Friday, January 30, 2009

Celebri-dog & Paw Luxury Spokesdog Lola Featured on Dogster Blog

As a proud member of my parents and I were honored to have my "mutt shot" featured on their bark-tastic blog. Yeah, aren't I adorable I guess even we everyday dogs need our 15 minutes of fame. They are calling me the celebri-dog, I can't help but to blush. I know you are probably wondering if I give paw-ographs, well I will happily oblige.

You see we are winners of the covenent Twitter Shorty Awards (aka Twitter Oscars) so being the Paw Luxury spokesdog I get to share the accolades. Now for the tough part my 140 character acceptance speech, WOOF, Arf, I luv u all !! I will have to sleep on the rest, perhaps I will gain some inspiration when I awaken from a happy dream of chasing squirrels. Don't worry no squirrels are ever harmed in my dream sequences, they always get away!!

So, all , my paw pals raise your paws this calls for a toast, in the dog world a chomp. If you were all here we could share a round of organic bones compliements of me Lola the eco dog. I'll just put that on the Paw Luxury tab. Thanks to all my twitter paw pals on dogster thanks for voting I share this award with you.

Hey, all you williamsport, pa pups send me some bark mail sometime perhaps we can get together for a meet & sniff at the park. I'll even bring my Zisc and some treats to snack on. Hey if you are not on join and we can be pup pals.

You can click to read the wonderful article

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Barkingly yours,
Lola the eco dog

Thursday, January 29, 2009

YouTube Video: Talking Husky

One of our friends Adam Varga, co-founder of is one of the brains behind the famous Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards is regarded as one of the most anticipated red carpet event bringing together the who's who's on twitter. We are so humbled that we have been chosen the winner of the business category. So, we hope to see you at the event. Well, it neat to know Adam is also a proud dog parent of Alex. With that said he sent over an adorable video he found on YouTube of a talking Husky. It has had over 1,382,795 views & counting. Check it out!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Puppy Problems: by Tweeter & Guest Dog Blogger Ask Spike Online

Hey all my tail waggin & human readers Meet our friend Spike, yes the one pictured with the big smile. He is today's guest dog blogger not to mention our fellow four legged Twitter tweetster . He has written a bark-tastic article on new puppies so chew on this!

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog

Over the holidays, many families across America became new and loving homes for puppies. A friend of November 2008’s addition to my pack was one of those lucky puppies. As with all new relationships, there is a period of adjustment, and this post addresses some of the “new puppy issues.” Specifically, we are going to discuss this Golden Labrador Retriever, but many of the puppy issues pop up regardless of breed.

All of the retriever breeds are born being comfortable with having or carrying something in their mouths. I am no exception, as I often wander the house with my toy du jour. We are also notorious chewers, especially as puppies. Sometimes I spend a whole day just wanting to walk around with something in our mouth.

My doggie mom, Autumn, used to fall asleep with a tennis ball in her mouth. If it happened to roll out, she would wake up, position the ball back in her mouth and go back to sleep. My doggie grandfather used to walk around with this goofy looking moose hanging out of his mouth, when he was not retrieving other things like tennis balls or sticks and carrying them about.

We find chewing to be a natural thing to do, especially the retriever breeds, as we are so prone to just have things in our mouths. When we are puppies, we chew because it relieves some of the discomfort brought about by teething, just like a baby. For those of your with puppies that are chewing on everything in sight, like Lucy’s new friend, I have a few tips for you about the chewing thing.

Buy your dog a Planet Dog Orbo. When I was a puppy and Mom had to work all day, she would stuff my Orbo with all kinds of puppy treats and then seal the end of the Orbo with peanut butter and put it in the freezer overnight and in the morning, I got my Orbo. It would take me hours and hours of work, licking the peanut butter and chewing the toy to get all of the treats. Sometimes I would work so hard that I would get tired and have to take a nap. But when I woke up, it was right back to work with that Orbo! When puppies are teething, they may not be able to handle the peanut butter and they may have some loose stool. When that happened with me, mom would stuff my Orbo with cheese, instead of peanut butter.

My next suggestion for dogs that like to chew is to make sure your dog has a hemp rope toy appropriate for your dog’s size. You do not want to get a Pomeranian one that is meant for a dog of my size. When gave me my first hemp rope toy, I did not really care much for it, but Mom made it interesting. She took the rope toy and let it soak in a jar or pot of chicken stock. After a few hours, she would take it out of the jar, put it in a freezer bag and freeze it for me. Oh, did this feel great on my little teething gums, it tasted GREAT!

