Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paw Luxury / Bissell - Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum GIVEAWAY!

UPDATE: We have 2 winners!
1st. Twitter.com/PlusSizeMommy Wins the Bissell Hand Vac, and #2 Twitter.com/KnoxvilleDoula wins the Bissell Upright Pet Hair Eraser.
CONGRATS! & thank you everyone for entering.
Stay tuned for our weekly giveaways!
Also thank you for the valuable ideas on how Bissell can go green. WOOF WOOF!

To enter follow the instructions below.
1. Follow us on twitter.com. Follow us here -> Twitter.com/PawLuxury and you can follow Bissell at Twitter.com/WeMeanClean

2. Leave a comment below with the following:
--->Why you would like to win this contest (be creative)
--->Leave a tip or suggestion for Bissell's ForeverGreenTeam for how they can go green with their products and packaging, etc going forward.

3. Retweet the following: Enter Best Christmas Giveaway @PawLuxury & @WeMeanClean giving away $170 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum http://pawluxury.blogspot.com

That's it. Just do those three steps and enter. There will be 2 winners, one for the Upright Vacuum and one for the Hand Vacuum. Contest ends 12/25 midnight. 2 Winners chosen by random number generator. 1st person drawn wins the $40 Hand Vacuum, 2nd person drawn wins the $170 upright.

Click to link below to watch this funny Bissell Pet Eraser Commercial that all loving pet owners can relate too. This commercial will have you tweeting WOOT (Want One Of Those) !!


Bissell's Green initiatives http://www.bissell.com/Sustainable_Design_Efforts.aspx

Bissell is getting a little greener everyday!! They desire to go green, and not just be green to be green, so they are making calculated long term changes to really make a difference and keep your home squeaky green.
Also Stay tuned for Bissell's Upcoming MVP photo contest.

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Stay tuned for Video Review of both Pet Hair Eraser Vacuums.
Rules: Open to US residents only, Please only comment 1 time. (1 entry per household)

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Anonymous said...

You weren't joking when you said that you had a great giveaway coming up! This is an amazing prize! :)

Our lovely doggie doesn't shed, but both of the humans do, maybe this would work well for us! LOL!

Lynne Campbell said...

We have two dogs in the house and they both shed...Sometimes more than others. This Vac would really help in the clean up department.

In suggestion on being green.
Use less packaging in marketing of the product.

Thanks for the great give away

Debbi Andersen said...

--->Why you would like to win this contest (be creative)Well I do a lot of craft fairs and every time I unpack and set up I seem to have a lil bit of my "Kids" with me every time lol I LOve them but not everyone wants a lil black fur with their candle purchase lol

--->Leave a tip or suggestion for Bissell's ForeverGreenTeam for how they can go green with their products and packaging, etc going forward. - Recycled Packaging, Ionic Filter and Rechargeable lithium battery

What a GREAT giveaway!Thanks Bissell!!

Beth said...

When I bought my dark furniture I had a schnoodle that did not shed. Now we inherited an English Bull dog and my furniture is a hot mess.

Happy Healthy Pup said...

Why should we win?
- Well, being a mom to two Neapolitans is RUFF! You've never seen so much drool. Big, slimy trails on the walls, floors and even the ceiling. Gooey globs of love on everything... But, on top of that, there's little Neo hairs everywhere! Like little furry blankets coating their beds, blankets, the couch, floor... everywhere! So, please, help us with our hair issue so we can move on to scrubbing the walls :)

- What can Bissell do?
Could you offer some sort of incentive for sending you back our old Bissells? Maybe you can recycle the parts for new ones?

Anna & The Neo Nectar Gang
Eros & Eudora (woofs!)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity with this great giveaway! We SOOOOO need this Bissel Pet Hair Eraser! We have a hairy Scottie and a shedding Boxer, and a light tan rug = Bad Combination! Besides which, our Boxer, Aku, is allergic to EVERYTHING, the poor guy is always itchy and the less dust and hair around the better it is for him!

Thanks so much!

BeadedTail said...

What a great giveaway! Why would I like to win this contest? Because with our 100 lb husky and two cats, there is plenty of pet hair that needs to be erased daily! That vacuum would get a major workout in this household!

The tip for Bissell would be to use less packaging and/or recycled materials in the packaging and also in the vacuum itself.

Hope said...

We have a bassett hound that sheds like crazy...even though she has short hair. I live in a house that was built in 1907, and dog hair is on everything in my apartment: furniture, clothes, my kitchen table, everything! There are little cracks and corners everywhere that dog hair just accumulates in...it's a nightmare.I would love this vac to clean up a bit...nothing I've tried really works. I'm a poor college student and can't really afford high-tech vaccuums. I would love this for my apartment!!

