Friday, February 27, 2009

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Must Reads for Dog Lovers & Paw-Pals.

This week Lola the eco-dog reviewed the book:

"Dog Park Dairy"
Authors: by Kim Pearson, photographs by Anne Lindsay
Paw Rating:
Published by: Primary Sources Books, imprint of Wyatt-MacKenzie
Cost: $17.95

Lola's "Woof Review":

One of my favorite things to do as a dog besides eat, sleep, play fetch is to go to the park and chase squirrels and go on a sniffing scavenger hunt. It is always so much fun to go to the park with my parents there is always so much to see, do, and of course smell. Going to the park is a great way to socialize and explore nature. So, when I came across this book I new it was a book after my own heart. It is a wonderful tail of one dogs day at the park and the paw pals he meets. No longer do you humans need to wonder what we are thinking just read the this bark worthy read into the secret lives (not a secret anymore) of us pups. This book is filled with so much drama and suspense it will have you on the edge of your seat wondering whats next and who Goody will meet. She teaches proper dog ettiquette on the meet & sniff greeting. This book teaches dogs and humans the dos and don'ts of socializing, it is always important to know what furry canines are friends or foe. So, But you have to read to find that one out.

Brief Synopsis: Meet Goody Beagle. Every day she goes to the Dog Park, where she sees her friends and finds out what's up. They chase balls and each other. They wrestle and play tug. They sniff butt. They enjoy being dogs.

An opinionated beagle visits her local dog park every day and records what happened -- who was there, what they did, what they said and thought, what games they played, and especially what they smelled.

Goody Beagle brought her human with her to write it all down, and invited a photographer to come along too, to capture the dogs of the dog park in pictures. It's a doggy soap opera come to life!

If you have a dog and visit your local dog park, you will recognize the inter-canine dynamics on every page. If you don't have a dog, reading this book might motivate you to visit one, just so you can experience the drama of what goes on there.

You may never smell things in the same way again.

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Is Your Dog a Digger? Guest Blogger Ask Spike Give You Reasons Why & Tips !!

Here is another wonderful guest post by my friend and dog blogger Spike (the brains behind about diggers. If you are a anything like me then like all dogs you probably love to dig and have been caught in the act with a bad case of muddy paws. Digging is just something with canines love to do, especially when we are playing hide & seek with Peter Cotton Tail and his family of rabbits. My mom always says "Lola you are going to dig a path all the way to China".

Well, if you have a four-legged dirt digger in your life who spends most of their time digging large holes or pits in your backyard then this is a must read. I guess if I ever need to make a few extra bones I can always get a job as an official dishwasher or perhaps a career as a gravedigger. Its nice during these tough times that we canines have something to fall back on. So Spike without further ado take it away sir!!

Does your dog like to dig either inside or outside of your home? I want to start off with a few reasons that we dig, and then I will delve a little further into each of them.

Several reasons excessive digging:

  • Out of boredom or due to anxiety
  • To form a den in which to give birth
  • To create a cool place to lay
  • To seek out prey, like rats, rabbits, and bugs.
  • To “help” the pack leader-you. Dogs see their people dig and plant in their gardens and yards. Some dogs use that observation, coupled with a strong desire to offer assistance, to dig things for you.
I have written a lot about how dogs are pack animals and require time with their pack, you and your family. If they do not get that time, they can get bored and that usually leads to some anxiety about not “fitting in.” If you have a dog already, ask yourself, “Why did I get a dog?” If you are considering one for the first time, look introspectively about why you want to get one. You may have wanted the dog initially, but figured out that owning a dog is a pretty big responsibility, so you gave the dog to your yard. I have never heard a yard ask for a dog!

Intact female dogs are notorious diggers. They dig in order to create a den where they plan to eventually give birth. This is easily fixed by having your dog spayed. Not only will it help address the digging, it can be of great health benefit, as well as a positive way to help fight the dog overpopulation epidemic in the United States. Did you know that there are currently over 250,000 homeless dogs and cats on right now looking for homes?