Many trainers and other dog professionals suggest something called a "West Paw Recyclebone” It is made of a eco-friendly non toxic rubber, and I can recommend it as a good chew item. The last thing a person should do before leaving their dog alone at home, is to make sure they have something to entertain themselves in the human’s absence. Tax and I are very devoted to the television set as a source of entertainment, even when Mom is at home. We are quite partial to Animal Planet’s programming, especially Animal Cops. I like to tease Tax with the theme to People Cops when Animal Cops comes on.

Bad Tax, bad Tax
Whatcha’ gonna do?
Whatcha’ gonna do
When they come for you?

HAHAHA! That gets him riled up every time I sing it.

Back to the issue at hand. For every puppy that will spend time in a crate, you should recycle old newspaper or use training pads to put underneath their crate. This will keep any accidents from getting all over your carpet or flooring. Mom makes sure that we can see the television any time we are in our crates. It is very important not to make a big deal out of leaving, as this will just get your puppy wound up right before you head out the door. Just say goodbye and leave.

When dogs play, we can only use our paws and our mouths, so any biting you are getting from your puppy is a form of play. Those bites are not out of meanness, but out of a desire to play. This is the way that he or she chooses to play. If you watch her with some other puppies, you will observe that she plays the same way with them as she does with you. I recommend as much socialization as possible for your puppy at the dog park and with play dates. This will help your dog to learn what a “soft mouth” is.

In the mean time, try putting lemon juice & vinegar on your hands before you play with your puppy. Mom says the foul-tasting taste of lemon juice and vinegar is a great deterrents for dogs. The first time that your puppy nips you, say “OW!” with a strong voice and take your hands away and stop playing. After a period of thirty minutes, you can resume play, and if your puppy insists on biting, stop all play for the day and ignore her. Your puppy truly wants to play, but biting dog play is painful to humans, and your puppy must learn that to keep a human playing, he or she must not bite!

Lucy’s friend also mentioned that her puppy likes to bite at her feet and pants. To stop this behavior, put a leash on her, and when she jumps and growls in a vicious way, simply put a quick snap on the leash, with a harsh “NO” and ignore the behavior. Remember, a dog will continually repeat any behavior that gets them attention.

Please, please, please, do not feel guilty about leaving a puppy in a crate. A crate defines our space, and I think of my crate as my room. We keep our stuff in there, and it makes us feel safe. We bark because there is one thing better than our beloved crate, that is time with our human, but humans cannot always be with us, and your puppy will learn this. So we accept this as our safe place, when our human is away. Deep down inside, your puppy loves her crate. She knows that a lot of fussing will get you to stick around and pay attention. Be a good Mom or Dad and stay the course. You can always come back to me for the answers, since I have been through it all. I am a pro… After all, I am a dog!

One day soon, I will figure out how to work Mom’s camera and provide a pictorial about how much a dog enjoys their crate. The subject of that project will be my brother, Tax. He hogs everything he has ever owned (and a few things he has stolen) and arranged them in his crate. He lays on top of it all when he sleeps, so that no one sneaks in and steals it. Mom says it is like a hen trying to hatch an egg!

This may not apply to everyone, but our new pal has to contend with some cats. Since there are two, your puppy will learn his place REAL QUICK. In this situation, I recommend that the cats come to your dog at introduction, especially since your puppy will grow to be much larger than the cats. She should stay in her crate and allow the cats to approach her. After they are aware of each others’ presences, put your puppy on a leash with very little slack and slowly introduce her to the cats. Animals have our own way of “talking”. They will work it out amongst themselves, but do not push it!

You can follow Lola's twoofin pup pal & guest dog blogger on Twitter at or read more wonderful articles at Also Ask Spike Online just launched a new service called . Check it out!!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

ASK LOLA: Is Yogurt Good for Dogs?

Dear Lola: What do you think about yogurt for dogs. I have a Poodle and a Maltese. Someone suggested it, but I'm not sure if it is good for them or how much? Just thought you might have an idea.

