Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Natural Flea Control: DIY All Natural Herbal Dog Flea Powder

Fleas are a pest to you and your pet and sometimes it may seem like a never ending battle. Although commercial flea medication may work fast and are intended to kill flea infestation, there is a downside. They contain toxic chemicals & insecticides that are harsh on your dogs skin & coat and can cause serious illness.

So, lets take an all natural approach that is both good for your dog and the earth. We were so excited to come across this do it yourself all natural, safe and eco-friendly alternative Herbal Flea Powder that repel fleas and is harmless to your dog.

Herb Ingredients

Yellow Dock


1. Combine as many of these herbs you can find.

2. Mix together equal parts of each herb in a shaker jar

3. Brush your pets coat backward with your hand or a comb while sprinkling the powder onto the base of the hair. Apply sparingly, paying special attention to the neck, back and belly

4. Put your pet outside for a little while after appyling so these tailbitting pest will flea outside the home and not your carpet of furniture.


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