When it is hot outside, dogs know that the best place to be is inside with the air conditioning. I know that is where I stay. Since that is not always possible, dogs will dig a hole into the cooler ground in order to escape the heat. After awhile, that hole may become too warm, so they have to dig another place to cool off. On a long, hot August day, this digging could last all day.

Certain breeds of dog were bred to root and dig in an effort to seek out prey. They may be digging to flush out crickets, roaches, rabbits, rats, or snakes. Once the prey is visible and accessible, the chase is on. If the prey escapes, no problem. Your little hunter will simply begin looking and digging for another victim!

On really nice weekend days, humans like to have their dogs with them as they dig around in the yard or garden, as they can both enjoy good weather. Keep in mind, dogs do not understand why a human is outside digging in the dirt. What we see is a person digging and burying. Does this remind you of anything? We LOVE to dig and bury, because it is FUN. So, when we see you having so much fun with your digging and burying, we are only trying to help out. See? We can save you the time of digging it up again. When you get ready to play the game again, you will not have to dig it up, just bury it! We will be happy to take care of the digging part. Nonetheless, it is probably a good idea for your dog not to see you bury something, since they may want to dig it up for you.

How can we solve this digging problem? One suggestion that I have seen work very well is to buy a sand box, however do not fill it with sand. The cats would take it over as the community litter box. To keep it cat poop free, fill it with dirt. Within that dirt, bury some tasty treats, toys, and bones. Once it is ready to go, go outside with your dog, where you can both dig in the dirt. As he finds the buried treasures, praise him and give him an extra treat every time he finds one. Your dog will soon learn that it is no fun to dig anywhere but in the box with you, because that is where the treasures and treats are.

Another suggestion will take some effort and some spying. First, buy a really loud, annoying air horn. Then, let your dog outside while you remain inside spying on him or her. Make sure that your “spying window” is open. When your dog gets within a few feet of an area you do not want him in, blow the horn out the window! Make sure that you do not let your dog see you blowing the horn. The more you do this, the more your dog will come to believe that a loud, obnoxious noise is in charge of this area, and he will move on to a quieter place to play.

It is very important that you do not punish your dog should you catch him digging. Also, do not make him stay outside in the yard as a “time out” in response to bad behavior.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#woofwednesday - Twitter goes to the dogs, and pet lovers

#woofwednesday .... what's #woofwednesday you may ask.

We at @PawLuxury thought up #woofwednesday because pets and pet owners deserve to have a little fun and meet new great twitter people too.

#woofwednesday is very similar to #Followfriday with one main difference.

#woofwednesday is all about recommending the great pets on twitter and the ones who love pets, Blog/Video about pets to your other twitter friends.

There are some wonderful people on twitter, and we've made some lasting friendships on twitter. #woofwednesday is all about sharing those paw-pals and meeting new paw-pals.

To participate simply send a tweet out with the hashtag #woofwednesday followed by the list of great paw-pals and paw-people you recommend.

Here is a sample tweet:

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Happy Spay Day Everyone!! Fight the War on Pet Overpopulation-Spay & Neuter Your Pet

We have all watched the "Price is Right" and heard that famous quote "Come on down" by Bob Barker. But the phrase that continues to resonant a loud bark is his closing mantra "Help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered." Today is Spay Day, which is a annual campaign sponsored by the Human Society of the USA. The purpose of Spay Day is to inspire people to save lives by spaying or neutering your furry companions. Lets all stand together and fight the war on pet homelessness. Show your support by barking the word and getting your pet spayed or neutered.

Did you know that six to eight million pets are placed in animal shelters every year, and only three to four million find homes. So, you may be wondering what happens to the rest, well good question, but sadly the number is staggering. Three to four million cats and dogs are euthanized every single year due to overcrowding shelters & not being adopted into a loving home. You may find it surprising to hear that many of these animals were not born into the streets or had health problems. But where lost pets who came from loving homes and were not reclaimed or found. Or perhaps a dog or cat got lose from home and returned pregnant. The pet overpopulation could also be due to over breeding & unplanned litter. However, those that are not euthanized may suffer as strays having to endure starvation, disease, freezing weather or the possibility of being killed by traffic.