Sincerely, Jeannie & Yoghounds

Dear Jeannie & Yoghounds: The one thing every dog loves is food. So, it is important to always know pet food do's and don'ts. But, lucky for my pup pals, yogurt is on the enjoy with your hearts content list. Don't get me wrong some rules apply & moderation is key. Plain, unflavored yogurt with active probiotic bacteria & healthy cultures is perfectly fine to feed your dogs. It will help promotes their overall healthy well being & get their tails wagging.

Like any, loving parent, always read food labels before selecting the yogurt brand of choice. Since dogs are highly sensitive and can't tolerate certain sugar. So, the best bet is to stay away from flavored yogurt which contains quite a mouth full of sugar. As well as avoid light yogurt which contains artificial sweeteners. Make sure the yogurt you buy contains active yogurt cultures (active L. acidophilus). My parents add a little bit to my meals to foster healthy digestion and aid in the elimination of unhealthy bacteria.

Yogurt Benefits:

1. Good source of calcium
2. Provides protection from bad bacteria.
3. Aids in folic acid and niacin production both necessary for good health, especially in pregnant dogs.
4. Promotes healthy digestion
5. Lowers cholesterol
6. Reduces harmful intestinal bacteria like E. coli
7.Improve immune function.
8. Lessens occurrence of yeast infections
10. Helps replenish digestive system naturally after dog has been prescribed antibiotics which can kill the good intestinal bacteria.
11. Great for soothing an upset stomach.

As always it is important to seek the advice of a trusted vet who can help you incorporate it in your dogs diet and tell you the amount. My parents put a spoonful of yogurt in my dog food and I love it. Which by the way has been lovingly prepared by hand by mom. I must say the yogurt adds quite a nice flavor and touch.

Hey, if your dogs come to love yogurt then they will fall head over paw for a delicious frozen treat made with dogs in minds. Yoghund is an organic, all natural, & healthy frozen yogurt treat for dogs. Check it out!!

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lola VS Peanut Butter Jar

Here is our Boxer Lola VS an almost empty Peanut Butter Jar!

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*Remember you MUST put a reason for your vote to count. Say we're bark-tastic, say Lola is to darn cute, Say whatever you like. Thanks so much! -Adam, Wendy & Lola (Woof Woof)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yummy Pupsicles & Easy Recipe !!

Homemade Pupsicles are a great everyday treat to get your dogs tail wagging. Not to mention it a perfect, special & delicious Bark-day treat for any deserving dogs. A fun, frozen treat might seem like a great idea on a hot day, but why should you humans have all the licking fun.

It’s easy & quick to make delicious Pupsicles for your best friend. Now he can cool off with a Pupsicle while you enjoy your Popsicle or ice cream cone. Just ask Flick & Summer two satisfied whippet dogs whose tail wags says it all. Photos compliment of

Also you can check out their moms wonderful blog at to keep up to date on Flick and Summer. Better yet, if you are on twitter friend them up on twitter.

Now your paw pals can enjoy the same treat with these delicious recipes. This is a wonderful recipe we found on and is definitely drool worthy. What dog isn't a fan of carrots & apples. Give it a try!! Be creative with your flavors!!!

Pupsicle mini


  • 1 container sugar-free yogurt
  • 1/2 cup grated carrots or apples


Mix ingredients together and spoon into ice-cube trays. Freeze 2 hours.

Please leave a comment with more creative Pupsicle recipes.

Lola the Eco Dog's Green Tip Challenge #2 - Bring Your Own Bag

We all can relate to this scenario, we go through checkout and the cashier ask "Paper or Plastic". For a moment we pause and think and wonderful what should I say what is the lesser of two evils. Many times, you opt for the plastic bag to save a tree only to have one more plastic bag to add to that already large collection. So you go home, unload and retire those plastic bags underneath the kitchen sink or in a draw. Like the saying goes "Out of sight out of mind". Well, this phrase does not hold true for plastic bags. In your well meaning attempt to de-clutter and save the planet by reducing and reusing. You decide to recycle them for garbage and poop bags for Fido. But in the end the stack never seems to dwindle and off to the store again. Like bunny rabbits in mating season plastic bags just seem to multiply right before your eyes.

