - How to Prevent Flatulence in Dogs

Dear Lola: Sitting next to a dog with flatulence can be unpleasant to the senses. My dog Ottis has an unbearable odor coming from both ends. What can you recommend for Ottis gaseous smelly emissions?


DEAR ODOROUS OTTIS: Nothing says “Welcome” to your dinner guest then a gassy dog. That sometimes noisy, smelly odor can really put a damper on any party. Leaving your guest saying “Oh my goodness, what’s that smell”. As everyone sniffs around for the smelly culprit while scouring to the nearest open window for a breath of fresh air. Only to point the finger at, you guessed it...yours truly! Some may snicker while others may plug their noses gagging while you are embarrassed.

Unless, your guest have the record in holding their breath then air fresheners or scented candle may be in order. But even after spray after spray or wick after wick the smell may continue to linger, like a dirty pair of gym socks or unsuspecting stink bomb. So whats a person to do?

Although, this is an embarrassing truth, dogs and humans can get gassy after a meal. My stomach has a mind of its own with its incessant gurgling stomach noises and sound effects. Flatulence is caused by a digestive problem where the food is not being digested properly due to insufficient digestive enzymes, but for some dogs it comes with age. Keep in mind that gas is a natural part of being a dog and will never be fully gone of the sounds & smells. But you can take preventive action against those unpleasant odors by making them less of an issue with these tips.

  1. Exercise: Go for a walk with your dog. Exercise will mobilize the gas when you are outside and stimulate bowel movement letting nature takes it course. This reduces scope for gas release and offensive odor inside the house. Because when you gotta go you gotta go, and a gassy dog often means nature calls!

  1. Dog food and table scraps: Notice if you have changed or introduced any new food and do not give table scraps between meals. To many dog biscuits have been known to cause flatulence and induce gas. Choosing a premium all natural dog food that is digestible will make all the difference. Trust me your nose will thank you for it!
  1. No Soy products: We have all heard the song “Beans, beans the wonderful fruit the more you eat the more you toot”. Soy beans are high in protein but heavy to digest and tend to produce a lot of gas. Check food labels on dog foods to see if your dogs food contain soybeans. Avoid soy products completely so your dogs digestive system isn't compromised.

  1. Certain foods which can stimulate gas formation. Your dog’s digestive tract can be compromised from various foods such as: meat which is not fresh, your leftovers, beans, cauliflower, milk & lactose products, and raw vegetables. Since Otis is a gaseous dog it is best to avoid these food. In particular, due to the body's natural reduction of an enzyme needed to digest milk, dairy quickly ferments, producing large quantities of gas. Try lactose-free milk or an over-the-counter anti-gas enzyme, sold by veterinarians.

  1. Sometimes just eating fast causes your dog to swallow a lot of air. For some, the problem maybe overeating which causes undigested food to sit in the stomach for a while until a smell erupts from the other end, like old faithful. For those of you who have a household full of dogs, it can be easy for the pack to mistake dinner for a food eating competition (not your average Hot Dog Eating Contest). So, it is important to teach your dog some table manners, no need to get out the good china & sterling silver. I have been known to gobble down my food in minutes, leaving me with little time to savor the flavors. A good tip is to use a wide feeding bowl and crush food into the bowl before eating so that he eats smaller quantities at a time. Perhaps feeding your dog 1 or 2 portions of food per day, divide the daily ration into smaller portions and feed more frequently.

There is also a wonderful natural product that can help curtail a dog’s odor from both ends. So now you can breathe a sigh of relief. No really go ahead and take a deep breath, if you don’t believe me just ask my parents who can’t stop raving about Happytails Dog Smog Remedy. Whether it’s coming from your hound or your husband, nothing clears the room faster than those inappropriate gaseous emissions (IGE). Now Happytails has help for one of those offenders.

Dog Smog Remedy is dual purpose and gives you the power to quell the smell from both ends of your dog. No need to light a match. The all natural formula contains peppermint and fennel to slay the fire breathing beast but it’s more than just a breath freshener. Dog Smog Remedy gets to the guts of the problem with herbal extracts of dill, parsley ginger and bromelain. All of these ingredients help calm the bubbling brute below and provide a long-term solution to an embarrassing problem. Whether you use a quick spritz to freshen breath or add a drop or two to your dog's food or water Dog Smog Remedy is a powerful weapon in the war on pollution. (Yes it may also be used on husbands...but no sorry, it doesn't come in gallons).

Key Happytails Dog Smog Uses & Benefits:

To Ease Bad Breath and enhance the bonding experience- Your best friend’s breath smells like the road kill he rolls in! Dog Smog Remedy to the rescue! The peppermint and fennel help eliminate bad breath. 3 to 6 squirts (depending on the size of your dog) will solve the problem and help you to get closer without having to hold your breath.

Flatulence - If Fido got your bean burrito it’s time for a Dog Smog Remedy chaser. It will help alleviate gas, abdominal pain and polluted air. The digestive enzyme helps prevent gas.

Maintenance - Keep your best friend gas free, use Dog Smog Remedy morning and night OR spray into your dog’s water bowl to provide long term relief from those inappropriate gaseous emissions.

But you may be wondering if there are any side effects. Well you won't be able to blame it on the dog anymore! So go ahead fight the war on pollution on the home front.

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco-dog

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