I am a firm believer of pet adoption and rescue and bark the word daily that pet adoption is the ultimate form of recycling. Rewoofing a shelter animal is the greatest gift you could give any family. Not to mention that every pet deserves a loving home and family. So if you are considering adding a new four legged addition to your family don't forget to first check out your local animal shelter.

If these numbers are not convincing then here are some healthful tips on why spaying & neutering is important. With spaying & neutering comes many health benefits that are worth sniffing into.

1. You can avoid the mess that comes with females going in heat & don't have to worry about unexpected pregnancies.

2. Spaying a female reduces her risks of mammary tumors, uterine infections and tumors in the uterus or ovaries.

3. Neutered male dogs tend to be less territorial and don't mark their spot by urinating as often.

4. Reduce a male dog's instincts to become "affectionate" with inappropriate objects. Let's start by saying that dogs not spayed give the term "public displays of affection" new meaning and aren't shy about it.

5. Neutered males are less likely to experience prostate tumors and infections, testicular tumors and perineal hernias.

So as you can see not only does spaying and neutering help fight the war on pet overpopulation but it also keeps your pets healthier so they can live a happier longer life.

Check out the The Human Society for more information on Spay Day 2009 and spaying & neutering your pet.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twitter's 1st Scavenger Hunt Goes to the Dogs !

Twitter's 1st scavenger hunt goes to the dogs... #barkhunt TONIGHT 9-10pm est, 12 unique prizes, checkout for official rules & to join in on the fun!!

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From all of us Happy Hunting & Sniffing !!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth- It is Mandatory for a Healthy Pet! Guest Post by Cain & Able

Meet the tooth-brushing clean machine team of Cain & Able Collection, they are all about barking the word about dental hygiene. Because all dogs deserve to have a kissable smile.

In this guest post they give you some food for thought tidbits about pet dental care. You can purchase their wonderful products on .

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. There are so many aspects of keeping your dog healthy, but in my opinion, none is more important than brushing their teeth. The American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) estimates that eighty percent of dogs have periodontal disease by the age of three. A few years ago, the idea of brushing your dog’s teeth was nearly unheard of. While it is gaining popularity, the majority of pet owners still do not brush their dogs’ teeth on a regular basis.

What are some common pet owners objections to tooth-brushing:

1. I only give her dry dog food so I don’t need to brush her teeth: Unfortunately most dry dog foods have high starch content. Sugar and starches combine with the bacteria in the mouth and produce acids. These acids can eat away at the enamel on the tooth in addition to causing plaque build-up.

2. My dog doesn’t like it: When I was a kid, I didn’t like brushing my teeth, but it wasn’t a choice. It is part of a healthy lifestyle. If you let your dog make all the decisions in your house, it would be a disaster!

3.I don’t need to; I give them bones and chew toys: This is an equivalent approach to only chewing gum for your personal dental hygiene. You won’t find a dentist that recommends that approach! It is a nice addition but can’t do the job alone.

4. I just put an additive in the water: This is an equivalent approach to only using a mouth rinse for your own personal hygiene, except not even as good because your dog isn’t gargling and rinsing. Again, a nice addition but not sufficient by itself.

If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, plaque will build up on the teeth, break off, and be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can lead to blockage in the arteries causing heart disease and kidney problems.

Hopefully, now we've convinced you that brushing is imperative. Here are some things you should know:

1. Brush at least three times per week to get maximum benefits.

2. Don’t use human toothpaste unless you have taught your dog to spit! Look on the back of your toothpaste. You will most likely find a statement that it should not be ingested. This is because it contains soap. Soap creates foam, which gives people the perception that the product is cleaning but is not indicative of the cleaning power of a product (it is for marketing purposes: perception is reality). Toothpaste designed specifically for pets does not contain soap; it won’t foam up; and it can be swallowed safely.