There are many well meaning dog owners who reuse free grocery plastic bags to do their part to keep the earth and community clean by picking up dog poo. However, plastic bags are made of petroleum, which is non renewable, does not biodegraded and take up to a 1,000 years to break down. Now that’s a lot of dog years! Even some cities like San Francisco have ban the use of plastic bags to reduce, reduce, and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

While plastic bags can be reused around the home , it is estimated that less than 3% of bags are recycled. Most plastic bags end up in landfills or are carried off by the wind and litter a nearby tree or park. Some plastic bags may even find themselves floating in a nearby stream only to become the last and final meal for a poor innocent seagull mistaking it for food.

Both don't be deceived like plastic bags, paper bags do their fair share of harm to the planet. In the span of one year, a single US supermarket can go through 60,500,000 paper bags, which is equivalent to about 86,430 trees. Wow!! that's a lot of bark. The production of paper bags takes more energy and generates more waste than the production of plastic bags. Although paper bags are made from a renewable source we cut down trees faster then we plant them which has long term consequences.

So whats a plastic or paper bag hoarder to do? Well the next time you go to the grocery store and are asked the question "Paper or Plastic" the answer should be neither. Take a stance and opt to bring your own reusable tote and be a friend to the environment. Its just that simple, never again do you have to sacrifice the planet at check out. Bringing your own bags (BYOB) when you shop lets you avoid making the lose-lose decision between paper and plastic. Instead opt for a more eco-friendlier alternative a stylish tote.

For all you grrreen fashionista's you can save the planet and don't have to look like a bag lady, gone are the days of burlap sacs. Now you can wear your cause on your shoulder by toting the latest most eco-friendliest reusable totes. BYOB totes comes in all shapes, fabrics, sizes, styles and colors. Going grocery shopping never felt so good and never looked good. So when choosing a reusable tote check out the following:

Hemp: Known for its sustainability and flourishes well with little water and no herbicides or pesticides. If you are looking for a sturdy and durable bag, hemp is a great choice. Not only is it stylish, hemp fiber is eight times stronger than cotton fiber, so it stretches less and is more durable.

  • Hemp is naturally sustainable, durable & soft
  • Hemp is naturally grown without chemicals and requires only ¼ the amount of water per acre compared to cotton
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic & naturally anti-microbial
Organic Cotton: Conventional cotton is the second most chemically dependent crop among all crops and uses 25% of the world's insecticides. So opt for organic items made out of organic cotton which is cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals. If you are looking for something light weight to carry on your arm an organic cotton bag is a must.

Recycled PET: This bags breathes new life into plastic bottles. As the saying goes "One mans trash is another man's reusable tote". Recycled PET is fabric made from post consumer plastic bottles and containers, thereby reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill. Not to mention saving energy that would otherwise be used to produce new product from scratch. Great alternative to nylon and is a bit sturdier, making a more durable bag.

Recycled Cotton: Is recovered cotton that comes from the scraps acquired during the processes of spinning, weaving, and cutting process. Up to 40% of cultivated cotton is wasted between the harvesting of the crop and the manufacturing of garments. Now, instead of ending up in landfills, scraps are being recycled and put to good use. These bags are both lightweight and sturdy.

So, as you can see with going green comes many options. But like anything always do your research first to see which bag fits your lifestyle. When choosing bags made from recycled materials, always check the tag to see the percentage of recycled material used. Also, make sure you support companies & products that promote fair trade practices, meaning that the individuals producing the products are treated fairly and paid a fair wage.

Now the only thing left for you to do is remember to bring your reusable tote on your shopping trip. A great idea is to keep the totes in your car. But if you do happen to forget go the extra green mile and leave that plastic & paper behind and instead carry out your groceries by hand. Sure, this sounds a little harsh, but depending on how heavy your groceries are I promise you will never forget your reusable bag again.

Friday, January 9, 2009

ASK LOLA: How to Potty & Re-Housetrain a Dog

Dear Lola: Our supposedly housebroken pooch still has many accidents. Any ideas as to what may cause this? She's a 2 year old boxer/terrier mix and we're her 3rd (and final!) family. A couple of times I thought it was because she got excited when we were playing, but then she'd have an accident when we hadn't been playing at all. So far today (knock on wood!) we haven't had any issues.

Thank you, Jen (

Dear Jen:

There is so much joy when you bring a new dog home for the first time. But, often times this joy is out staged by potty accidents that prevent you from truly enjoying the moment. But do remember that accidents happens and trust me being a dog myself I have and still have my share of oops! This is expected, especially since she is adjusting to her new home & surroundings. So, now the real works begin, but don't fret all your dog needs is a little retraining.

