Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Exercise Buddy

We all love to have an excercise buddy to keep us motivated but sometimes the best workout body is our four legged best friend. Trupanion has created a list of the Top 10 Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Exercise Buddy and we wanted to share it with you. Not only is it witty & humorous but truly speaks to the loving & loyal characters of the dogs in our lives. Trupanion also has a wonderful blog with great information.

He will never bail on you. Dogs are always eager to accompany you with your workout and won’t complain that they had to get up early this morning or are having a bad day.

A dog is never late for a workout. You don’t have to wait for your dog to get ready because he is ready to go out and get moving whenever you are.

Your dog won’t judge you. Dogs don’t care if you run too slow or too fast or if you’re sweaty and stinky after exercising. They are always glad just to be hanging out with you.

Dogs are easy going. Your dog won’t complain when it gets tired and it won’t try to out-compete you. He will jog along at your side until you’re done.

Dogs are great motivators. They’re always bouncy, eager, and optimistic about working out which is great encouragement to get you more enthusiastic about exercising. Plus you’re much more likely to stick with an exercise plan if you have a buddy.

Dogs don’t gossip. They won’t distract you from exercising by chatting about the latest gossip and who said what.

You don’t have to buy running shoes for your dog. They don’t require fancy workout gear and top-of-the-line sneakers; dogs are always appropriately attired for any exercise.

Exercise is great for both of you. Dogs need physical as well as mental stimulation and exercise keeps both you and your dog healthier and happier.

At the end of your workout when you’re cooling down, you know your dog will be right by your side panting with a smile on its face.

It can be fun for you and it's definitely fun for your dog. You'll feel better knowing you provided some good entertainment for your canine pal.

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Anne Good said...

Totally agree. I've found that walks with our dogs are often one of best bonding experiences we have. An added benefit is the socialization. We're expecting our first baby this fall so we are increasingly eager to get our dogs comfortable around small children.