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Lola Dishes: Healthy & Droolworthy Recipes, Food Reviews, News, Videos, Q&A , Giveaways and More!!!

Hello Everyone & Welcome to my Kitchen,

Thanks for tuning in to my blog and subscribing. I am so excited to introduce my new blog series titled "Lola Dishes". If you haven't guest it by now I am a true foodie and connoisseur of gourmet treats. Like many dogs, gobbling up food is one of my many hidden talents and specialties. As the official battered bowl lick and crumb sweeper in my household I take my job very seriously. As they say "Waste not".

If I am not outdoors playing fetch or joining in a fun game of hide & seek with squirrels, often times you can find me in the kitchen alongside my Sous Chefs dishing up savory meals. Some of my favorite pass times include relaxing & napping on my eco-nap with a good recipe book or tuning into Food Network (perhaps, you may even see me as a contest on The Next Food Network Star- so move over Bobby Flay). A warm home cooked meal (at room temperature of course) and scrumptious organic treat always gets my tail wagging and my tummy smiling.

What is "Lola Dishes"

It is a column by me that dishes out healthy, droolworthy, nutritious recipes, cookbook reviews, answering dog readers cooking dilemmas, showcasing bark-worthy foodie topics, food news, videos, pics and nutrition. Last, but of course not least, the highlight of my day will be spooning up tasty reviews on some of my favorite & yummy dog products. Drum roll please..... we will also be hosting bark-tastic product review giveaways for some of these edible and kitchen worthy green goodies, so tune in to be a lucky winner. As well as, cooking up recipes submitted by me or our readers (that's you!!!). Many of the healthy and organic recipes submitted will be cooked firsthand by me, honorary Top Chef with the help of Sous chefs (aka mom & dad). So you can submit recipes, heartfelt stories in the kitchen with Fido, videos, photos and more for possible inclusion at Hey perhaps, your dog will be the lucky one featured as Top Dog Chef of the Week!!

We hope you tune in for some fun and gooood food! My hope is that my column will get you excited about cooking and that the thought of a good bowl of dog food will get your dogs mouth watering (you included). As Food Network Paula Dean would say "Best Dishes !!! "

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog (Top Doggie Chef)

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Now, that I've introduce myself its on to the tasty part of my day!!! But lets start out with a riddle. Whats cold to the touch, loves to be licked and bound to put that pup on his or her best behavior? (Jeopardy music please!!) You've guessed it, "What is ice cream for $100 Alex". Every dog loves to share a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream with their owner once in a while, but as always beware of death by chocolate. So, what if I told you their is a frozen dessert made just for your pup that is not only taste good, but healthy and forgiving on the waistline. As for all you allergy prone sensitive pups like me, you haven't forgotten. Rejoice and bark to the hill tops, because you can have your ice cream and lick it too. Now, that's music to my lips and belly!! Mr. and Mrs Frosty Paws can enjoy a yummy & organic gourmet treat made with your dog in mind.

Yoghund is a digestive friendly, premium, high quality and organic frozen yougurt for dogs made with the best USDA certified organic ingredients. No matter how much you sniff and dig you won't find any of that bad stuff, only the best for your pup.

Why is this green and worth barking about?
*Free from chemical, antibiotic and hormone additives

*Made from USDA certified organic ingredients.
*Promotes sustainability
*Made from chemical and pesticide-free farming practices.
*Made from honest yogurt, these “good bacteria”, called probiotics, aid the digestive and immune systems. They also aid in nutrient absorption for a healthier, happier dog.
*Recyclable and Recycled- Packging made made from 100% recycled materials and are processed chlorine-free. In the event that your dog accidentally ingests the cup during a feeding frenzy, been their done that. So good news the paper cups are safe.

Yoghund comes in 2 delicious flavors Organic Banana & Peanut Butter or Blueberry & Vanilla Bean. You may be wondering what is my fav flavor, well I go loco for bananas and peanut butter. The last lick always keeps me wanting more!!! These flavors are sure to be tailwagging crowd pleasures and if you had a taste you would agree. Don't be fooled just because it says its made for dogs doesn't mean you can't have a spoonful !!! So, I dare you to try a mouthful, trust me you are going to love every bite or lick. But don't forget to pass the spoon around and share! Or in your dogs case the cup around.

Rating (scale 0-2 paws)
0= yucky poo!!
=okay (not on cloud 9)
= 2 paws ups, drool worthy!!

Yoghund Rates: (a must buy & try!!!)

Suggested retail price for a 3.5 oz.
single cup is $2.00.
4-pack box is $5.99.

Here is an adorable video of a boxer with a cup of Yoghund and just one of the many adoring tail wagging fans. By the amount of frozen yogurt on his face you can tell he is enjoying himself and in the Yoghund zone, this is truly doggy heaven. Isn't this clip cute and priceless !!! If you thank so Digg it and past it on.

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