Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paw Luxury / Yoghund Organic Frozen Dog Yogurt GIVEAWAY!!! Enter Now

Hello Ladies, Gents & pups!!!

The great people over at have teamed up with us to offer you the chance to ENTER to WIN A FREE 4 pack of Yoghund Frozen Yogurt.

Here's the rules to win!
1. Subscribe to the RSS feed on our blog OR subscribe to our Newsletter Or Both :-)
2. Visit and check out their yummy flavors.
3. Visit and check out our Bark-tastic eco-friendly products.
4. Now that you've visited both websites,
Post a comment in this blog post below with the following information to be entered:
*Your dog's name.
*Your favorite product on
*And recommend a new flavor for a future Yoghund organic doggy yogurt Flavor.

NOTE:If this article has been re-posted, make sure you are posting your comment on

That's it - You'll be entered to Win. The winner will be chosen Thursday, Dec. 4th by random number generator. The winner gets to pick flavor of choice. Organic Banana & Peanut Butter or Organic Blueberry & Vanilla Bean.
(That's a full 2 weeks to give you the chance to enter.) Please put a way to contact you in the blog post or when you leave a comment it will ask for an email.

We hope you win a yummy 4-pack of organic doggy yogurt. This will be a perfect holiday treat for your doggy!

If you would like to learn more about Yoghund organic doggy yogurt - check out the blog post right after this one were Lola Dishes about how yummy this is!

Have fun entering! We hope you win.

Bark-tastically Yours,
Adam, Wendy & Lola (Woof Woof)

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Paw Luxury said...

This is where you leave your comment to be entered. Don't forget to follow the rules when you enter.

Here's the rules to win!
1. Subscribe to the RSS feed on our blog OR subscribe to our Newsletter Or Both :-)

2. Visit and check out their yummy flavors.

3. Visit and check out our Bark-tastic eco-friendly products.

4. Now that you've visited both websites,
Post a comment in this blog post with the following information to be entered:
*Your dog's name.
*Your favorite product on
*And recommend a new flavor for a future Yoghund organic doggy yogurt Flavor.

BaltimoreGal said...

My 1-year old pit/lab mix's name is Stella.

My favorite product on is without a doubt the West Paw Zogoflex Hurley. Tough enough to stand up to my little chewer!

A good new flavor for Yoghund would be Apple Peanut Butter since apples (w/ peel) are so good for them (Vitamin A, B, C & Pectin) and they so love peanut butter!

Debbi Andersen said...

I have 2 Chubbs(4 yr old Pit/Lab Mix) & Oreo (3 Yr Old Pit/Terrier mix)

*Your favorite product on Bella Creature Comforts Bella Bed Desert Rose Pinecone Brown 2XL

*And recommend a new flavor for a future Yoghund organic doggy yogurt Flavor. something Minty - I know both of my pups love the minty-ish treats!!! ALOT lol

Unknown said...

My doxie's name is Busy, he's a 3-year old 14lb little terror. (Only to strangers. To us he is the best dog in the world.)

Favorite product on the large hemp stuffed toy! Busy would love it. It's big enough and tough enough to keep him, well, busy.

New flavor: Busy votes for apple. He looooves apples.

Anonymous said...

Our chihuahuah/boston terrier mix is named Oprah.

I'm looking forward to trying Happytails Eyepack (Eyepads & Eyemunity) Dual Action Pack. Oprah has some persistent tear stains and I like the holistic approach.

I think apple is a good idea, but with a touch of bacon. So, "Smoked Apple Bacon."

Anonymous said...

My dog is Jpsie, a yellow Lab.

I like the Monzie's treats.
And I recommend tomato yogurt.

Tarot By Arwen said...

Wagatha's Tuscan Tomato & Herb Wheat Free Biscuits look yummy! And the Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed toys got all sorts of wags from our crew. The old man says he wants his peanut butter with carob while the two boys barked for peanut butter with vanilla bean.

I think the peanut butter is a paws up from all three.

