Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Safety Tips for Hiking & Camping with Your Dog- Series PART 2 of 3

Camping with your dog can be a fantastic bonding experience. It's always fun to explore the great outdoors and see the world through your dogs eyes. Dogs are so much more in tuned to the environment.

So, while you and your dog are experiencing hiking bliss on the trails and sitting around an open fire. Just remember that preparing for the adventure is part of the fun. As our 3 part series on camping & hiking with your adventurous hound continues, here are a few more tips to keep in mind.

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7. Leaflets three, let it be:

Certain plant life found in the wilderness, such as cactus, nettles and poison ivy, the most common, can irritate and cause injury to your pet's skin. These are plants that your curious dog should avoid . Unsure of what poison ivy look likes well here is a tip from my "Girl Snout" days. Poison Ivy is a "hairy" vine that grows up a tree and have stems with 3 leaves. You may have heard the old saying, "Leaflets three, let it be". Well, be weary because getting an itchy rash is no fun. So please don't use it as toilet ply, better yet bring your own roll!

8. Pick-up Squishy Mess:
Leaving your dogs #2 business on the ground & trails is dangerous to the environment, especially near water sources, and it makes a bad impression on other hikers -not to mention their boots. No one like to be the reason for unhappy campers. Biodegradable waste bags such as
Spikebrand Business Bags is good eco-friendly alternatives.

9. Tag you’re it:
Make sure your pet has proper identification in the event she becomes lost. A collar I.D. tag that contains a cell phone number where you can easily be reached is essential. Getting a micro-chip is a painless way to keep track of your dog.

10. No Camouflage:
Extra precaution should be taken when hiking during various hunting seasons. Bright or reflective pet clothing will help your pet stand out from the natural environment. You should wear some too.

11. Hiking Etiquette:
Be considerate and share the trail with others. Be aware that some hikers may become anxious or scared if they see a pet on the loose without its owner nearby, so leash up.

12. Hydrate with Clean Water:
Staying hydrated is key and just as important for your dog as it is for you, so bring a clean water supply on your hike. In fact, because their body temperature is higher to begin with. Trust me hiking in a full fur coat in scorching temperatures is not pleasant and like me dogs are quicker to overheat than people. Heat exhaustion and stroke can be fatal. Because dogs don't have sweat glands, we are prone to heatstroke in very warm conditions and pant to cool ourselves down. Make sure you carry enough water for you and your pet and take adequate rest breaks and drink often.

**Be aware that some water resources such as ponds & streams are not safe to drink from and may contain harmful parasites or toxins
. So bring a clean supply, its better to be safe than sorry. Dog Hydration Systems hiking dogs to carry their own water supply. Some people teach their dogs to drink from a squirt bottle, while others bring along a collapsible water dish. The SIGG Bottle is eco-friendly and great for carrying water on a hike!

If you notice your dog running from shady spot to shady spot, panting excessively or becoming red in the gums, stop and cool him down. Gently pouring water on the stomach and groin area is a good technique.

If you have not been able to read part 1 of our 3 part series on hiking with your dog just click on the link. So go ahead explore the starry nights & sunny skies of the great outdoors with that deserving dog in your life! Leave a comment and tell us a fun memory or story you and your dog have shared in the great outdoors.

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Anonymous said...

My friend and I went camping with out dogs at San Onofre, California! We had a small tent, and we had just settled down for the night when a rowdy and loud group pulled in next to us. My dog, Katie, a Great Pyr, went nuts and took down the whole tent dragging it with her to see what the commotion was next door! Last camping trip for me! And definitely for Katie!

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