Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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So instead of settling for sleepless and restless nights we decided to go right to the source for answers. We asked our spokesdog & eco-warrior for some gift suggestions and her top bark-tastic picks. Here are some of her favorite products and what she barks will be on your dog's top green wish list.

These products are just a few of some of our top sellers and tail wagging must haves for Fido . They are sure to make your dog be on his or her best behavior.

1. Polka Dog Organic Treats (retail: large Can $12.95, small can $7.95)
MeatZZa Feast ! This is the ultimate mouthwatering Meat lovers dream, finally a treat that is drool worthy. Your dog won't be able to resist, and neither will you.

2. Earth Dog Hemp Rope Toy ( retail: large $16.00)
Great dogs deserve great toys ! Earthdog Hemp Rope toys are terrific for tugging, throwing, and chewing. You can feel great about providing an earth-friendly toy for your earth-loving dog.

3. West Paw Eco Nap ( retail: Medium $53.90, Lg $59.90, XL $93.90)
Nap's aren't just for the young, old and sluggish, even the most energetic dog needs a power nap to re-charge. Reward your deserving dog with a lush West Paw Eco Nap, made out of you guessed it, recycled soda bottles. Now your pup can have eco-friendly dog bed and a soft place to flop after a exhausting afternoon of chasing squirrels at the park. The fun is never over, but eventually it needs a nap and with that extra burst of energy your dog will be ready to go for round two. So park critters beware of "Squirrel-Chasing Dog!

We have all heard the phrase "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". When taken in the literal sense it only applies to humans, this is just something the dog world can't reciprocate. Since dogs lacks opposable thumbs they won't be able to help us with that annoying back itch. s, relief is on the way for your buddy! An anti-itch aromatherapy dog spray that can be applied anywhere there's a little itch or scratch.

Still unsure of what to get your little princess or Rover. Just ask Lola she is here to give you some gift ideas. Just click on the Ask Lola tab on the side bar. She loves getting bark mail from her tail wagging fans and eco-pup pals. On behalf of everyone at Paw Luxury Happy Shopping Spree Sniffing!!! Shop for eco-friendly, all natural & organic goodies for your new furry family member. We carry a great selection of Odor Free Bully Sticks / Dog Treats / and Dog Toys !

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