3. Replace the toothbrush when the bristles become frayed or every 3 months, as the brush will start to harbor microorganisms.

4. Follow teeth brushing with praise and an award so he/she looks forward to it next time.

The American Animal Hospital Association says, “proper dental care may add as much as five years to your pet's life!" It only takes about one minute. Isn’t increasing your dog’s life expectancy worth a few minutes per week?

Hey, all my pup pals don't forget to enter Paw Luxury's Kissable Smile Dog Contest to win a free dental healthy goody box. Yes, complete with a Cain & Able Collection Kissable Toothbrush & Toothpaste Combo Kit plus much more!! You can click on the banner on the side to enter.

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Tuned in LIVE 6pm EST to sing happy Bark-day to Lola the eco-dog

Tonight, 2/6/09 tune in Live on to take part in our boxer Lola the eco-dog's 2nd Bark-day party.
So please tune in at 6pm est to see lola blow out the candles on her yummy Organic B-day cake by Bubba Rose Biscuit Co.

Guest Post by Ask Spike: How Old Should A Puppy Be Before It Leaves The Litter?

Hey you loyal readers welcome back to my blog!! Thanks so much for siting & staying, for that you deserve a belly rub & an organic treat. Since Iam unable to dole out belly rubs & treats I have decided to reward you with another wonderful post by my paw pal, expert dog behaviorist Spike. He is here to bark his thoughts & advice on puppy rearing.

But before we get to this much anticipated topic, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about puppies is dental care. Being that this month is Pet Dental Month I need to bark the words. As an honorary dog-vocate of good pet hygiene I need to plug in my two cents about the importance of dental hygiene for all you soon to be pup parents & puppies fresh out the womb. Humans know the importance of dental hygiene in their own lives, but often times oral care for our beloved pets can be overlooked.

Did you know that 80% of pets have oral disease by age 3. No one wants to be a statistic so start your pups brushing at a younger age to reduce their chances. Most puppy's teeth begin to erupt around 3 or 4 weeks of age, what better time to begin!! Acquainting your dog with the dental bone fairy waving her magic toothbrush wand banishing that evil tartar, plaque & bacteria will get any dog brushing.

Just remember that Pet Dental Month should be everyday!! Brushing your dog's teeth is the first step to saving your dog tooth pains in their later dog years and you the expense of vet bills. Now that is something to wag our tails about. So, don't forget to make sure the dental bone fairy leaves a treat under your dogs pillow once he or she finally ( the key word being finally) falls asleep after a long day of chasing squirrels & playing fetch.

Now on to the topic of the hour puppy rearing & leaving the nest..

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog

Tweet the Paw Luxury team & my parents at

This question is often asked by both new dog owners and those that have been blessed with canine interaction their whole lives. Before we jump into the substance, I must stand on a soapbox (or two soapboxes, since I have four paws that I need to support) for a few seconds. We all know how cute puppies can be, but there are many loving dogs that have grown up a little (or a lot) that are in need of homes. They can be found at every animal shelter and at the pound (also known as “Puppy Jail”).

If you are looking for a puppy specifically, it is apparent that many breeders are not as well-versed in the rearing of pups since many of puppies are taken away from their mother way far too early in their development, sometimes as early as three weeks old. This is usually a sign of a breeder who is in business solely to make money, rather than share the gift of a dog’s love and companionship.

Without getting into the biology of it all, I will use a scenario that people may understand a little better. When you are following the cooking instructions for a cake, and the instructions say to cook the cake for one hour, you probably would not take it out of the oven after only 45 minutes. Why not? The cake is not done.

Puppies are not “done” at only four or six weeks either. In fact, their development has barely begun. The following few weeks are very important in the life of a puppy as he develops. Removing him from the litter early can have a negative impact on him for the rest of his life.