For going green: Encourage customers to carry reusable shopping bags.

Anonymous said...

I have a confession.... I owned a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. I loved it. It was wonderful. I was devastated when I inadvertantely let the vacuum brush tear through the cord while I was using the attachment on my couch. I didn't realize what was happening. My roommate, who is also my sister, still harasses me about it.

I would love a replacement, and I promise to take better care of it this time!

Maybe Bissell could offer free replacement cords for good running vacuums so they don't end up in landfills. Yikes, maybe they do? Off to check!

Franklin Regional said...

My husband has allergies and his only way I could talk him into getting a dog was if I made sure the fur was all cleaned up ALL the time. So This would really help in aiding me make my hubby happy and me happy so I can keep my dog :)

Bissell can use recyclable paper to go green when packaging their products and use like shrinkwrap instead of big bulky packaging ?

I follow you on Twitter, I follow Bissell on Twitter, I Tweeted the contest: http://twitter.com/PlusSizeMommy/statuses/1062258507

Lil Boo & Co. said...

Great giveaway! This would be SO helpful to our family - we really want to get a pet again, but my son's allergic...the doc said we need to invest in a good pet friendly vacuum and then we could get a new pet...how awesome would this be to win!!

I'm following you on Twitter now and tweeted about your giveaway!

My Twitter Username is: amommysmusings


Dorsi Diaz said...

Why do I need the Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum?? Hmmmm... well let me count the ways, one hair at a time. I have coveted having this vacuum cleaner for a year now. Why? Well just today when I swept our wood floors you would have thought that the wood and the carpet was made out of dog hair fibers, there was so much of it! We have 2 border collies and 2 chihuahuas and I am constantly challenged to keep our guests from leaving our house without their clothes covered in hair!! My sanity in house cleaning depends on having some type of hair control around here!
And tips for Bissell going green,hmmm....maybe another contest about what can you do with the vacummed up dog hair? Maybe make wigs, furry animals? or? Or how about some tag lines - "go green by erasing unwanted dog hair with the pet hair eraser vacuum - the less hair the less clothes washing and electricity to run your asthma machine!"
And I'm re-twittering this for all fellow twitterer's with pet hair issues!
So Pulleeezze.... save my house from all this hair!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Reasons why-
-I am tired of finding hair on my black winter wool coat.
-So my baby son will no longer pick up fur and "clean" the floors with his clothes while crawling
-My poor carpets and furniture need some major TLC in the way of a good vacuum
-Maybe with the HEPA my nose will stop running each time I try to clean.
twitter: iambrimful

Eco tip - Engineer your product so it will last longer with parts that don't break easily. If possible, use some recycled materials in your product. You'll have happy customers and there will be less junk in the landfills.

Adrienne said...

I've been followin' you since the beginning of time.

I tweeted.

What I would do, I have succombed to shaving my shepard lab mix because the fur has gotten out of CONTROL! With grandchildren on the floor, the pet hair has to be put in check, this vacuum cleaner would mean my poor Link wouldn't have to freeze this winter because she can't keep her coat to herself.

How can Bissel get "more green"? They have already been off to a good start. I would say keep an eye on the discharge from the vacuum and to infiltrate either canisters or reusable bags in all machines.


Unknown said...

I'm already following PawLuxury (auntiethesis) and I'm now following Bissell.

Our current vacuum we refer to as "the clunker". It's a nasty, noisy beast that causes two big dogs to go into apoplectic fits. They bark and lunge at the vacuum in an attempt to kill it, probably because it makes such horrendous noise. Either that, or they fear it's going to suck them up. They need not worry..the suck has long been gone from the clunker as evidenced by the dog hair I pick up from the carpet on my socks after I vacuum.

As far as a "green" tip...I'm not sure since it's been so long since I even bought a vacuum. I see from the Bissell site that 75% of their packaging is recyclable now (woof!woof!)as well as using post consumer recycled content in their manufacturing process (a "cookie" for them!)..I just wish they'd figure out a way to recycle this dog hair..maybe as stuffing for a dog bed?

Actually the thing that bothers me the most about the clunker I own now is the smell. If it sits with the bag in it, it frequently reeks of smelly dog. It would be great to have some sort of air freshing capability in the bag or vacuum itself.

Rachel said...

We'd love to win because the dog hair in our house (we have three dogs) reaches tumbleweed status quite quickly even with regular cleaning.