From house training to basic obedience, a new dog owner has to be willing to commit some time and effort to training. Always assume that when you bring a new dog home that the dog is not house trained and start from scratch. If what you were told was true, that she is housebroken, then re-training her should go quickly & smoothly.

Remember that you and your dog need sometime to learn each other behaviors, signals and routines. Perhaps in her previous home ringing a bell signaled to her family that it was time to potty.

In my case I may sit at the door, sniff around or circle when I need to potty. My parents immediately take me out on a leash to my special spot. Learning and staying tuned in to her signals will make sure she gets outdoors quickly, not giving her enough time to soil your hardwood floors. Establishing a potty training routine is the first step toward a happier life with your new found family member.

Here are some tips on re-house training your dog:

1. Take your dog out at the same time each day. Suggestion would be in the morning when he wakes up before breakfast, upon arrival from work, and before bed time.

2. Praise, Praise!! Dogs will do anything for a reward and to hear you say "Good Girl" or "Good Boy". After she potty outside immediately praise, so she knows why she is getting praised. Don't wait until you get back inside to do so because she won't remember why she is getting praised. She will soon learn that going to the bathroom outside equals treat & praise.

3. Location, Location- Choose a spot outside that will be your dogs official porter potty area (make sure the area is cleaned daily). Dogs like the security & familiarity, picking one specific spot will make her feel at ease and help to know that area of the yard equals. Your dog will need supervision so take her on leash to the potty spot. The best part about picking a spot is that you won't have the problem of landmines all over the yard and a small area to clean.

4. Choose Your Words Wisely- Giving your dog a command to "go potty" or "do your business" will let her know what is expected of her. While your dog is going to the bathroom outside use words or phrases like "go potty" that they will come to understand. As time goes on when you say the words "go potty" she will immediately run to the door instead of relieving herself on your floor and run back inside afterward.

5. Schedule Feeding- Like humans, dogs like eating on a regular schedule and this will make them more regular in the literal sense.

6. Don't Rush Potty Time - Give her about 10 minutes to go potty, if she does not do so bring her back in and take back out in 15-20 minutes for another try. She should not be able to run or play inside until she has went potty, play is her reward for being on good potty behavior.

If you catch your dog eliminating in the house, do something to interrupt her but make sure not to scare her. Immediately take her outside to her bathroom spot, afterward lavish her with praise & treat for job well done.

Keep in mind that potty training any dog requires repetition and hands on approach. Be fair warned no dog is perfect and their will be messy moments throughout the process . But as time goes on she will learn that bathroom time is outside. If you happen to sniff and find a soiled area in your house hours or days later it is too late to administer a correction. Do nothing but clean it up. Rubbing your dog's nose in it, taking her to the spot and scolding her will not help the situation. In fact it will make her more afraid of you and even more afraid to potty in your presence. Animals do not understand why they are being punishment once time has passed and can do more harm than good.

Now on to the fun part, clean up. Cleaning up the the soiled area in your home is very important because dogs are highly motivated to continue soiling in areas that smell like urine or feces. So keep it squeaky clean & green with eco-friendly, all natural, non toxic cleaning products. Pet Oder & Stain Remover like Mrs. Meyers are safe if licked by your pet.

From one dog to another dog owner happy training!!

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lola the Eco Dog's Green Tip Challenge #1 - Conserve Water & Have Huge Savings

Fact: Three quarters of the planet is covered in water but only 1 to2 % can support its inhabitants (two & four-legged)

So that is way it is more important then ever to practice water conservation and be mindful of the water we waste & consume everyday. So, I challenge all my eco pals to make small puppy strides everyday to conserve water & save the planet. Here are a few simple things you can do to conserve water, energy and save money. So, lets start the New Year off on a good green foot and get started together !!

1. Retire that old flusher (no ladies not your hubbies) and upgrade with a modern low-flush toilet which uses half the water and are more energy efficient.

2. Install new fixtures-A low-flow shower head without sacrificing good water pressure. In doing so you will reduce your shower water use by 20 to 60 percent. Great solution for parents with teens who hog all the shower time. We've all been their!! Also, put aerators on all your faucets. They reduce the amount of water but add air bubbles to the flow remains lively. This way you can reduce your household water flow by 1.2 gallons a minute.