When a puppy is between three and seven weeks, he is learning how to be a dog. Sudden changes, such as new surroundings or the absence of his mother and siblings should be avoided. Loud noises are not tolerated well at all.

Both sudden change and loud noises contribute negatively on a growing pup. He has also just begun to recognize the people and other animals in his life. He is learning from his littermates that biting hurts, and Mom is teaching them to accept her as the leader of the pack.

Mom is also starting to potty train during this time as well. She nudges each pup from the nest to teach him that soiling the the area in which a dog lives is unacceptable. Puppies need to learn from their littermates, and from their Mom, until they are at least eight weeks of age.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

An adorable video that will make you smile! Baby Meets Boxer

Ask Lola: Common Cause of Bad Pet Breath

Stinky pet breath has away of making life miserable for everyone and can really spoil any hallmark moment. Bonding with your dog or cat with offensive breath may seem impossible to stomach. You just can't help but wrinkle your nose when your pup yawns, greets you with a slobbering kiss, or cat gives you a nose & cheek snuggle. Finding a cure all truly depends on the underlying cause. Before you can begin to solve your pets bad breath problem & bid farewell to that gas mask you first need to get to the root of the problem. Like anything there may be more then meets the eye. Well, in this case more then meets the nose.

Often times bad breath is a sign of those silent killers, periodontal (gum disease) or gingivitis and should not be ignored. In some cases a good yearly vet checkup & professional dental cleaning, followed up with regular daily brushing, may be all it takes to rid the world of your canine or feline"howl-itosis". Not to mention promote your beloved pets overall well-being, because don't we loyal furry companions deserve to live a healthier, happier life. But sometimes even a good brushing may not do the trick, which could mean their may be another underlying problem. Although unpleasant to smell the least, bad breath can be a warning sign of something sinister lurking in the darkness. Offensive bad breath may be your pets only hope of S.O.S to signal a more serious health concern.

So, being an investigator and sniffing sleuth I wanted to dig and do some research on other possible bad pet breath culprits. You all can call me Sherlock Hound for short. Here are a list of some possible causes of bad breath:

1. Diet-Poor diet can cause bad breath, especially if fed decaying raw meat. Some dog food brands can cause bad pet breath.

2. Decaying Teeth- When you are grooming your pet, and washing behind the ears, don't forget to brush your pets teeth. While you are having your pet open wide and say "Awww.." make sure to inspect their mouth & teeth. Abscessed teeth (swollen red area around a tooth) and other gum/ dental problems may be the source of pets bad breath. Have a veterinarian properly treat any such problems.

3. Bad Eating Habits- Perhaps your dog has develop a palette for the not so finer things in life, garbage, poop and roadkill. If your dog loves raiding and eating out of the garbage or consumes his or her own feces then no need to look further. Just follow the garbage trail and you've found the source. Not to mention if you find your yard miraculously free of landmines and you haven't hired your very own Pooper Scooper (on every pet owners wish-list). Perhaps your dog has decided to take on the role, which is a big concern. This can mean only two things, he's buried the evidence or or eaten it, which does not make for good hygiene. Coprophagia (eating their feces) is a behavioral problem that needs addressed. With a such a dirty mouth one just imagine what his or breath will smile like. The key is to keep garbage out of reach and make sure you pick up after your pets goes #2.

4. Digestive Disorders- Sour stomach, gas, diarrhea and constipation can cause pet bad breath.

5. Other Health Problems- Bad pet breath can indicate health problems like liver or kidney disorders. When kidneys aren't working properly, toxins in the blood can start to cause ulcerations in the mouth that cause bad breath. Infact, your pets breath may smell lightly like urine. Indeed, anything that ulcerates the mouth or causes inflamed gums can give Spot & Whiskers bad breath. If bad breath continues consult a vet because this could be the first warning signs of something more serious.

6. Foreign Objects- We all know that in that dog world everything is considered edible & free reign, even your furry slippers. Grass or food may become lodged in the crevasses of a tooth and decompose causing tarter build-up.