The dogs are (in order of age):
Quigley, 13 yr standard poodle
Foolish, 15 month St Bern/Lab mix
Einstein, 7 wk Akita/Lab mix (he just joined us tonight as a matter of fact)

Theresa said...

My beautiful sweet Yorkie is named Heidi. She's slightly over six human years old.

My favorite pawlux product would be the Grrroom Dog Bite This! Oil Blend Flea Remedy at $16.00 We have such a problem with fleas every year, especially in the spring/summer/fall. We have several cats too. But last I knew essential oils were not good for small pets, so I'll have to check that out for sure before I buy this.

New flavor: CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!! That's her favorite, hands down.

Sarah S said...

I have a 1 1/2 Year Old Boston Terrier Named Spike.

My Favorite product on is the Salamander Squeaky Toy, but it would never last with my little guy.

Spike would LOVE the Yoghund organic doggy yogurt in Green Apple or Carrot. He loves the Banana and Peanut Butter one already.

B said...


Planet Dog Strawberry

I'm thinking Carrot-Cake Yogurt. Sounds yummy.

Anonymous said...

I have six dogs, so will pick just one: Charlie

Fav product is the Good Dog Peanut Butter & Jelly Treats

Recommend Yoghund yogurt flavor: apple & peanut butter

Anonymous said...

My pups names are Tanner (Yellow Lab) and Sam (Terrier Mix).

Favorite product on is Sojos Grain Free Lamb and Sweet Potato Dog Treats - these sound good enough to eat, like a Sunday roast!

Tanner and Sam vote on Peanut Butter Grape frozen yoghurt as the next flavor.

They would love to try some of the yoghund - we've never had any frozen yoghurt for them.

Amber R said...

Hi! My name is Romeo. My mommy showed me the sites and I LOVE the Happytails Celebrity Collection Travel Gift Set. Mom and Dad make me travel a lot and this would be the perfect gift for me. *hint, hint, Mom* I think Banana Pudding would be a great flavor. I am always trying to steal some of the real thing when my human brothers and sisters get some. Mom's e-mail is

Unknown said...

I subscribed to your RSS. I visited both sites.

Charley, Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff recycleBALL w/ Treat Spot
Flavor: peanut butter

Most doggies love peanut butter & pumpkin.

Natasha said...

I'm subscribed to your feed :)
Our Doggies names are Bailey & Wrex (German Pinschers)
My favourite product is the Bella Creature Comforts Bella Bed in Pinecone Brown/Canal Blue - my dogs are definitely burrowers, they would love this!

A berry blend would be great! My guys love strawberries and mixing them with the organic blueberries from the vanilla mix would add some antioxidents for them!

Unknown said...

I'm subscribed to your rss feed via AOL.

My dogs are Bo (Chow-mix) and Sasha (Black Shepherd mix)

Carrot and Peanut butter would be a good yogurt flavor.

My dogs would love the Earth Dog Hemp Rope Toys Large..they love rope toys best.

pestkaj said...

My Dog's Name is Davey
I love the Bella Creature Comforts beds

Dave would adore a nice cheese flavored yogurt- or better yet, cheese and peanut butter!

Troy Corley said...

I'd like to try the Earthbath Natural Hypo-allergenic Grooming Wipes on my cockerspaniel, Phoebe. She's very touchy about grooming1 I know she would love the Yoghund frozen treat. For a new flavor, how about peppermint?

Anonymous said... dachshunds just might like that. Yoghurt is the only dairy our oldest can eat. All others give him really bad, really stinky gas.

Anonymous said...

1. My baby's name is Lexxxi.
2. Heyyy, I could go for some of that banana/peanutbutter yoghund right now. How about a chocolate substitute (what's that stuff called?) flavor with some added valerian, just a bit now, for overexcited puppies?
3. I like uneek! I just love that name!

Anonymous said...

Our adorable, yet hyper, puppy is Rascal. He's a 5 month old black lab. Black as black can be and absolutely gorgeous!