Re: green packaging- No need for everything to be wrapped in plastic- use recycled (and recyclable) cardboard instead.

my tweet

toohotforturtle said...

I need, and I mean, NEED this as I have two keeshonds and two cats. I have to vac at least daily, but still an occasional "tumbleweed" goes rolling past. Bissell could go more green by creating an attachment that allows you to reuse the swept up dog hair by spinning it into yarn. Doggie hair sweater anyone? Just kidding. Use less packaging and make machines out of recycled materials.

Robin said...

Hey - Great video. I would make a momma proud. Love that Lola. What a ham. Keep up the great eco work.

Matt Sidesinger said...

--->Why you would like to win this contest

Why? The answer can't be more clear. I have 2 Newfounlands and a Bernese Mountain dog (he same type of dog that they have in their ad). I am waiting for my current vacuum to catch fire like my last one did. Bissell will most certainly override my current vac.

--->Leave a tip or suggestion for Bissell's ForeverGreenTeam for how they can go green with their products and packaging, etc going forward.

Since recycling is most of the worthless because of the amount of energy that it required to recycle almost everything and get it to the recycling facility - you need to concentrate on REUSE to prevent another energy exchange. You need a strong refurb program and an incentive for people to send in their old vacuums, like a 15% off coupon or $25 off.

Carolyn G said...

Oh my we need this because our cats are like hair factories. We have cat hair everywhere. Our current vacuum is a mess. I think it leaves more dust then it actually picks up.

Anonymous said...

I NEED this because both my daughter and husband have allergies to the point we were given doctor's notes to remove ALL carpeting and have either just concrete or wood flooring. We have 4 terriers, they do shed and I have to wash blankets on the couches (bad for environment) more than I like.
As far as how Bissell could be more green, I would love to see them use recycled packaging, natural cleansers/soap, and environmentally friendly ink, as well as a recycling campaign for refills on their steam cleaning/soap products.
Retweeting contest now!

Jack said...

Great giveaway!

I'd love this because I can never make it to work without being covered in short, white dog hair. I can use the vacuum on my clothes before I leave the house! Or on the carpets I suppose.

As far as a tip for Bissell's ForeverGreenTeam, do more onlne marketing. It's more effective and adds less stress on the landfills. Glossy ads end up in the trash.

Kyle said...

What a great giveaway! Okay, here goes!

We just adopted our second dog - a boxer mix to go with the older white boxer. White boxers shed more than the abominable snowman.

We also have two cats that are long-haired. Hmmm, do they shed? I have enough cat hair off the drapes to knit a sweater. Do I want to learn to knit. NO!

And, here is the kicker, if I vacuum more than once a week my husband and son think I have a vacuum fetish.

At least one dog and one cat are sleeping with us at night (puppy not trained yet so a wet bed is not on the top of my list) - so guess what - you wake up, stumble over animals to the bathroom mirror, brush off all the dog and cat fur - and presto! a real human under there.

Seriously, loving animals means hair - but would love to win the Bissell or by golly by gee - the shaver is coming out! Ever see a naked cat? naked dog? human in the ER?

Going green is the way to go. I love the idea of planting more trees for every pet adopted through a shelter.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great cleaning product for dog owners. I use a Hepa-filter vacuum now made by another manufacturer, but it uses disposable paper bags.

Vacuum cleaner bags can get dirty and throwing away the bags is easy and convenient, but it also means additional paper and cardboard gets tossed into our landfills. The idea of an earth-friendly vacuum cleaning machine is terrific. I would clean more often.

Why would I like to win this contest? Because my Lola and Sammy (both dogs) shed and/or bring in dirt and other surprises from outside. They are a major reason why we have dustballs and other fuzzy critters hiding in the corners of our small apartment. The Bissel would be ideal for sweeping up the dust, dirt and pet hair!

It looks like Bissel already has many eco-friendly initiatives underway. What more could they do? They should definitely do more PR to let consumers know about their green efforts. Continue to reach out to consumers via blogs and social media tools to spread the message about green living and home care.

I'm not familiar with the entire Bissel line, but they should offer products that use only reusable bags, instead of the disposable kind.

Can the vacuums be designed to be more energy efficient? How about your factories? Do your employees recycle, and do you conserve energy? Do you dispose of toxic chemicals and materials in a way that doesn't pollute the earth?

Thanks for the fantastic giveaway and for letting pet owners know about your green efforts!

shweetpotato said...

Hubby has a dog and she sleeps in our room, I cant stand the hair and have started sleeping on the couch lolol...PLEASE help , she has taken over my spot in the bedroom :D Carm

Anonymous said...