7. Calculus Buildup- Bacteria & calculus (yellowy, hard mineral buildup) can produce foul-smelling breath in pets. Establishing & maintaining proper dental hygiene routine 2-3 times a week will do wonders. Don't forget to invest in a good pet toothbrush & toothpaste!!

The key to good health, bearable breath, and stronger pet bond is good pet dental hygiene. Happy Brushing!!

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco-dog

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ASK LOLA: Tips on Brushing Your Pets Teeth & Fresh Breath

Dear LOLA: My dog’s bad breath can be memorable to say the least. I am so glad you are barking the word about Pet Dental Month. I had no idea the importance of brushing Max, my border collies teeth. Now that you have pointed out the positive health benefits I want to start him on a daily dental regime. What are some tips you can give us pet dental newbies on brushing our dog’s pearly whites & maintaining fresh breath?

Sincerely, In Need of Bark-Mints

Dear In Need of Bark-Mints: No pet wants to be caught howling or meowing the bad breathe blues. If you haven’t already heard dogs are notorious for having offensive breathe, a smell so bad that will cause any dog owner to drop and play dead. The stench can stop a charging rhino in its track. Oh, that awful dog breath can put a damper on anyone’s spirit, including your dog. Not so fresh breath will have even the "Best in Show" dog grabbing for a huge pawful of bark-mints. Fresh breath is a must especially if you are on the receiving end of a big sloppy kiss by your furry valentine. But, hold on all my feline friends wipe that smirk off your face, you guys are not safe from the bad breath police. Even you cats can get busted for case of fish breath, breath so bad that it may cause you to lose one of your nine lives.

Are you an owner experiencing a case of "good dog" or "good cat", "bad breath"? If the answer is yes then your pet bad breath is probably keeping you from planting a big valentines day smooch on their adorable face. That unpleasant odor is leaving you wondering where their mouth has been or what died. Perhaps your dog has mistaken the left up toilet lid as an invitation to quench his thirst, even the most sophisticated dog can't resist. You would be insulted if someone said that you have "dog breath" or stinky fish breath. But then, your dog & cat might be insulted, too. Good news, now you and your furry valentine can breath a sigh of relief literally.

Make no bones about it- just like dental care is important for humans, good pet dental hygiene is just as important. Chew on this! Studies show that good canine dental care supports your dog's & cats overall health and well being. In fact, brushing your dogs teeth 2-3 times a week can add 2-3 years to their life, now that’s a lot of dog years. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more then 80% of dogs & 70% of cats suffer from oral disease by age 3. So, help your dog & cat ward off bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections, and heart disease by consistently brushing.

Yearly vet checkups and cleaning is the first step toward prevention. If you haven't schedule a checkup make an appointment. Because a dental checkup keeps bad breath at bay!! Have a veterinarian check your pet's teeth before you start a tooth-brushing program. Always, consult your vet for your pets specific needs.

Hopefully this post is having you pondering the question "When was the last time I brushed my pets teeth?" Like many owners, you are probably scratching your head trying to remember. No, you are not experiencing a case of amnesia, its just the opposite. Pet Dental care is often overlooked by even the most loving parent. So, as the resident dog & pet dental dog-vocate I hope this will get you pet owners thinking about the importance of dental hygiene. Just consider this would you like to walk around all day with bad breath & yellow teeth, well why should your pet have to. Sure tasty dental chews, kibbles and a hard crunchy biscuit are a good start to help with your pets teeth cleaning. But nothing compares to a good daily brushing to maintain those pearly whites.

Good dental hygiene should start at puppy or kitten age, but with a little TLC it’s never to late to get your cat or dog on a daily teeth-cleaning regimen. So start brushing! Because nothing says “I Love you” like fresh, clean breath, white teeth and a few more dog or cat years. So give the gift of a healthy smile and kissable breath this Valentines Day. Hey, you never know! With a beautiful bright smile, your dog may become a poster pup or feline for a toothpaste commercials.

