Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cute OverLoad!! Poodle Playing Chopsticks on the Piano & Guitar

Piano and Guitar Playing Poodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Funny video clips are a click away

This is such a cute & funny video we found on MetaCafe. Pappy the Poodle plays chopsticks when she's hungry, and Stairway to Heaven when She needs to be taken for a walk. She can even dance and twirl like a ballerina.

Wow!!! We have some talented pups out there. Unlike our dog Lola, this poodle would rather play chopsticks alongside Mozart instead of chewing on them. This dog is a "pro-dogy" or prodigy in human terms. AMAZING !!!

1 comment:

Donna J. Shepherd said...

I have a poodle who looks similar, but she doesn't do all these tricks. She's smart though - sometimes outsmarting me! Thanks for posting the video.