3. Unfortunately, when fixing a leak a band aid won't do. Check your pipes and water equipment frequently for leaks, which can waste thousands of gallons of water a year. Be a good neighbor & friend by letting them know when you spot a leak.

4. Make sure the appliances have an Energy Star seal of approval. Purchase water- energy saving appliances, such as front-loading washing machine and low-water-use dishwasher, and wash only full loads.

5. Turn off the tap while brushing your pearly whites and save at least 2 gallons in one brushing session. For all you clean shaven gentlemen fill the basin with water for shaving and washing.

6. Bath your fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water. Calling all husbands for kitchen duty. Fill your sink to wash and rinse dishes, instead of running the water. If husband in "MIA" you can always go to plan B and rely on your dogs dish washing lick technique. - Just Kidding !! Don't think your dinner guest would approve.

7. Landscape your property using native plants appropriate to your climate, so that they won't require excessive watering and will retain soil moisture.

8. Harvest Your rain Water- Use a rain barrel to collect water from your roof's downspout to irrigate those thirsty plants in your garden.

9. Sweep, rather than spray down, your driveway and sidewalk.

10. Don't Spike the Water- Pouring chemicals down drains & flushing drugs down toilets is a big "No No" because it goes into our waterways from which we drink. So protect our water sources.

Leave a comment on other tips to conserve water. Lets all do our part !!

Shop for eco-friendly, all natural non-toxic & safe dog products. Going green with Fido never was so easy !!

FUNNY ANIMATION !! Four Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Planet and There Goes the Sun

Hey, I guess Lola is ahead of the pack since the first trick she learned in obedience school was how to do photosynthesis. Hahahaha. After watching this video now recycling, biking, turning off the lights and picking up dog poop doesn't seem so hard to do to save the planet. Okay, even the most avid treehuggin dog owner dreads this stinky part, but it must be done. In the end this video makes us realize its all about taking simple steps and making practical changes in our lives that make a huge positive impact.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of this funny video!!

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Funny Cartoon Video: What Your Dog Is Really Thinking When Being Scolded

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recycling Old Newspaper for a Good Cause

Nothing says "Good Morning" then being greeted by Fido with Bark Street Journal in mouth and the fresh aroma of coffee beans in the air. Dogs love to fetch and sometimes chew the daily headlines. Bone-Appetit !! But dogs are not that only ones that enjoy a good read. We all love reading the daily news and get a huge chuckle out of the funnies. But, before you throw away yesterday news in the recycling bin here is treat for thought, consider donating your stack to a good cause.

Local Animal Shelters are always in need of clean newspaper to line cat & puppy pins and cages. Now that stack of newspaper that has been cluttering your dining room can breath new life. So check with your local animal shelter on the best time to drop off your collection of old newspaper. So all you clutter bugs, de-clutter and go green !!

But while you are being a good dog humanitarian go a step further and donate your time by volunteering or give monetarily. Animal shelters are always in need of a helping paw. However, for those looking to add a new addition to your family look no further. While you are there take time to meet & greet some of the most adorable & deserving shelter animals on the planet for possible adoption. Not only are you lowering your carbon paw print you will also be saving a life. Adopting an animal is the ultimate form of recycling!!

Shop for eco-friendly, all natural, effective, non-toxic & safe alternatives.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lola Dishes- Juicing Tips on What to Do With Your Extra Vegetable & Fruit Pulp.

With the beginning of the New Year comes resolutions and always at the top of the list is jumping on the treadmill, eating better (no more fast food), and being more active. Well, juicing is a great way to shed some pounds and give your scale a run for the money. The best part is that daily juicing is good for your overall health and gives you more energy. My parents have started there New Years with a daily juicing regime of local organic produce and are on a liquefying frenzy.

So, the question remains What to do with that extra raw vegetable pulp? Well I am here to give you some suggestions. My floppy ears stand at attention when I hear my parents in the kitchen revving up their masticating juicer, because I know the leftover pulp is for yours truly. Nothing beats the delicious taste of leftover organic veges (hold the pesticides please!!) mixed in the handmade dog food prepared lovingly by my mom.