So, now that you have realized the urgency of proper pet dental care and taken your pet to get that much needed dental vet check-up, its time begin at home. After a while brushing your dogs teeth will become part of Fido’s, Felix & your daily routine. So, how do you brush pets teeth? Well, before you begin you will need a few helpful tools, a soft bristle pet toothbrush and doggy or cat toothpaste. Human toothbrush & toothpaste won’t do and should never be used on your dog or cat. Take it from me, my pass medicine cabinet raid (which I won't to forget) and my discerning palette the taste is awful. Now, that you have everything its time to get started.

Here are some easy steps on how to brush your pets teeth & tricks of trade. These tips will have even the most stubborn pet enjoying every minute. With a few practice sessions you will become a teeth brushing machine and your pet will love getting the royal dental treatment.

STEP 1. Quiet Time- It is important to make sure you and your pet are relaxed. So find a quiet and relaxed place to brush your pet teeth and place him or her in a relaxing position. Don't hold your pet forcefully. Small dogs and cats can be held on your lap as you stroke them lovingly. For you dogs out there my parents gives me a a few squirts of Spot Organics Chill prior to my cleaning. This helps relaxes me and makes me less squirmy.

STEP 2. Acquaint your Dog & Cat- For the first few sessions don't use a toothbrush. It is important to get your pet familiar with something besides food going in their mouth. At first, dip a finger into beef bouillon for dogs or tuna water for cats. Rub the soaked finger gently over the pet’s mouth and teeth. After your pet becomes comfortable with that, place a dab of toothpaste on your finger and let her taste it. Make the initial sessions short and positive. Then slowly, introduce gauze over the finger and gently scrub the teeth in a circular motion.

The saying is true "slow & steady wins the race", well this is true for pet dental hygiene. It is important you introduce the toothbrush gradually so as not to make your pet a scardy cat. Okay some pun intended! Dental hygiene should be non-threatening, refreshing & pleasant.

**We recommended using flavored pet toothpaste like poultry, beef , chicken or vanilla because pets like the taste.

STEP 3. Say Hello to the Toothbrush- Place a small amount of toothpaste on the brush. In a slow circular motion, brush one or two teeth and the adjoining gum line. The purpose of this step is to get your dog accustomed to the feel of the brush.

STEP 4. Get Brushen!! - Over the next several days, gradually increase the number of teeth brushed. Encourage and speak gently to your pet. It is important to eventually brush the rear teeth where plaque and tartar have a greater tendency to accumulate. Go slowly and gently and (remember puppies/kittens and senior dogs/cats have delicate teeth and gums). In the beginning your dog will fuss ( or in a cats case hiss) but don’t get discouraged and give-up uncooperative behaviour comes with the territory. Just keep in mind that their health depends on it and you are doing this because you love them sooo much. Be sure to brush the big teeth way in back.

Important: PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE & BE PATIENT! Just keep in mind that this is a new experience for your pet so they will be hesitant & fearful. It is important to be patient and caring through the entire process, so your pet won't start boycotting future brushing sessions. Trust me you don't want to see a picket line of barking mad dogs & hissing cats in your yard. So proceed slowly and gently. Stop each session while it is still fun and lavishly praise your pet. Once the brushing session is complete reward Fido or Felix with a yummy all natural & organic treat. With a treat in one hand and delicious treat in the other your pet will begin to associate toothbrushing with a positive reward. Soon they will start looking forward to tooth brushing and it will become a pleasant activity for both of you.

By following these helpful tips the hope is that whenever your dog or cats hears you brushing they will eagerly be wagging & purring awaiting their turn.

So, to all all my paw pals, young and old have a Kissable Valentines Day and a long healthy life . I normally don't encourage this but go ahead kiss & tell!

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog

If you have a question or need advice email Lola the eco- dog at

Does your dog have a Kissable Smile?

Well, enter the best photo of your dog smiling contest hostessed by me, Paw Luxury spokes-dog!!

