Monday, July 21, 2008

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Breaking News !!!!

According to a ABC 7 News. Two major searches have been planned in the Reston, VA area for Jeddah's , a dog which has been missing from Dulles International Airport for over a week.

E-mails have been pouring in to the website and the site received around 14,000 hits on Friday alone. A number of sightings have been reported.

The dog's owners put their lives on hold as they try to track down their beloved pet who has been gone for days. "We don't have kids, we have Jeddah," said owner John Weisner. "She is my child, she is. She's everything to me. I don't know how I can go on without her. I have to find her," said owner Ronia Weisner.

Four-year-old Jeddah was supposed to be on a United Airlines flight with Army soldier John Weiser who was en route to Saudi Arabia for a year long assignment, but the beloved family pet never made it on the plane. "Something happened. Something went terribly wrong and my dog is missing,"

Its believed Jeddah is on her own somewhere on the ground of Dulles Airport. NewsChopper 7 showed how massive the airport grounds are. The incident started Thursday night when an employee told Weisner and his wife that their kennel didn't meet FAA requirements because it had no screws in it. They had to buy a crate approved by the airlines.

The couple switched the dog to the other crate. Weisner stated,"The kennel was no way secure as ours was."

Just as Weisner was about to board, he said the airline told him Jeddah was missing. "My dog was in their care for less than an hour probably. They lost my dog."

"Breaks my heart now to just imagine that she is out somewhere hungry, thirsty and scared to death and nobody is doing anything in my mind"

United Airlines said the dog somehow escaped, but the family said it appears the kennel was damaged, not by Jeddah. "There's no way, no something hit it, bended it inward."

United said, "We deeply regret what happened and are working closely with all other airlines and businesses at the airport in an ongoing extensive search effort."

The Weisner's created fliers offering a $2,500 reward that United has offered to match for a total of $5,000. The fliers are up at construction sites and ramp areas at the airport to alert workers. Unites said all pilots at Dulles are aware, along with air traffic controllers.

So I am calling all pups & readers near this area who want to be a part of the Search & Sniff Party to reunite Jeddah with her owner. If you are not near the area you can still help perhaps you have friends that live in close vicinity to where the dog went missing who can help and spread the word. Maybe you would like to send the Weisner family some encouragement, cards or letters of hope and to not lose faith. Because we dogs are suppose to stick & sniff together!!!

If you are able to help with the search volunteers are asked to bring a leash and a flash light. You will be instructed not to walk the woods and call Jeddah's name. Instead, they'll go door to door delivering fliers so residents know what to look for. Some have said Jeddah looks like a fox, runs like a deer and may be just as skittish.

If she's spotted, Jeddah's owners the Weisner's advise a ginger approach. "Try to turn in the other direction, basically not towards her, keep calling her, tell her you have a treat. Maybe squat and wait for her."

There is more to this heartwretching story so click on the link below to read the full story & watch the news video.

I put on my reporters hat and keep posting on my blog up to the minute updates as the events unfold. Also be sure to check out twitter for up to minute post by other dogs spreading the word about this lost dog. Please all you readers and dog owners bark the word about this story so it can have a happy ending. Let bring Jeddah home! Happy searching and be safe!!

Barkingly yours,

Lola the eco dog

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