With three cats in the house, we can finally get rid of all the "plastic" from our furniture. LoL.

We literally live like the family shown in the Bissell commercial for the Pet Eraser vacuum.

As for a green tip for Bissell? My idea would be to make the Bissell vacuums as energy efficient as possible. And to to put out PSA's on how families can go green easily.

Bissell should create green viral campaigns to spread the word.

Merry x-mas to everyone and good luck.


Anonymous said...

I just have to add that i'm really surprised (but delighted) at the number of contest entries by readers who have mentioned to do more online PR.

What does this mean? Is it mostly because mostly savvy bloggers are in on this fab contest? It is just interesting to me how many comments mention the social media (and or new media) space for Bissell and The Forever Green Team.

Very interesting and shows how hip we are to new media.

I hope Bissell is listening.

Superdumb Supervillain said...

We have six cats. Everything we own has fur on it!

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway!

And I am entering because the cat hair along the floorboards of my apartment could be collected to fashion a lovely winter coat!


Unknown said...

While it is not very original, I need this vacuum becuase (big surprise) I have a dog who considers shedding her second job (her first being eating). I try very hard, but every once in a while I even find dog hair in our food!

Anonymous said...

well first of all, that picture of the dog next to the bissell on the previous page looks JUST LIKE ME!! secondly, I leave hair everywhere, and i've begun to notice my mom and dad coughing up hairballs lately. and i think if i understood correctly they were complaining about how my hair was even inside the peanut butter container.

go green? filterless?
Thanks, Jackson the bernese mt dog.

Wendy (Sweetie) said...

Hi there...I added your giveaway to my site, Twitter! Tweet! Win! and it will also go live on 2 of my other sites tomorrow.

I Tweeted about it a little while ago. Great giveaway

Follow me on Twitter

Wendy (Sweetie) said...

I would love to win a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser because I am in desperate need of a pet hair vacuum cleaner. I have 2 long haired cats the trying to catch the cat hairballs as they tumble down the hallway is a daily challenge.

Not sure how Bissell could go greener but maybe they could use recycled plastic in their vacuums? Or maybe make the box from recycled paper. Heck, paint the box green!

Follow me on Twitter

Unknown said...

If I had a vacuum cleaner that actually sucked up all the dog hair I would probably pass out lol! I have three aussies and they shed all the time. IN the spring and fall they shed clumps. We have considered starting a new line of yarn using aussie hair instead of sheep. We own stock in lint rollers lol!

green tips, make it energy efficient to save on electricity, make the filters washable and re usable. all the packaging and labels from recycled products.



Anonymous said...

Super giveaway!!!

We have two rescued Great Danes and 3 rescued cats, and every week I pick up enough hair from the floors and furniture to make a whole new animal. I sure could this to help -- maybe I'd get enough for two new animals each week! :)

My green tip is to use less packaging, and make sure the packaging you do use is all recyclable.


Abby said...

We just recently got a boxer puppy and I'm slightly allergic to pet dander. The vacuum would help eliminate the fur and I can snuggle up to my pup without sneezing :)!

A tip for Bissell to go green would be to start an incentive program for sending in your broken or used vacuums. They could recycle the parts or use them for packaging somehow.

Anonymous said...

If you saw how much my dog sheds you would know I need this vacuum!!!

And suggestions on going green...use recyclable packaging for the box and any padding inside the box, use toxic-free dyes on the packaging, and improve a recycling program for old vacuums and parts.

Zippy said...

Clem, oh Clem, my dear, dear mini bull-terrier. That's reason enough. I used to breed & show old english sheepdogs, yes they had a lot of hair - but they NEVER shed all over the place like Clem does. Their hair would come out in clumps that I could just pick up by hand. I thought life would be easier with a bullie, but boy was I wrong.

Do we really need our vacuums to come in boxes?

Howlin' Hounds said...

We should win because we have two Basset Hounds, who shed constantly. Their hair is short, so it actually embeds itself into the furniture upholstery, carpeting, etc. It's like millions of little spikes that are difficult to get out. Not to mention when lots of it gets together and makes tumbleweeds that go rolling across the floor. ;)

Suggestion for Bissell - Use water soluble "styrofoam" in their packaging, like those packing peanuts that break down with water.

Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

My dogs shed, my kids shed, I shed, my clothes shed...

Bagless is ecological, cleaning the air is ecological, and I agree with the others that the packaging can be as well.


nape said...

I'd like to win the nifty Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, because I anticipate that the Obamas will want to visit me often. Though they are searching for a hypoallergenic dog, no such creature exists. I want Bissell to help me clean up after the Presidential pooch, so that the Obamas can breathe easy each time they're stop by.