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Contest ends Feb 28th, Voting starts the week following. Winner picked March 4th

Rules: Only 1 photo per household per dog, 1 vote per person.

IE: if you have 3 dogs, you may enter 3 smiling photo's, however you may only place 1 vote. When voting starts.

But don't forget to bark the word that your pups kissable smile has been entered. You can promote and bark the word to your friends. Spread the word on twitter, facebook, etc that your dog has entered so they can vote for you. May the most kissable smile win!!

So have your dog say cheese, snap a photo and submit the best photo of your dog smiling.


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After the photo entry deadline ends, we will place all the photo's in the pet dental month album and all of our viewers, readers & fans will be able to comment & place their vote. Photo with the most votes/comments wins. Only 1 vote/comment per person.

Thanks and have fun & get submitting!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Paw Luxury Kissable Smile Photo Contest: Lets Celebrate Pet Dental Month Together

Did you know that pet dental hygiene is the most neglected when it comes to maintaining proper pet health? With so much emphasis placed on a good diet and daily exercise we tend to forget our mouths need love too. But like humans the the key to good feline & dog health is a beautiful smile. Because even us pets love to show off our pearly whites.

Improper dental care can lead to many pet health problems such as tarter build, leading to gum disease. This bacteria can venture into your pet blood stream which can wreak havoc on their kidney's. Gum disease can even cause your pets teeth to rot, fall out and cause excruciating pain.

It is amazing how the simple task of brushing your pet teeth if left undone can lead to a variety of problems and high vet bills. So, if your dog or cat is having trouble eating, refusing to eat (which is not normal in the dog world), overly salivating, has discolored teeth, bloody gums, and a bad case of halitosis, that will make even a human play dead there is cause for concern. These are signs of an unhealthy mouth and should not be ignored but dealt with ASAP!!

The step to proper pet dental care is to make sure your pet gets its yearly dental checkup from the vet. In terms of at home care, daily teeth brushing is an effective way to maintain that ooh so kissable & adorable "mug shot", in my case "mutt shot". Do keep in mind that the proper tools are needed prior to getting started. You will need a pet toothbrush & toothpaste, never use human toothpaste on your pet. For all you pups & felines who hate getting your teeth clean, open wide the toothpaste comes in all natural yummy flavors . A few minutes once a day will change your pets life and add dog years and help your cat maintain his or her nine lives.

Crunchy kibble , dog food, toys and hard chews are great for helping to keep tarter and plaque at bay. But they should not be substituted over a good teeth brushing. So go right ahead give your dog & fancy feline a big SMOOCHE !

Hey, to get you started on the road to health we will be giving a dog dental health kit of some of our best products. Does your dog have a Kissable Smile? Well, enter the best photo of your dog smiling contest hostessed by me, Paw Luxury spokes-dog!!

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Prize includes gift box of Cain & Able kissable tooth brush kit, Zukes Dental Bones, Yummy crunchy treats, + more! Over a $40 Value!

Contest ends Feb 28th, Voting starts the week following. Winner picked March 4th

Rules: Only 1 photo per household per dog, 1 vote per person.

IE: if you have 3 dogs, you may enter 3 smiling photo's, however you may only place 1 vote. When voting starts.

But don't forget to bark the word that your pups kissable smile has been entered. You can promote and bark the word to your friends. Spread the word on twitter, facebook, etc that your dog has entered so they can vote for you. May the most kissable smile win!!

So have your dog say cheese, snap a photo and submit the best photo of your dog smiling.


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2. Retweet to your friends - Copy and paste this into Twitter: Dog Photo Contest @PawLuxury is giving away $40 worth of Pet Dental goodies to enter.

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After the photo entry deadline ends, we will place all the photo's in the pet dental month album and all of our viewers, readers & fans will be able to comment & place their vote. Photo with the most votes/comments wins. Only 1 vote/comment per person.

Thanks and have fun & get submitting!