She mixes it with my dog food as a great source of vegetable, vitamin, fiber and anti-oxidants. Not to mention its low in calorie and high in nutrients to keep my waistline trim and my coat shiny. Just make sure the vegetables that you add are not on the "Doggy Donot Eat List". Some foods such as onions, raisins & grapes can be harmful and poisonous and should be avoided. So, always do your research and ask a vet about certain vegetables & fruits your dog can eat and ones you should keep out of Fido's dish.

But for all you none dog owners you can compost the remaining pulp, make soup or bake my favorite dessert carrot cake. If your family is frightened & disappear at the sight of vegetables being juiced then perhaps the sweet aroma of carrot cake baking in the oven will bring them out of hiding.

For all you juicing enthusiast, Wha
t do you do with the extra pulp? Leave us a comment to give us planet saving ideas on creative ways or recipes to use the excess pulp.

Shop for eco-friendly, all natural, effective, non-toxic & safe alternatives.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Paw Luxury Polka Dog Bakery Holiday Treats Blog Giveaway

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations - Please enjoy!
For everyone else stay tuned for our next weekly giveaway! WOOF!

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lola VS Ice! A day at the Park

Another day at the park, our dog Lola discovers ICE!
And She's love it! In the end we think Lola won, what do you think?

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ASK LOLA: Why Does My Dog Piddle?

Dear LOLA: My Wire Fox Terrier a rescue is about 9-12 months old. We've had him for two weeks so far and he is a delight. Great personality, very innocent but smart and trainable. He is house trained.

My son lives in the neighborhood and whenever he comes over this dog seems to get very excited. My son will come in and greet the dog and sometimes the dog will squat on the floor and start to piddle. The last time we yelled at him and tried to drag him down the stairs and outside and of course, he piddled all the way down the stairs.

I can't really tell the dynamics between the dog and my son. My son has a very high energy level and perhaps the dog is getting excited to see him but we're not sure if he's afraid of him or just excited.

Any insight or further questions, please let me know. Thanks so much for your attention.

Best, @stefanitwyford (http: ://

Dear @stefanitwyford : Congrats on the new addition to your family and thanks for welcoming a rescued & deserving dog into your loving home. I consider pet adoption & rescue as the ultimate form of recycling. Now on to the topic of the hour. It is not uncommon for a dog to piddle (urinate a bit) when they are excited or nervous making it hard to maintain bladder control. Since your dog is new to his surrounding it is important to be very sensitive & caring when dealing with this issue, especially if your dog has a timid personality. Often times, timid dogs may suffer from submissive urination and piddle when they are nervous. What they are lacking is self confidence. Obedience school may help them regain confidence and curb the piddling.

Barking from experience, although I am housebroken my parents have notice an occasional piddle or sprinkle when guest visit. So, your dog is not alone many other pups have similar mishaps when guest arrive at the door. From, what I hear it seems to me that your dog is leaving puddles on your floor because he is excited to see your son. I guess you can say that this is the ultimate form of flattery. However, if scolded or punished the dog will continue to piddle.

The key to curbing this behavior is to have your son not greet your dog upon arrival even if the dog is barking, jumping, or wagging his adorable tail. Have him enter the house calmly, say "Hello" softly, and to not stoop to pet your dog. Often dogs who piddle will sit down to be petted which can trigger the piddling. It is important that your son or guest do not excite or make a big fuss over your dog in any way. Being loving parents and pet owners its hard not to shower your dog with love, hugs & kisses when we come home. However, high pitched voices, hugs, and sweet nothing in their ear will get any dog excited and piddling on the floor.

Instead have your son or guest ignore the dog until he fully has a chance to calm down. Once the dog has calmed down continue to speak to him in a low tone and commence with the patting and belly rubs. Soon, your dog will equate calm non piddling behavior with head pats and belly rubs as the reward. Changing the way your son or guest greet your dog will give you fewer puddles to clean up. Perhaps prior to your son arrival you can take your dog out for a pre-potty break to relieve his sensitive bladder.

Another wonderful trick, for which requires work is to train your dog to go fetch his favorite toy when guest arrive at the door. Having him fetch his favorite toy will distract him from his urge to jump and piddle, giving him the attention he's been craving, lots of praise. Just keep in mind this will require lots of repetition and patience on your side for your dog to master the art of fetch.

But if your dog continues to piddle make sure to seek the advice of a vet, perhaps a check-up will help get to the root of the underlining problem.

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog

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