Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Golden Years: Tips for Caring for Your Aging, Elderly, Senior Dog

Gray hair, aches & pain, joint stiffness, fatigue are all parts of aging. It important that our senior pups age that we make life much more easier & comfortable for them during their golden years. Here are a few tips to help with caring for that older dog in your life.

1. Annual Vet Checkup is key! Ensure that your dog is under proper veterinary care and has had its annual check up. Follow the veterinarian’s advice.

2. Eat well, Be well! Regardless of your dogs age it is important to feed him or her a well-balanced diet. There are so many wonderful all natural pet foods, supplements & vitamins made specifically to meet the health needs of aging dog generation. Many of the foods & supplements contain omega-3, which is great for alleviating joint soreness. Feed your dog more often with smaller meals, but be sure not to overfeed; keeping your dog at the correct weight is helpful to its general well-being.
  1. 3. Exercise at a slow & steady pace. Remember your dogs joints & bones ain't what it use to be, so slow down walks and let your dog set the pace. Be patient walks will take longer but should be shorter in distance. More short walks during the day are better than one long one. Dogs need to remain physically active.

  2. 4. Keep those brain juices flowing! Stimulate the brain. It is true that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Car rides, different scenic walk route to smell the roses are two easy ways to keep the brain stimulated. Another great way to stimulate an older dogs brain cells is with interactive toys made with senior pups in mind.

    Planet Dog created the Old Soul line with senior pups in mind. Old Soul Orbee-Tuff Ball & Bone innovatively address issues that every dog experiences as they grow older and wiser: reduced vision and snout strength, weakened jaw muscles and brittle teeth. They were specifically designed for senior dogs whose chewing strength and urgency have waned over the years, but who still like a good, gummy chew.

  3. 5. Gently massage your dogs achy muscles & joints. This not only helps with your dogs achy joints, but it helps the entire body & promotes the bonding experience. If your dogs yelps in pain from your massage or touch simply stop, if pain persist seek vet help.

    6. Groom me please! Its important that as dogs age that you don't let their hygiene & grooming habits go. It not only important for their health but their appearance & self-esteem. Add to your dog’s grooming schedule. Increased brushing helps circulation, plus dogs of an advanced age can’t take care of themselves like they used to be able to. Consider a summer haircut for a dog with long hair.

    7. Take a potty break before hitting the pillows! As senior dogs age they can lose control over their bladder. Allow your dog the opportunity to relieve itself immediately after eating, before turning in for the night and first thing in the morning.

    8. Provide a soft place to flop. Invest in a orthopedic bed that is good for dogs with achy joints. When selecting a bed make sure it is firm enough to provide support to the hips, shoulders, spine and neck.

    Cold weather and drafty living corridors is not good for any dogs, especially ones with arthritis. So make sure your dog has a warm sleeping, draft & damp free area to lay his head. One way to guard your dog from the cold is to keep his bed elevated off the floor, which helps to relieve stiffness and pain due to the cold.

    9. Purchase rugs. Put down lots of rugs on slick flooring such as wood laminates and linoleum. Dogs have trouble with the lack of friction on such floors.

    10. Is your dog having trouble with walking & mobility? Consider a harness or wheelchair if your dog is having trouble walking.

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