Using both recycled and recyclable packaging materials would make Bissell's competitors GREEN with envy. I say GO for it, Bissell!

Generous giveaway. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love companies that are making an effort to be more environmentally friendly. What about using recyclable packaging, or even making some of the products from recyclables?

The Driftwood Collector said...

This would be so great for us! Fluffy golden retriever fur, watch out! He's such a sweet, affectionate boy, but the fur clings to everything and everyone.

I would like to see Bissell incorporate recycled materials into their manufacturing process - such as using recycled plastics to make components of their products.

nanja said...

This is a 2 dog household so shedding can be a problem. I would hope the Bissel Pet hair Eraser would solve the problem of hair being on me, on my clothes, and in my food!
Suggestion packaging should be biodegradable and the Bissel should be made from recycled material

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed the video and shall vote for you in the business category. I do not need to win, even though we have ten cats. But Daisy The Curly Cat and her little brother Harley should win. Their Mommie always helps at the cat shelter.
Bobby & Theresa111
"Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

Anonymous said...

we have 2 sweet but crazy rescue dogs. every time we pet them or they move, some hair comes off. hard to navigate through all these pet hair tumbleweeds. if i win i would first write our names in the layer of dog hair that covers our floors/furniture/bed etc. then i would go about the normal vaccuuming routine.
green suggestion? of course, reduce packaging and go paperless on anything where it's possible!


BaltimoreGal said...

I would like to win this contest because... well... I'm a shedder. That's right, me. OK, my dog is too but so am I. Her hair is short, black, and double-coat (lab/pit). Mine is long and blonde and comes out at an alarming rate- I have a LOT of hair, even when it's short, but I haven't cut it in over a year because I got my dog one year ago, and all my extra money has gone toward her. The Bissell would clean BOTH of our shedding- mine off the dark couches, and her off the light linoleum- beautifully.

Bissell's ForeverGreenTeam should work on making more bagless products with cleanable rather than replaceable filters, as well as finding ways to make lower-power items that work as well as the current ones. Even perhaps items that can be charged? Or partially solar/statically run? Of course, recycled packaging and materials is important. How about responsible shipping practices? Or a clean/green factory setting? All could be helpful.

Unknown said...

My DH is always after our son to clean up the 'puppies' that our German-Antolian-Pyrenees constantly leaves where ever he settles.

I'm all for less packaging. The box is great for storage, but dealing with the 'innards' is definitely a pain.

Anonymous said...

--->Why you would like to win this contest (be creative)

I have the most dogs! =D

I'm hosting four dogs, and that means four times as much hair (and doggy love).

--->Leave a tip or suggestion for Bissell's ForeverGreenTeam for how they can go green with their products and packaging, etc going forward.

Use less more efficient packaging. Amazon has started a great initiative to package things simply in recyclable cardboard instead of the old-fashioned cardboard+plastic. I think consumers care more about the product than the packaging.

Heather said...

Well, with two dogs and three cats and numerous fosters coming in and out of the house, pet hair is considered a condiment in our house. While we don't mind, our guests would absolutely appreciate it I'm sure!

On the green front, I would love to see Bissell start a formal trade-in or trade-up program to incent people to recycle their old Bissell and remain brand loyal at the same time!

Unknown said...

I need this vaccum for myself. I have long curly hair and with the amount that I shed, being post pardum, I'm sure it's worse than a poddle!

And my tip is to make biodegradable vaccum bags, or go totally bagless with your line.

valerie2350 said...

followed on twitter -
with 4 furry cats and 3 hairy humans, we need this!

Anonymous said...

Our yellow lab sheds like crazy much of the year, especially when she blows her undercoat after the cold season. Seems the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser should help us save our sanity and look less furry when we leave the house!

Bissell should continue becoming more "green" by making sure that all products are either recycled or recyclable, as well as non-toxic to the environment.

twitter: LindaSlocum

Geneva said...

I have a labradoodle that was a gift from a friend. I love her dearly, but.... you know how labradoodles aren't supposed to smell bad or shed? Well, she gets quite stinky and sheds more than any dog I've ever seen! Vacuuming is a constant in our house, and we need something that can do a great job of picking up all the hair that tumbles into the corners, sticks to the sofa, and seems to take root in the carpet!

As for going green, a solution would be to use recycled paper in your packaging and NO PLASTIC! Create as many products as possible out of recycled plastic, and find inventive ways to create powerful and efficient bagless systems. Offer incentives for returning broken vacuums to you, rather than sending them to landfills, where the plastic never deteriorates.

greg said...