I found your tweet on Twitter and came to your site. I just love it! We've never tried the Yoghund yogurt...actually never heard of it. So I'm excited about the possibility of winning some for Rascal.

Your site is great! We are currently working with Rascal on obedience training. I often say "he's a great dog, but with bad manners." :) With that being said, I'm interested in your Spot Organics Chill Essential Oil Dog Blend product. This just may work and not make me feel like a failure at times while in training with him.

I've enjoyed your site so much that I've subscribed to your newsletter and your RSS feed.
I want to spend more time on your site and will be making a post review on one or two of my blogs.

We live on 30 acres, so Rascal has a HUGE backyard. He loves to go hiking and retrieves everything for us. Lately, he has been bringing us various hoses and wire that he's found in the woods. I'm grateful that he hasn't brought me any snakes as of yet. Yikes!

He loves sticks and shoes as well. So, my flavor recommendation (based solely on Rascal) would be something woodsy with a hint of stinky feet. :) Hey, I don't have to eat it do I?

Thank you for posting on Twitter, as I would have never found you. Looking forward to learning more about you!


Chase said...

Salome, the five year-old English Mastiff thinks that the 2XL Bella Creature Comfort Bed in pink looks comfy and would match her pet's (toddler person)room perfectly,. She thinks yoghund should make something in Apple Cinnamon since apples are her favorite toy/food.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Dog's name is Elvis (also answers to Dorkdog) :)

Favorite product on is Grrroom Dog Mullein Flower Ear Tonic - our floppy-hairy-eared doggy has issues! ;)

Yoghund flavor - Apple Peanut Butter or PupCorn (our dog loves popcorn!)

Trinalina said...

1.) Karma and Bella

2.) Happytails Sleepytime Tonic Herbal Elixirs

3.) Strawberry/Banana and Vanilla

thanks for the follow on twitter, I love learning about various products for the spoiled pups!

Anonymous said...

1. My 8 yr old mutt's name is Soleil
2. the West Paw Zogoflex Hurley is an awesome toy for her, as it's virtually indestructable - and has a great name! I think the artichoke toy would be amusing as well, only because she hates anything resembling a vegetable
3. I'd vote for a carob-peanut butter -banana mix as the next yogurt flavor. Either that or chicken (Soleil told me to vote for that last flavor)

Ruth said...

Kasey, our German Shepherd Mix rescue, says her favorite is the Ma Snax Banana Oatmeal & Carob Chips Biscuits. She drools uncontrollably when someone peels a banana. That being said, she'd also love some peanut butter banana flavored yogurt!

Lisa said...

My dog would love this!
Your dog's name: Patience a rescued Great Pyrenees/Lab, she was abused and is the most loving dog you will ever meet! And she loves stuff like this!

*Your favorite product on I love the Earth Dog Indi Decorative Adjustable Hemp Collar

*And recommend a new flavor for a future Yoghund organic doggy yogurt Flavor.: Carob or pumpkin

Anonymous said...

Subscribed to the newsletter!

*My precious pup is a Springer Spaniel Mix and her name is Madelyn

*Favorite item - Blue and Orange Orbee Tuff Tug (Maddy would LOVE this!)

*Flavor recommendation - I think anything with Apple would be a big hit! Apple Peanut Butter sounds GREAT! I know my dog would eat it!

Thanks for the chance to enter!

Unknown said...

From Alaska - A great treat for a lead dog is what this sounds like! Look forward to trying this product out.

Follow you on Twitter :)


JaK Random Art said...

My dog's name is Barney

I think the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Artichoke w/ Treat Spot is the cutest toy I have ever seen :)

I think he would love a banana, carob, peanut butter yoghund flavor!

Anonymous said...

Both our cat and our dog luv, luv, LUV yogurt - frozen or not!

* Griffin is a schnauzer/cocker mix

* I think both boys would love the peanut butter & banana. For a new flavor, I'd suggest something with apples as my pupster loves his apples.

* I've been dying to try some eco-friendly doggie bags so I'm eyeing those Spike Brand Biodegradable Business Bags