We'd love to win because the pet hair in our house is excessive.

Anonymous said...

We just got a rescue Pug from PugHearts rescue and boy does she shed. It would be so helpful, especially because I am a photographer and wear alot of black (our pug miss betty sheds white hair, which means lots of roller tape which of course means waste) and my hubby is a surgical tech-no need for all that pet hair on his scrubs.

a suggestion on going greener? how about using wind power or alternative energy sources to power the factories that make their vacuums?

Cori Westphal said...

We have 2 cats. One is your normal, run-of-the-mill cat. The other, however, is a fur machine built like a porcupine (minus the pokies). He shed's I'd say at least a cup of hair a day. 1/2 of which comes out in hairballs. I'd love to be able to control the fur! Thanks for this incredible giveaway!

My suggestion to be green is to make refillable bottles of cleaner. Also, stop with the advertising! Make a nice display in the store especially for your products and maybe send out some coupons. Otherwise you know that we all turn the commercials off, right?!

Shamrocker99 said...

Why I would love to win this giveaway...we have a rottweiler mixed breed dog and a cat. We have to vacuum every day just to keep up with the hair that they both shed. You could build another dog just with our dog's hair! A vacuum geared towards pet hair sounds like a dream come true!
A green tip for bissel would be to make their vacuums as energy efficient as possible, but I am sure they are already working towards that goal!

Michelle S. said...

I would love to win, I share my home with lots of furry friends, all of them seem to shed terribly! In the carpeted areas and on furniture the hair just seems to STICK! I think this vacuum would really be a big help in keeping everything as clean as possible!

As far as being green, I am a big fan of less packaging.

twitter buckyandtux

Jennifer Willis said...

My boyfriend and I each have a dog, and they both shed. My dog is a Siberian husky, and she sheds pretty much all year long. I have dog hair covering my clothing -- even as it's coming out of the wash -- and embedded in the furniture.

I do love my dog, but living alongside these rapidly multiplying dog hair dust bunnies has gotten rather old.

I've been researching vacuum options, and Bissell is mentioned frequently by other folks living with Siberians. Such a vac would be a huge and most welcome help!

Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

Lisanne624 said...

I am in desperate need of a Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, because I have three indoor cats, and well . . . that should speak for itself! It would also be great to have a "downstairs" vacuum devoted strictly to that area of the house. My knees aren't what they used to be, and lugging my current unwieldy vacuum up and down the stairs is a bit of an ordeal!

My best tip on how to "go green" in the future is to use only recycled and recyclable materials in the packaging . . . and to use as little of that as possible. Out with Styrofoam and plastic! In with cardboard!

Sonya Cocherell said...

I would love to win because I have 3 dogs and 4 cats. All live in side. I have to deal with so much pet hair, it is pitiful. But we are animal lovers and they are all rescue animals.

On the subject of being great, I would suggest less packaging. I just throw the box away.

Anonymous said...

Why would I like to win? We have a long-haired calico and a short-haired tabby. When their shedding gets out of control, we shave them. The calico looks like a cow with spots and the tabby shows his pink tubby belly. They would really like not being shaved because the birds make fun of them.

Repeat on going green - get rid of the packaging. Whatever you have to use, let it be recycled/recyclable material.

Della A. Selner said...

I want to win this vaccum to replace the one Jack (my GSD Mix) knocked down the stairs. It was the only thing that finally "killed" my Bissel.

It had been hit by a car while vaccuming pet hair out of another car, dropped while vacuuming the ceiling (don't ask). With four dogs, two kids and my husband, I would recommend this vacuum to ANYONE whether they had pets or not. I swore by it so much that my co-worker bought one. I have dust mite allergies and vacuuming is a necessity! PLEASE PICK ME! I LOVE THIS VACUUM and MISS IT MUCH!

jadekaz said...

Wow! Your site is the best. I almost feel guilty (it's a fun contest) submitting my reason, but it is what it is. I have three great dogs (not to mention the cat!), but unfortunately the youngest, a 8 month old boxer puppy, suffered acute kidney failure this week. Tula's amazing and is bouncing back, literally, but she's still in the extreme danger zone so we have to give her sub fluids. When she receives them she gets nervous and sheds her hair faster than the snow coming down outside. She's strong and we'll get her a winter coat, but the vacuum will be for us.

The Consumer Queen said...

I now work full time and while moms away the pets will play! I have 2 dogs, 2 cats , 2 kids and a messy hubby. I could really use this!!!

I wuld use less packaging or use recycled products!

littlemidget said...

my 4 month old daughter is a mover and a shaker but so are my two JRT's. Because my dogs are always flying, shaking and everything else there is always hair everywhere and it is so hard to get up...so in order for my baby to be able to move and shake i need something to pick up the hair from when my pooches move and shake.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please let me win this vacuum. I have 2 rescue dogs - 1 beagle and one hound-mix (we don't know what kind of hound, but he's gorgeous!). Both dogs have short hair, but shed black and white fur ALL YEAR LONG! My carpets are now salt and pepper colored, and I've given up hope on getting all the fur out of the crevices in the house. My bed once had a red comforter, but looks more like its been covered in snow. It's king-sized and costs a fortune to dry-clean...vacuuming would be much more economical, but my current vacuum can't pick up all that fur.

As for going green, maybe Bissell can take all of the fur being picked up from these vacuums and have it sent somewhere to have clothing made from it...give to the needy. Also, there must be a way to re-use vaccum parts (not recycled). It seems to use just as much energy to recycle, so let's see if we can reuse instead.

Thanks for the contest!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Oh, I would love to win this - we have a Persian who likes to leave hair all over, it seems I'm constantly having to vacuum fuzz balls every time I turn around! Add to that our dog who also likes to leave fuzzy hair errantly about... And we're getting a new puppy in January - a Sheltie - and they shed like crazy! This would be so much easier than lugging my big heavy vacuum around to clean up pet hair!

Suggestions for 'going green': Eco-friendly/recycled packaging, and rechargeable batteries. :)

I already follow you on Twitter (http://twitter.com/SassyDesigns) and I'm off to re-tweet this contest! Thanks for the awesome opportunity! ;)

Merry Christmas!

Thinktink said...

My cats would like to win so that I would start allowing them in the bedroom since right now they are banned due to trying to reduce the pet hair in there!

I already follow both of you on Twitter!

Go green by reducing packaging or offering some "green" cleaning products for the Bissell carpet cleaning machines.

Anonymous said...

I would like to win because my "sweet" poochie, Bailey, likes to lay in my chair, which means every time I sit down I get covered in dog hair... ugh!!! I'm so tired of the lint brush hanging next to my livingroom door so that every time I leave the house I can leave clean. I also have a two year old who likes to play in the floor, but he's too big to keep contained on a blanket anymore, and has to change clothes about a dozen times a day so he's hair free. I NEED Bissell to save Bailey from being banned to the bathroom, where there is nothing for her to shed on. If I don't win then perhaps I could start combing our furniture and carpet and using the dog hair for pillow stuffing.

My tip... use recycled packaging and/or biodegradable packing.

Here is my twitter... http://twitter.com/ccswch/status/1077500635

Andrea Hatfield said...

I would like to win this because...

1. My current vacuum really doesn't suck,lol.
2. I have three beautiful cats that shed everywhere.
3. Did you know hair can literally get stuck in the carpet when you have a not so sucky vacuum?!?
4. I also cut my children's hair at home and it is hard to get it all up off the floor.
5. I am tired of not being able to wear dark colors without looking like I am wearing my cats!

I follow on Twitter and tweeted. (simplyandreah)

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win.
Merry Christmas!

GOONKA said...

WOW - as the mom to 2 labs and a golden AND 2 persians and a domestic long hair - THIS would make my Christmas. Heck! it would make my year!!

I'm vacuuming daily, sometimes more, because I suffer from allergies as well as my son, and now taking care of my grandson, I want to be able to offer him up 'less' animal in his snacks :)

I've seen it advertised, but was unsure as to whether or not it 'could' deliver. Again, winning one would make my year!

Amber P. said...

I'd love this vacuum for my parents-owners of three golden retrievers and lots and lots of hair! I always think twice about what I dress my kids in when we visit. It'd be nice not to worry about it anymore.

Bissell could use less packaging and/or recycled materials for the packaging.

I'm following you and tweeted about the giveaway! @ajpassey

Renee Robbins said...

We have a saying in our house with 4 dogs and 2 cats:
"Pet hair is both a garnish and a fashion accessory!"

We've had a Bissell steam cleaner for about 12 years and we've about killed it with our zoo, but it's been wonderful. I'm sure the Pet Hair Eraser will prove just as wonderful.

I think to be green, less packaging would be better.

Sherida said...

Love the video! Lola is such a ham! :) We desperately need to win, because as you know...boxers shed...a lot. So it would be wonderful to a have new vacuum to tackle all that pet hair. My environmental tip would be to use less packaging in the big vacuum cleaner boxes.

Troy Corley said...

I inherited our 17-year-old Australian shepherd mix Bryndle from my parents who passed away. She was born the same year as my daughter! This is her third Christmas with us, she is clearly a happy dog. The only problem we have is that her fur literally embeds the carpet. When we shampooed our carpets, balls of her fur came up. Add to that the fur of our cocker spaniel and cat, and well, we gotta lot o fur on our carpet and couch!
To Go Green Bissell could provide a booklet on how to reuse or recycle pet products, as well as its vacuums. Limit packaging while still making it sturdy.

valerie2350 said...

1) following on twitter
2) The pets and the humans in this house shed wayyyy too much -we need this! Tip for being green - continue making quality products that last
3) http://twitter.com/valerie2350/status/1078647091

Anonymous said...

I wrote a long, detailed comment and it never posted. So short version now:
1. I follow on Twitter as "Marinabroker"
2. I will retweet as "Marinaabroker"
3. I show dogs. Have 3 Poodles who although they do not shed, get shaved frequently. Cleanup is a pain and I don't like vacuum systems attached to clippers such as Ivac.
4. Green idea: Repurpose packaging which is biodegradable; i.e. Bag that then can be reused as pooper scooper bag

Durability My fvorite piece of grooming equip. is a Rapid Speedy dryer because it is durable and has a lifetime guarantee. Expensive? Yes, but I will always pay for quality.
If I win and product is useful I will spred the word in dog show circles; handlers, exhibiters, groomers.

FaVeMom said...

1. Following as FAIVECALGIRL
2. Retweeted
3. Because my family has sheltie cuties that SHED like crazy not to mention German Shepherds and a lab.
4. I think that if you package something up in a bag that is reusable then people won't be as apt to throw it away. So, package dog treats, dog toys, in a handy tote bag. Women can use them whenever they need a bag. (Which if you know us women we love totes)

Anonymous said...

I live with my Pyrenees mix, or should I say I WEAR my Pyrenees. I brush her, furminate her, still I go to work covered in long, white dog hair. It's embedded in my clothing, the furniture, my roommate's clothing, guests take it home with them...it's in every meal I make. Kind of like a prize "oh you got the dog hair, congratulations!" My trusty vacuum died the day before Thanksgiving and I've jury rigged it with duct tape and I truly need a new vacuum cleaner. I work with people with allergies and it's really embarrassing sitting across from them, covered in fur.

My green suggestion: Take dog hair that has been picked up and make yarn, knit sweaters? Everyone is talking about less packaging, thought I'd go a different route.

Following you as holistica. Love your tweets!

Cindy said...

My toddler drops her food, picks it up, and eats it. Who knows how much pet hair she has ingested this way. Probably enough to build another chocolate lab.

Green tip: Offer free shipping for recycling old vacs.

craftymamaof4 said...

3 dogs+ 2 cats + 1 allergic hubby = MAJOR NEED FOR THIS VAC!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can really use this with all the Newfs in my house! Anything to help with hair management!

I think you should use recycled cardboard for packaging!

Fedaykin said...

This is a great giveaway, if I win it I'll likely give it to my parents to help with the 2 new rottie mix puppies they got.

Rachael said...

I'd love the pet hair eraser ... I have way too much pet hair around here.

Anonymous said...

There are currently 6 cats and 3 humans living in this old carpeted house. 6 year old nephew often visits too. This vac would quite possibly change our lives, seriously.

As for green - use less packaging on everything, no unneeded plastic. Install low-flow toilets in your factories. Make sure your paperwork gets recycled.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I'm following you both!

I have 7 pets roaming my floors (and sleeping on my furniture, lol) - that alone should explain why I NEED this!

Can it be packaged with only 100% recycled packaging?

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

What an amazing giveaway.

We are house sitting while my in laws are doing volunteer work in the Ukraine for a year and a half. They come home in 6 months and we need to have the house looking like new. We weren't supposed to bring our dog with us, but after seeing Marley & Me tonight, are so happy we decided to bring our lab that just happens to be named Parley. Anyway... we literally need to erase all evidence that she has been here. The vacuum would certainly help us with that.

Also... I follow you on twitter. I will now go and follow Bissel. And, I will tweet about the contest.

As far as going green... I think there are many ways... offer a way for customers to turn in old vacuums, provide an incentive for going with online marketing programs (signing up to receive incentives, etc.), and encouraging folks in social media to get the word over the web to reduce the cost and use of paper for advertisements.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Donna said...

Bissell is a great company. We have a black lab that sheds, so I really need this.
My suggestion is to use biodegradable materials in the packing.

Anonymous said...